Riester launches new, shock-resistant sphygmomanometer

Riester has launched the ‘precisa® N shock-proof’, a new aneroid sphygmomanometer that is shock-resistant if dropped from up to a height of one metre.


The precisa® N shock-proof is compliant with DIN EN 81060-1:2012-08, the German standard for non-invasive sphygmomanometers, and has also recently been validated by the British Hypertension Society for clinical use.

It features a metal tube connector to help users quickly change from one cuff size to another and has a specially tempered, virtually non-aging copper-beryllium diaphragm with precision movement. It has a diaphragm pressure-loading capacity of up to 600 mmHg and a precision air-release valve and measuring system protected by a microfilter.

The precisa® N shock-proof has a three-year warranty from the date of calibration and offers a lifetime of accurate measurement.

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EliteVue fibre optic macro otoscope offers enhanced views

Riester’s new EliteVue fibre optic macro otoscope offers twice the field of view and 66% greater magnification compared to standard otoscopes. This provides a significantly improved view of the auditory canal and a complete view of the tympanic membrane, enabling more efficient diagnosis and enhanced patient outcomes. Reflection-optimised high performance glass optics also eliminate reflections.


The EliteVue is easy to use, with a wheel to adjust focal depth for variable ear canal lengths and far-sighted eyes. A ‘SpecEjec’ specula ejection device, at the rear of the otoscope, allows speculae to be ejected without the risk of contamination. It is also suitable for pneumatic otoscopy (supplied without a ball), so there is no need to change the way the doctor works.

Throat examinations are also possible using the high-quality fibre-optic ring at the distal tip, with no additional manipulation of the instrument required.

The device utilises high-performance LED illumination (4,000 Kelvin, CRI = 92) and has an LED lifetime of 100,000 hours. A wide range of power supply options are available: as part of a diagnostic station, battery-operated, or with a rechargeable handle. It is also compatible with virtually all types of power supply.

As with all Riester instruments, the EliteVue is manufactured according to the Directive 93/42 EEC and is subject to the strictest quality controls at all times.

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New RPT-100 Predictive Thermometer from Riester offers fast and reliable readings

Designed for use with Riester’s ri-former wall-mounted diagnostic station

The new clinical grade RPT-100 predictive thermometer from Riester provides extremely fast and reliable temperature readings. By utilising a unique software algorithm, it can predict what a patient’s temperature will be in 3-5 seconds.


The RPT-100 offers significant advantages over infrared ear thermometry. Not only is it much easier to use, but false readings due to incorrect operation are much less likely. It also proves much quicker temperature readings – especially in the ‘oral quick mode’.

The RPT-100 is designed for use with Riester’s ri-former modular, wall-mounted diagnostic station, which can be configured to suit the requirements and location. In addition to predictive thermometry, other options include blood pressure monitors, ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, dermatoscopes and ear specula dispensers.

Key features of ri-former include a modular design, so the user can decide on configuration; a central power supply, so no need for batteries; an anti-theft option for instrument heads; and a three-year warranty if used with high performance LED instrument heads.

As with all Riester instruments, the RPT-100 predictive thermometer is manufactured according to the Directive 93/42 EEC and subject to the strictest quality controls at all times.

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Clinical Blood Pressure Monitor Designed for Speed and Accuracy

ri-medic from Riester is an electronic, clinical-grade blood pressure device. It is designed for busy clinical environments where speed and accuracy are of equal importance by delivering accurate measurements in 30 seconds with the push of a button.


Independently validated by the BHS, ESH and AAMI SP10 specifications*, ri-medic meets international standards for oscillometric blood pressure measurement of adults and children over three years of age. The device also offers a manual SphygMode, with auto-deflate, allowing clinicians to manually monitor blood pressure with a stethoscope and verify automated readings without needing to remove the cuff. The unit has a powerful, rechargeable battery that offers a minimum of 200 measurements in 12 hours before recharging is necessary.

ri-medic is available as a desk, wall or mobile model to suit the user’s needs; storage baskets are available with mobile and wall versions. The ri-medic wall model can be easily mounted alongside the ri-former modular wall diagnostic station which holds a number of pre-selected instruments to suit the clinician’s needs.

The option to wirelessly connect ri-medic to VitalShare Management Software using Bluetooth® is available to customers. This feature allows for the efficient documentation of measurement data with just two clicks and helps streamline the clinical workflow of patient data.

*BHS =British Hypertension Society, ESH =European Society of Hypertension, AAMI =Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation

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ri-cardio 24-hour Blood Pressure Monitor Sets the Standard for Blood Pressure Measurement

Rudolf Riester GmbH has been developing and manufacturing devices for blood pressure monitoring for over 60 years and its new ri-cardio 24-hour blood pressure monitor is the latest addition to its extensive range.
ri-cardio offers 24 hours of blood pressure monitoring, considered by clinicians worldwide to be the gold standard in blood pressure determination. 24-hour monitoring delivers valuable diagnostic data that cannot be acquired by means of conventional sphygmomanometers in the hospital and at home as it incorporates temporal blood pressure fluctuations, nocturnal blood pressure and the nightly fall and morning increase in blood pressure levels.

ri-cardio uses clinically validated technology that is recognised by all three international standards: the British Hypertension Society, the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.
It is designed to be light and compact for patient comfort. It uses motion tolerant technology to ensure measurement accuracy and its quiet pump action pumps to 30 mm hg above the last systole to reduce measurement duration for the patient. A patented, elastic cuff ensures correct positioning without the typical, unwieldy closure and its curved design is suitable for the larger arm.

A flash memory chip in ri-cardio prevents possible data loss. The blood pressure monitor can connect to a computer via USB and user-friendly software allows configuration, analysis and interpretation of collected blood pressure results that can show hidden clinical issues such as latrogenic hypertension, masked or therapy-resistant hypertension and hypotension with anti-hypertensive therapy. PDF reports are compatible with patient data systems and can be configured to summarise relevant statistical data.

Riester’s ri-cardio package includes a 24 hour blood pressure monitor, software, 2 cuffs, a carry case with patient belt, a USB interface cable, 4 AA alkaline batteries, instructions and a 2 year guarantee

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Riester Introduces its New ri-focus® LED

Riester’s medical lighting instruments with LED illumination show their quality and comfort in everyday use, even after long periods of operation.

Now the ri-focus® headlight is available in a new ri-focus® LED version which enhances illumination by 40% and improves ease of diagnosis. High performance LED, up to 100 000 Lux, offers numerous benefits, providing a brighter, whiter light that offers the operator clarity and a better-quality examination.

ri-focus® LED features a focusable LED lamp at a distance of 40 cm, which is infinitely adjustable. The lamp is attached to a flexible hinge which can be moved easily with one hand, keeping the other free for operation.

The wireless headband offers sustained comfort and is easy to clean thanks to an inner, removable and washable lining and a new battery compartment means changing the battery is fast and easy; ri-focus® LED can be optionally fitted with lithium, alkaline of rechargeable batteries.

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Modern LED Technology Improves Quality, Efficiency and Lifespan of E.N.T. Examination Instruments

Use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) as an energy-efficient light source has become more commonplace recently as the technology has improved over the last few years. The otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes in Riester’s ri-scope® L and e-scope® ranges now use LED lights to provide a clearer image and increased lifespan with their whiter light and excellent efficiency. LED illumination is also offered with all available instrument heads in Riester’s ri-former® modular wall diagnostic station, which offers a versatile combination of modular options and cost-savings by negating the need for batteries.
Along with other energy-efficiency improvements such as durable li-ion batteries and automatic power management, Riester’s use of the most up-to-date technology offers doctors and nurses a range of E.N.T. examination instruments that provides higher quality light over a much longer lifespan. For example, the LED lamps in the ri-scope® L series will produce at least 20,000 hours of 17,500 Lux light intensity, compared to the 20-30 hours of a xenon or halogen bulb.

In addition to the direct user benefits, Riester is pleased to be offering a product that is much more environmentally friendly than traditional lamps, with the instruments using less energy, requiring less maintenance and making the batteries last much longer – meaning less waste from disposal and replacement. Alkaline batteries for e-scope® and lithium batteries for ri-scope® L have a much longer lifetime of 50 hours when used with LED illumination compared to traditional bulbs.

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New and Improved exacta® Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

Riester has upgraded its classic twin-tube aneroid sphygmomanometer, exacta®.

exacta® has been reduced in weight and is available in a latex-free version. The unit is designed to deliver lifelong precision thanks to long-lasting parts and a specially tempered copper-beryllium diaphragm that allows pressure loading up to 600mm Hg.

It features a stainless steel metal clamp for hooking the pressure gauge to the cuff, and a durable air release valve that offers fine adjustment. The manometer scale delivers accurate and easy to read measurements, with a maximum error tolerance of +/- 3 mm Hg.

Riester offers a comprehensive selection of different sizes and versions of cuffs with exacta®. Delivery of exacta® includes a handy vinyl zipper bag.


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Aneroid Sphygmomanometers from Riester offer a Lifetime of Precision

For precision instruments that last a lifetime, Riester offers a range of modern sphygmomanometers with British BHS* validation. Riester’s Aneroid sphygmomanometers R1 shock-proof®, big ben® and e-mega® sets the standard for aneroid blood pressure measurement.


The R1 shock-proof® blood pressure meter was designed with patent pending shock-proof technology developed with researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, Germany. The ‘two components’ system protects the measuring system from impacts that can result in deviations up to 10mmHg after shock and vibration damage. Results show Riester’s R1 shock-proof® barely deviates at all, up to 3mmHg, well within the accepted legal allowance, providing accurate and reliable readings. The R1 shock-proof® comes with a 5 year warranty to provide peace of mind.

e-mega® has been designed to deliver lifelong precision thanks to long-lasting parts and a specially tempered copper-berryllium diaphragm that allows pressure loading up to 600mm Hg. The ergonomic shape results in fast inflation and minimal patient discomfort. The large manometer measuring scale is accurate and easy to read, with a maximum error tolerance of +/- 3 mm Hg. The polished manometer is easy to disinfect, while a micro filter protects the air release valve and measuring system. e-mega comes with a bladderless cuff that is washable and easy to disinfect, saving time and preventing contamination.

big ben® is the highest grade analogue sphygmomanometer, designed to effortlessly weather the tough everyday conditions of the physician’s practice or hospital. The large scale is easy to read and the unit is available round or square, and as a desk, wall or floor model. The spiral tubing can extend up to 3m to provide greater range of motion.

R1 shock-proof®, big ben® and e-mega® encapsulate Riester’s lifetime measuring technology, which combines precision with durability and the peace of mind that the Riester name brings.

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New e-mega® Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Delivers Lifelong Precision

Riester has introduced its new aneroid palm-style sphygmomanometer, e-mega®.

e-mega® has been designed to deliver lifelong precision thanks to long-lasting parts and a specially tempered copper-beryllium diaphragm that allows pressure loading up to 600mm Hg.

A new ergonomic spoon design allows fast inflation of the cuff to minimise patient discomfort. e-mega® is available as a 1 or 2 tube version attached to Riester’s washable, latex-free, one-piece cuff. The bladderless nylon Velcro cuff is reusable over 10 000 times and washable up to 60°C. Cleaning and disinfection for the one-piece-cuff is much easier than the standard cuff as it can be immersed completely into an alcohol disinfection solution after use, helping prevent contamination.

The large manometer scale delivers accurate and easy to read measurements, with a maximum error tolerance of +/- 3 mm Hg. The highly-polished manometer is easy to disinfect, while a micro filter protects the air release valve and measuring system.

Delivery of e-mega® includes the Riester one-piece cuff and vinyl zipper bag.

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