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SunTech Medical Supports UNC PAWS Therapy Dog Training Program
Morrisville, NC (October 18, 2017) – SunTech Medical announced today that it will donate a portion of its veterinary vital signs monitor sales to the UNC Peer Assisted Wellness Support program. UNC PAWS is a shelter-to-pet [...]

Maintenance-Free Maestro ULTRA Piston Pump Can Increase Test Accuracy and Instrument Reliability
BioChem is Improving the Reliability of Life Science Instruments, and the Maestro ULTRA Piston Pump is just one example of how they embody this mission. Sodium hydroxide and other salt solutions are often a fundamental part [...]

SensoPro Complete Conductivity Monitoring System
Toroidal conductivity sensor paired with Modbus-equipped transmitter for reliable conductivity and concentration monitoring in a single package Garden Grove, California (October 16, 2017) – To meet conductivity control [...]

Kirk develops valve interlock for industrial flow control applications
Kirk has developed the HD Type VL ball valve interlock to ensure that hazards such as air- and liquid-flow power must be isolated before operators or engineers can work on equipment. Air and liquid flow can present high-risk [...]

Fiberguide Endcaps Increase Damage Thresholds in High Power Lasers
Stirling, N.J. (October 10, 2017) – Fiberguide’s fiber endcaps increase power handling tolerances of optical fiber cores for high power assemblies. The large endcaps (up to 25mm) allow for very high laser input power, [...]