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Cosasco and Yokogawa Conclude Agreement for Sale of ISA100 Wireless™-based Products
–To improve maintenance and enhance safety– Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (March 23, 2017) – Rohrback Cosasco Systems, Inc. announces that it has signed a mutual sales agreement with Yokogawa Electric Corporation, a [...]

Alicat Adds Industrial Automation Protocols to Vacuum Flow Control Instruments
EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet options integrate mass flow instruments into coating and sputtering process control Tucson, Arizona (March 22, 2017) – Alicat Scientific has expanded the communications protocol offerings on its [...]

Pool and Spa Sensors for Water Quality Monitoring
Ready pools, spas and aquatic attractions for the summer season with Sensorex pH/ORP probes Garden Grove, California (March 22, 2017) – As the weather warms and pool equipment is being readied for the new season, replacement [...]

Le processus DP3® de polissage des sondes de Diba réduit les résidus jusqu’à 75 pour cent
Les sondes parfaitement polies peuvent réduire le temps de cycle et garantir une manipulation des fluides homogène Danbury, Connecticut. (16 mars 2017) – Le processus ® de polissage de Diba Industries, Inc. renforce [...]

Die DP3® Sensorenpolitur von Diba verringert Übertragung um bis zu 75 Prozent
Hochglanzpolierte Sensoren sparen Zykluszeit ein und stellen konsistentes Fluid Handling sicher Danbury, Conn. (16. März 2017) – Der DP3® Polierprozess von Diba Industries, Inc. verbessert die Leistung von Edelstahl- [...]