Cosasco® Coupon Monitoring System Maintains Flexible Risers for Oil Exploration

Coupons inserted in process flow help estimate remaining service life of risers

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (October 19, 2016) – The Polymer Coupon Monitoring System from Cosasco® helps maintain the integrity of increasingly common flexible risers used in deep water oil and gas exploration applications.

Cosasco's coupon monitoring system helps maintain flexible risers.

Cosasco’s coupon monitoring system helps maintain flexible risers.

Flexible risers transport process fluid between floating production systems and subsea wells and pipelines, and are subject to adverse conditions. High pressures and temperature variances within the risers can cause erosion to the internal polymer sheath, which forms the riser’s pressure barrier and contains the process fluid. Monitoring the sheath for chemical and mechanical degradation is critical to avoiding system failure.

The Cosasco Polymer Coupon Monitoring System determines the potential breakdown or aging of the polymer material under operating conditions. The system installs in a standard two-inch access fitting downstream of the riser end connection. Coupons may be inserted into the process flow and retrieved under pressure. Once removed, the coupons can be analyzed to evaluate the condition of the polymer pressure sheath, estimate remaining service life and determine any changes to the molecular structure or chemical properties that may affect the overall strength and structural integrity of the sheath.

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