Labsphere Software Keeps Up with New Sunscreen Standards

To support its UV-2000s transmittance analyzer, used for quality assurance and UVA Protection Factor (UVA-PF) analysis in the formulation, development and testing of sunscreen products, Labsphere has introduced a software upgrade. Together, the instrument and UV-2000S version 1.2 software form the only system currently capable of performing in-vitro, Boot Star, COLIPA, FDA, and user-defined SPF measurement methods.

UV-2000S Suncsreen Software

The user-friendly application software automatically converts measurement data to provide the Sun Protective Factor (SPF), UVA to UVB ratio, critical wavelength, Boot Star Rating, and UVA-PF (COLIPA Method). It includes an FDA Method that meets proposed rules for in-vitro UVA/UVB protection factor results. In addition, its COLIPA substrate test allows users to quickly determine if their PMMA substrates meet the COLIPA recommendations. To ensure accuracy, the software performs reference channel saturation checks of the sample if the substrate or plate is highly absorbing. Unlike previous software versions, the same blank scan can be used for multiple studies.

The platform allows users to view, archive, retrieve and export data for measurements on both bare substrates and product substrates. The wavelength range and wavelength interval selection feature exports spectral data of interest to .csv format. To support evolving regional methods (e.g., revised Boot Star, PA+ Method, UVAI/UV Ratio, etc.), the software is now available on a subscription basis. Users who subscribe to Labsphere’s software will be updated as new standards and regulations for in-vitro sunscreen testing are added to the software.

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