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The Main Social Media Platforms for B2B

Posted on 22 November 2012

By Damian Corbet

Unsure which social media platform is best for you? Then look no further!

Blog – Blogging is perhaps the most effective social media channel. Not only does a blog allow you to position your company as an expert in its field, it can also do wonders for your website’s search ranking. A blog is a must for any B2B company these days.

Twitter – Twitter is uber-networking. Don’t expect to sell products on Twitter; that’s not what people sign up for. But do expect to find interesting people to follow and interact with – experts in your industry, competitors and, yes, potential customers. It’s also great for market intelligence. But keep it personal.

Facebook – You can sell on Facebook but, like Twitter, people don’t really sign up to be sold to. What you can do, though, is talk about your products in an interesting way: post case studies, customer endorsements or videos. You can also run competitions and offer special discounts for people who ‘like’ your page or share a story with their friends. Think of it as the personal side of your company – a nice counterpoint to your corporate website.

LinkedIn – The ‘boring’ social network. Boring it may be, but for any business person it’s essential that you have a LinkedIn profile. There’s also a lot more to LinkedIn than meets the eye. There are literally thousands of special interest groups – there’s sure to be one for your industry. Join up and start a conversation – it’s another fantastic way to network. You should also set up a company page and populate it with as much information as you can. Professionals use LinkedIn, so make use of it.

YouTube – Does your company have a YouTube channel yet? If not, why not? Making informative, instructional videos has never been easier. And don’t forget that YouTube is the web’s second largest search engine after Google.

Google+ – As a social network Google+ took a while to catch on, but catch on it has, especially with techy people. Google’s search engines also place a lot of emphasis on Google+ posts and ‘+1s’ (the equivalent of Facebook ‘likes’). So get yourself and your company on there and just re-post what you’re already doing on Facebook and Twitter.

Forum – Is a forum social media? I believe it is. Most businesses can benefit from having a forum open to their customers, installers and distributors. It’s a great way to control the conversation in a secure, password-protected environment. Companies that use forums successfully can quickly position themselves as real experts in their industry.

I hope this helps to clarify the benefits of each platform. Pick and choose what you want – and don’t be afraid to experiment and mix things up a bit!

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