Posted on 9 September 2013

Why every company should be on Google+

By Damian Corbet

Social media is evolving – quickly.

For companies this has a number of implications. To start with, social media is no longer a ‘marketing’ responsibility – it’s a company responsibility.

It’s also no longer enough to simply have a LinkedIn page and a Twitter account that you don’t use. You should be using these two platforms to their full effect. And you also REALLY need to get onto Google+.

Google (which owns YouTube) as a company is changing so rapidly and its reach throughout the online environment is now so all-encompassing that every company needs to grasp the opportunities that are emerging.

So what’s so special about Google+?

  • Google+ helps with SEO on Google and YouTube – a lot. This should be reason enough for it to get your attention
  • It’s popular with technical people – many of whom may already be your customers, installers or distributors
  • Communities – like LinkedIn groups but better. They are a bit like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook combined, allowing you to interact with like-minded people with a lot less self-promotion and spam
  • Hangouts – a free video chat facility that allows you to chat to up to 20 people, privately or publicly. Great for distributor or sales meetings, product demos and even live event streaming
  • Circles – once you set up an account, you can segregate your contacts in separate circles, allowing you to share content with clearly defined groups
  • Authorship – Google now allows you to claim authorship of your blog posts. This is significant and it greatly enhances the visibility of posts. If you’re blogging, use authorship
  • Places – Many people search for local businesses, so having your company listed on Google Places gives you an immediate advantage. It also increases your chances of coming up on the first page of search results
  • All of these features are completely free

The business environment is changing at incredible pace and so are your customers. When people search for information, they do it online. By using the opportunities offered by Google+ and the other main social networks, you will be getting your message out to a wider range of people than has ever been possible.

And don’t for a minute think your customers aren’t online. They are. Even in the most traditional industries they are using Google and YouTube to find information. By making your company visible on these platforms you’re giving your customers a helping hand.

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  1. Thanks Damian,

    We will probably have to take a second look at Google + and how it can help us achieve our Social Media and business goals.

  2. Damian Corbet

    No worries, David.

    One other thing about ‘Communities’: as Google+ is still relatively new, you’ll find that there are still many Communities ‘up for grabs’ so to speak. On LinkedIn, there is already a Group for just about every topic or industry under the sun, but on Google+, companies or individuals still have the opportunity to create the first Community for a particular subject.

    I had a quick look for ‘Blood Pressure Monitoring’ and, as yet, there still aren’t any Communities under that topic – so this is SunTech’s opportunity to create a Community and ‘own the conversation’!

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