Posted on 5 September 2013

Using Social Media – Some Practical Guidelines

By Damian Corbet

Signing up to social networks is one thing; using them effectively is another. Here are some guidelines to make sure you get off to a good start with social media.

Who should have access?
Always ensure more than one person has access to the login details of any social media channel. I’d recommend the following people:

•    All marketing people, including the sales & marketing director/VP
•    Product managers
•    Key technical people (designers, engineers, etc)
•    Key customer service people
•    Managing director/president. (They may not want to get their hands dirty with social media, but it’s no bad thing to sign them up make them aware of the basics)
•    Keep a record of all login/password details!

Social media committee
•    Set up a ‘social media committee’ that includes a representative from each of the above departments
•    You could have a brief meeting once a month/quarter to come up with content ideas and discuss issues that have come up.

What should you say?
For most Halma companies, social media will be used as an extension of marketing/PR:

•    Share all press releases
•    If you write blog posts, share them
•    Talk about upcoming exhibitions or events
•    Share interesting general industry or company news
•    Don’t sell – be helpful instead; that’s why people follow you
•    If you’re serious draw up a calendar with input from all committee members

•    Be prepared to interact – that may be obvious but many companies don’t bother to respond to questions or complaints on social media
•    Let customer service people deal with complaints
•    Let technical people deal with technical queries
•    Always be friendly and helpful and never be defensive or negative

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