New MultiCount™ IP Offers Portable Cash Counting and Tally Printing

Device stores data for up to 50 cash registers

Minotola, NJ (March 9, 2012) – The new MultiCount™ IP from Volumatic improves the time and reliability of cash counting for retail and entertainment businesses. The battery powered currency scale offers portable cash counting and tally printing for applications where power outlets may not be readily available.

The MultiCount IP portable cash counter from Volumatic.

The MultiCount IP uses a count-by-weight scale to perform counting tasks quickly and accurately. Automated reconciliation of multiple tills removes the element of human error and the need for recounts. The device can store totals and cashier identification data for up to 50 registers in its memory, and the attached thermal printer can print a time and date stamped receipt for increased employee accountability.

The scale’s rechargeable batteries operate for 12 hours on a single overnight charge. They are user-replaceable, with no need to ship the product to the manufacturer for expensive service. An integrated USB port allows easy upload of counted totals to a PC spreadsheet.

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Volumatic’s MultiCount Currency Scale for Cash Counting

Scale tallies cash register tray in less than one minute

Minotola, NJ (October 25, 2011) – Volumatic’s MultiCount™ currency scale allows sorted register trays with loose cash, coins, straps and rolls to be counted six times faster than by hand. The scale was developed for use in any environment where sorted cash needs to be counted.

The MultiCount currency scale from Volumatic.

The MultiCount currency scale from Volumatic.

The MultiCount scale can be configured to each user application to maximize speed and efficiency. It stores up to 50 register totals in memory and uses a real time clock to time and date stamp each report for audit. The MultiCount’s integrated USB link allows simple data transfer to PC when reports are finished.

The scale requires minimal employee training before use. A simple, easy-to-follow display guides users through operation. Dependable operation can be assured with MultiCount’s available 5-year warranty.

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Enhanced Currency Scale from Volumatic Speeds Bill and Coin Counting

CountEasy features five-year service warranty

Ramsey, NJ (June 23, 2011) – Volumatic has launched an enhanced version of its CountEasy currency scale to further expedite sorted bill and coin counting for retailers and banks.

Volumatic’s CountEasy currency scale for retail stores and banks.

Volumatic’s CountEasy currency scale for retail stores and banks.

With over 40,000 currently installed, the new features add to the success of the already widely accepted CountEasy.  The portable count-by-weight currency tabulation device counts sorted bills and coins six times faster than by hand.  The new version features automatic counting sequences for ease and speed while counting register trays.  Auto-add and scroll functions allow the user to count a full cash drawer in less than a minute without touching a single button.  The CountEasy keeps a live running total during a count, making it easy to set up a starting till.

The versatile scale also features a new ounces mode, which allows it to be used to weigh other items such as mail for postage.  The CountEasy is ready to use straight from the box, and comes with a five-year service warranty.

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