Retinal Surgery System and Lenses from Volk at ARVO

Mentor, Ohio (March 18, 2011) – Volk Optical, the industry leader in aspheric optics, will be exhibiting at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), May 1 – 4 at the Broward County Convention Center (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), booth 509/511. 

Volk’s Merlin Surgical System (top), HR Centrails (left) and HR Widefield (right).

Volk’s Merlin Surgical System (top), HR Centralis (left) and HR Widefield (right).

This will be the first time at ARVO for Volk’s recently launched Merlin Surgical System.  Its precise control of non-contact lens position and focus delivers clear, crisp views during vitreoretinal surgery. The fully steam autoclavable system rotates easily out of the surgical field when not in use.  The Merlin mounts beneath the optical pathway of any surgical microscope; Volk’s new ROLS∞ (Infinity) reinverter with adjustable interior prism enables a custom fit to each individual microscope’s optical pathway.

Also on display will be Volk’s High Resolution (HR) contact lenses for pan retinal photocoagulation and focal/grid therapy. Distortion-free across the entire viewing area, the lenses in this line have superior high resolution views. The HR Centralis provides detailed views of the central retina, with a 1.08x magnification to improve visualization capabilities with pupils as small as 4mm. The HR Widefield delivers a .50x magnification, with a 2.0x laser spot magnification, and reveals details as far out as the ora serrata

Volk will also be showing its entire line of diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical ophthalmic lenses, equipment, and accessories. In addition to hands-on demonstrations, Volk will offer special show pricing and a free multi-lens case with purchase.

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