BIO Exams Evolve with Volk Digital Series Lenses

Digital ClearField and Digital ClearMag produce unparalleled views and facilitate faster exams

Mentor, Ohio (October 23, 2006) – Volk Optical has released two new lenses in its 3rd generation Digital Series, specifically designed for use in Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy (BIO) examinations.  The image quality of the Digital ClearField and Digital ClearMag lenses reaches a level previously unattainable during a BIO exam, resulting in increased general diagnostic capability with a shorter exam time.

The combination of magnification and field of view offered by this lens pairing exceeds that of the industry standard 20D BIO lens.  The Digital ClearField’s 2.79x image magnification and 72° field of view deliver detailed mid and far peripheral retinal views, while the Digital ClearMag’s 3.89x image magnification and 49° field of view are optimal for detailed optic disc and posterior pole examination.  With the image resolution level of these lenses, an extremely detailed exam can be conducted for a more thorough diagnosis with the BIO headset, helping to reduce overall exam time.

Both lenses feature the enhanced stereopsis that is a hallmark of the Volk Digital Series.  Low dispersion™ glass construction delivers enhanced resolution, paired with an anti-reflective coating to reduce the incidence of glare and reflections.  Volk’s patented double aspheric design assures optical quality, maintaining linear image magnification and image clarity across the entire field of view.

Also available in the Digital Series are the Digital Wide Field™, providing the widest high resolution field of view for imaging past the vortex, the Digital High Mag™ for detailed 3D views of the retina during slit lamp examinations, and the Digital 1.0x, with a 1 to 1 magnification ratio for easy measurement of the optic disc.

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