Visiometrics Adds Touchscreen to HD Analyzer

Conduct visual quality and tear film assessments without need of a laptop
Costa Mesa, California (October 2, 2017) –Visiometrics has added a Touch Screen Package to its HD Analyzer. The new upgrade option increases ease of use and reduces the system footprint for better practice workflow.

HDA w Touch Screen

The new Touch Screen Package for the HD Analyzer significantly reduces the system’s footprint.

The HD Analyzer provides objective measurement of visual quality to improve patient outcomes in cataract diagnosis, dry eye treatment and refractive surgery. The onboard touch screen replaces the laptop required to perform patient exams. With the screen mounted directly on the back of the HD Analyzer unit, the entire system can be confined to one small table.

An additional benefit of the HD Analyzer is its impact as a patient education tool to facilitate discussion of treatment plans and outcomes. The visual reporting provides a reference point for patients to better understand how a condition is affecting their vision. The flat screen display can be removed for patient discussions, with easier navigation and handling than the laptop version.

The Touch Screen Package includes a Surface Pro tablet, preloaded with Visiometrics HD Analyzer software, screen holders and an installation kit. The package can be purchased with a new HD Analyzer system or as an upgrade to an existing system. The Touch Screen Package is currently only available to users in the United States.

Visiometrics is currently offering incentives to purchase the Touch Screen Package when purchased with its HD Analyzer Total Care Warranty. The Total Care program includes all software upgrades, enhance interoperability and priority access to support, controlling service costs and keeping practices running smoothly. Both the Touch Screen Package and Total Care Warranty can be conveniently purchased online at

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