Visiometrics Joins Halma

Maker of the HD Analyzer now part of Halma’s Medical Sector

Visiometrics has been acquired by United Kingdom-based safety, health and environmental technology group Halma plc. Visiometrics will join ophthalmic companies Accutome, Keeler, Medicel, MST, and Volk in Halma’s Medical Sector.

Visiometrics’ HD Analyzer objectively measures the quality of a patient’s vision

Visiometrics’ HD Analyzer objectively measures the quality of a patient’s vision. This measurement assesses the optics of the retina to identify potential issues, such as the early formation of cataracts. The ability to quantify visual performance removes subjectivity and provides documentation of changes from one visit to the next. The HD Analyzer’s measurement method allows a doctor to select and monitor appropriate treatment for each patient. As a patient education tool, measurements facilitate discussion of treatment plans and outcomes.

As part of Halma, Visiometrics will continue to focus on increasing worldwide adoption of its objective visual acuity system. Halma’s strong culture of product innovation will benefit Visiometrics’ customers as the company expands development of products that better patient outcomes.

“We could not have found a better harbor for our technology than Halma,” said Visiometrics president Jan Bonel. “Making this quantum leap forward will help us to turn the HD Analyzer into a common tool for all ophthalmologists and optometrists.”

Halma is a holding company with nearly 50 worldwide subsidiaries that develop and manufacture products that protect life and improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

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