Tear Film Analyzer Brings Objective Measurement to Dry Eye Disease Diagnosis

Visiometrics system the only diagnostic to measure lines lost due to poor tear film
Costa Mesa, California (November 8, 2017) – Visiometrics’ new Tear Film Analyzer is a fast, objective, and non-invasive way to measure vision fluctuation caused by dry eye disease. By measuring patient Vision Breakup Time (VBUT), doctors can improve outcomes, increase satisfaction and grow revenue.

Visiometrics TFA

Visiometrics’ Tear Film Analyzer is the only diagnostic to measure lines lost due to poor tear film.

The Tear Film Analyzer is the only diagnostic tool to quantify VBUT – how long it takes a patient to lose one line of vision. There is no wait time for drops, strips or long protocols; the exam takes under one minute. By analyzing the tear film in its natural state, without disturbing it, VBUT during a Tear Film Analyzer exam more accurately reflects VBUT under real world conditions, and patient comfort is increased.

The objective measurement of the Tear Film Analyzer removes variability in patient reporting. It also provides a baseline to track the effectiveness of dry eye treatment. The easy-to-read report created by the Tear Film Analyzer aids in patient education, helping patients to see how their vision is affected by poor tear film. Better understanding increases patient compliance, improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The Tear Film Analyzer is available with an optional touch screen package, for a more compact footprint and faster navigation. The flat screen display can also be removed for patient discussions.

The Tear Film Analyzer will debut at the American Academy of Ophthalmology annual meeting in New Orleans, November 11-14

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Visiometrics Adds Touchscreen to HD Analyzer

Conduct visual quality and tear film assessments without need of a laptop
Costa Mesa, California (October 2, 2017) –Visiometrics has added a Touch Screen Package to its HD Analyzer. The new upgrade option increases ease of use and reduces the system footprint for better practice workflow.

HDA w Touch Screen

The new Touch Screen Package for the HD Analyzer significantly reduces the system’s footprint.

The HD Analyzer provides objective measurement of visual quality to improve patient outcomes in cataract diagnosis, dry eye treatment and refractive surgery. The onboard touch screen replaces the laptop required to perform patient exams. With the screen mounted directly on the back of the HD Analyzer unit, the entire system can be confined to one small table.

An additional benefit of the HD Analyzer is its impact as a patient education tool to facilitate discussion of treatment plans and outcomes. The visual reporting provides a reference point for patients to better understand how a condition is affecting their vision. The flat screen display can be removed for patient discussions, with easier navigation and handling than the laptop version.

The Touch Screen Package includes a Surface Pro tablet, preloaded with Visiometrics HD Analyzer software, screen holders and an installation kit. The package can be purchased with a new HD Analyzer system or as an upgrade to an existing system. The Touch Screen Package is currently only available to users in the United States.

Visiometrics is currently offering incentives to purchase the Touch Screen Package when purchased with its HD Analyzer Total Care Warranty. The Total Care program includes all software upgrades, enhance interoperability and priority access to support, controlling service costs and keeping practices running smoothly. Both the Touch Screen Package and Total Care Warranty can be conveniently purchased online at www.visiometrics.com/shop/.

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Visiometrics USA Moves to New Offices

New location better supports growing demand for company’s HD Analyzer
Costa Mesa, California (May 3, 2017) – Visiometrics has moved to a new location in Costa Mesa, California. The move accommodates increasing adoption of its HD Analyzer visual quality instrument.

The new space supports the commercial expansion of Visiometrics USA as its HD Analyzer increasingly becomes a part of the standard of care in ophthalmic and optometric practice. The system’s visual quality measurements provide critical objective data for better patient outcomes in cataract surgery, dry eye treatment, and refractive surgery.

The relocated US office will serve all Visiometrics North American customers; the world headquarters remain in Spain. The new address is:

Visiometrics USA
3420 Bristol Street, Suite 523
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone, 1-844-SCATTER (722-8837), and website, www.Visiometrics.com, remain the same.

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Visiometrics Launches New Website

Improved access to information on company’s visual quality system
Costa Mesa, California (February 15, 2017) –Visiometrics has launched a newly designed website at www.visiometrics.com, showcasing its ophthalmic diagnostic technology. The new site improves customer experience with access to video and academic resources, user manuals, and patient education materials.


Explore the new website.

Explore the new website.

The new site makes it easier for providers and patients to find general product and technical information for Visiometrics’ HD Analyzer. The system’s visual quality measurements provide critical objective data for better patient outcomes in cataract surgery, dry eye treatment and refractive surgery.

On the new site, in-depth product information is supplemented with academic articles and video interviews with providers who use the system. An interactive quiz helps providers asses if they are a good candidate to add an HD Analyzer to their practice. Finally, a dedicated patient page provides education materials to help providers explain the value of an HD Analyzer exam.


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Visiometrics Appoints New Vice President

Chris Moore joins company as Vice President of Business Development
Costa Mesa, California (November 21, 2016) – Ophthalmic diagnostic instrument maker Visiometrics (visiometrics.com) has appointed Chris Moore Vice President of Business Development.


Chris Moore, Vice President of Business Development, Visiometrics

In this newly created position, Moore is responsible for leading global strategy and driving adoption of Visiometrics’ HD Analyzer objective visual acuity system worldwide. He will represent the company at ophthalmic industry events and work closely with key opinion leaders and practice managers. As a member of Visiometrics’ executive leadership team and board of directors, he will help shape company strategy, develop business channels and influence the new product pipeline.

Moore brings an in-depth understanding of the ophthalmology field to his new role. Prior to joining Visiometrics, he was Chief Operating Officer and then Chief Executive Officer of Integrity Digital Solutions, LLC (Temple, Texas), a developer of cloud-based electronic medical record technology specialized for the ophthalmic industry. While there, Moore led the entire start-up life cycle of the company, which necessitated developing a deep knowledge of medical devices, including ophthalmic diagnostic and surgical equipment. Moore holds a Bachelor of Science from Sam Houston State University (Huntsville, Texas) and a Master of Business Administration from Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, Texas.).

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Visiometrics Brings Objective Light Scatter Technology to ASCRS

HD Analyzer provides objective quality of vision measurements
Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain (May 4, 2016) – Ophthalmic diagnostic instrument maker Visiometrics will be exhibiting its HD Analyzer for cataract and tear film assessment at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ASCRS) Annual Meeting, May 6-10, 2016 at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. In addition to hands-on-demonstrations in three separate booths (HD Analyzer™ in the Visiometrics booth # 2804 and Marco Ophthalmic Inc, booth # 1437, and the AcuTarget HD™ in the AcuFocus booth #545), Visiometrics will be co-hosting an expert panel providing clinical and business pearls on building a successful presbyopia surgical practice.

Visiometrics HD Analyzer

HD Analyzer provides objective quality of vision measurements.

Visiometrics’ HD Analyzer objectively measures a patient’s quality of vision. Based on objective scatter technology, the HD Analyzer removes patient subjectivity to aid physicians in diagnosing the stages of cataract formation, tear film irregularities and other eye disease. The HD Analyzer’s unique measurement method allows a doctor to select and monitor appropriate treatment for each patient. As a impactful patient education tool, the Objective Scatter Index (OSI) facilitates discussion of treatment plans and outcomes.

At ASCRS, Visiometrics will co-host an expert panel with Abbott Medical Optics on incorporating new skills and technologies to successfully build a thriving presbyopia surgical practice. Featured speakers include: George Waring, IV, MD (Medical Director at Magill Vision Center and Director of Refractive Surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Storm Eye Institute, Charleston, S.C.); Daniel Durrie, MD (Founder and President of Durrie Vision, Overland Park, Kan.); Jay Pepose, MD, Ph.D. (Founder and Medical Director of Pepose Vision Institute, St. Louis, Mo.); and Lance Kugler, MD (Founder and Medical Director of Kugler Vision, Omaha, Neb.). Details of the event, which will cover shifting demographic trends, the diagnostic and laser equipment needed to address them, as well as patient consultation, marketing and business tips, are below.

Friday May 6, 2016
5:30 pm-7:00 pm
Hilton Hotel Riverside
Napoleon Ballroom-3rd Floor
refreshments provided
The event is open to all, and RSVP to trinitat.arcusa@visiometrics.com is requested.

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Visiometrics Joins Halma

Maker of the HD Analyzer now part of Halma’s Medical Sector

Visiometrics has been acquired by United Kingdom-based safety, health and environmental technology group Halma plc. Visiometrics will join ophthalmic companies Accutome, Keeler, Medicel, MST, and Volk in Halma’s Medical Sector.

Visiometrics’ HD Analyzer objectively measures the quality of a patient’s vision

Visiometrics’ HD Analyzer objectively measures the quality of a patient’s vision. This measurement assesses the optics of the retina to identify potential issues, such as the early formation of cataracts. The ability to quantify visual performance removes subjectivity and provides documentation of changes from one visit to the next. The HD Analyzer’s measurement method allows a doctor to select and monitor appropriate treatment for each patient. As a patient education tool, measurements facilitate discussion of treatment plans and outcomes.

As part of Halma, Visiometrics will continue to focus on increasing worldwide adoption of its objective visual acuity system. Halma’s strong culture of product innovation will benefit Visiometrics’ customers as the company expands development of products that better patient outcomes.

“We could not have found a better harbor for our technology than Halma,” said Visiometrics president Jan Bonel. “Making this quantum leap forward will help us to turn the HD Analyzer into a common tool for all ophthalmologists and optometrists.”

Halma is a holding company with nearly 50 worldwide subsidiaries that develop and manufacture products that protect life and improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

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