TL Jones launches new range of light curtains

Elevator door protection specialist TL Jones has introduced a new range of light curtains, the Microscan™ M Series.

M Series

The M Series is supplied as an 18- or 32-diode unit, providing the protection of 52 or 154 criss-cross infrared beams.  The range’s modular configuration has been designed to allow for minimum installation time and fast field changes, saving field technicians time and reducing branch inventories.  The product is suitable for applications ranging from residential to large building projects.

As with other Microscan products, the M Series has achieved IP65 rating for water and dust resistance.  Units are also resistant to interference from reflections or sunlight.

The M Series can be fitted to both side- and centre-opening doors, and is suitable for dynamic or static installations.  Tests confirm that the range exceeds the requirements of EN 81-70 and GB 7588-2003.

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Key appointment at TL Jones

TL Jones has appointed Mike Lim as Head of Business Development and Marketing for TL Jones Asia Pacific.

Mike Lim

Mike graduated from Monash University, Australia, with a degree in Commerce (Accounting and Finance), and later an MBA in Corporate Finance. He draws on 14 years’ experience in sales, marketing and business development, and enjoys extensive contacts with major elevator manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region.

Commenting on his new position, Mike said: “This is an exciting time to join TL Jones.  I have identified substantial market opportunities for the company and look forward to pursuing them.”

TL Jones has recently undergone significant internal reorganisation.  Based in Singapore, TL Jones Asia Pacific now houses a regional management team responsible for operations and trading throughout Asia Pacific and the Middle East, and a central marketing team for the whole organisation.

TL Jones Technologies, in Christchurch, New Zealand, and E-Motive Display, in Singapore, both accommodate trading, manufacturing and R&D capabilities.  TL Jones China, in Shanghai, holds trading and manufacturing facilities, while TL Jones India’s head office is located in Mumbai.

Although the company’s sales director works out of Singapore, TL Jones’ sales operation is highly decentralised and shared between 11 offices spread through New Zealand, Singapore, China, India, the USA, Japan and Dubai.

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Safety seminar praised by chief inspector of lifts

A one-day seminar on lift safety was recently organised in Mumbai by TAK & Associates, independent consultants for vertical transportation.  The event was held at the Public Works Department of Maharashtra state, the statutory body for lift codes and inspections, on June 29th and was supported by T L Jones India, suppliers of lift safety & information systems.

PWD Seminar

A team of 16 lift inspectors, along with the chief inspector of lifts, Mr Sontakke, attended the seminar.  PVN Marar and TAK Mathews, from TAK & Associates, presented papers on approaches to installation, and inspection of electric traction lifts.  Dinesh Musalekar, general manager of TL Jones India, examined the different types of door protection and emergency communication systems available for lifts, as well as the latest worldwide trends.

Commenting on the seminar, Mr. Sontakke said: “It was indeed a very knowledgeable and effective training session which will keep our team of inspectors alert to the critical checks involved in lift inspection and also in touch with the latest technological trends in the lift industry”.

Mr Sontakke also complimented TAK Mathews on his certification as a qualified elevator inspector (QEI) by NAESAI , in accordance with the requirements of ASME.

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TL Jones India opens office in New Delhi

In response to increasing demand within the Indian elevator industry, protection and information system specialist TL Jones has now opened an office in New Delhi to cater for the country’s northern market.

General Sales Manager for TL Jones India, Dinesh Musalekar, said of the expansion: “We are very pleased to be able to further develop our presence in the northern region, allowing our customers greater access to our products and technical support.”

Commenting on the decision to open a new office, Chris Stoelhorst, TL Jones’s Managing Director, revealed that “this is the second of several planned stages for our investment in the Indian market, and is prompted by the robust growth in construction and infrastructure development.  Our local capability, led by Dinesh and his team, will contribute strongly to the long-term expansion of the elevator industry in the exciting Indian market.”

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TL Jones to supply displays to Echar Enterprises

Lift door protection specialist TL Jones has reached an agreement to supply electronic displays to Indian lift fixtures manufacturer Echar Enterprises Pvt Ltd.   Echar will now offer customers a complete package, featuring TL Jones’s E-motive brand dot matrix, monochrome and colour LCD displays within its own operating panels and hall button fixtures.

Commenting on the agreement, Mr Ashok Nakman, Echar’s Managing Director, said that “we are pleased to have TL Jones with its world-class E-motive brand of LCD and dot matrix displays as our preferred supplier, and look forward to a long business relationship with TL Jones in the years to come.”

Technical Sales Manager for TL Jones India, Dinesh Musalekar, said his company was “very pleased to join in a supply partnership with Echar Enterprises, who are a significant and reputable signal-fixtures supplier to the Indian lift market and we are pleased to be associated with them.  We are positive that Echar and TL Jones will be able to cater for Indian customers’ increasing demand for international quality products.”

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TL Jones confims supply agreement with Lift Systems

Lift-door protection specialist TL Jones has entered into a supply agreement with Indian lift manufacturer Lift Systems (India) Pvt Ltd.  Lift Systems will integrate TL Jones’s Microscan light curtains with its own high-quality lift products.

Lift Systems

Commenting on the agreement, Mr S M Hajela, Lift Systems’ CEO, said that “we feel there is a bright future for this product in our country.  People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of safety and therefore this product will sell very well in the Indian market in the years to come.”

TL Jones’s Managing Director, Chris Stoelhorst, said his company was “absolutely delighted to join in a supply partnership with Lift Systems.  Lift Systems is a significant and reputable player in the Indian lift market and we are pleased to be associated with them.  This partnership also represents an extension of TL Jones’s agreement with Technolama Spain, where we supply light curtains for Fermator Door Systems.”

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TL Jones sponsors Indian Electrical Safety Week

Lift-door protection specialist TL Jones (India) Pvt. Ltd was one of the major sponsors of Electrical Safety Week 2005, which took place in the Indian state of Maharashtra in the first week of December.  Promoted by Mr. B. G. Jadhav, Chief Engineer of the state of Maharashtra, the event saw TL Jones participate in two presentations designed to raise awareness of lift safety.

Electrical Safety Week

The first of these seminars took place at Military Engineering Services in Mumbai.  Dinesh Musalekar, TL Jones’s Technical Sales Manager in India, gave an outline of lift functions and safety and was followed by Mr. Jadhav’s examination of how technology can be used to enhance lift safety.

Meanwhile, 250 children at the Dhirubhai Ambani School in Mumbai were treated to an explanation of the dos and don’ts of lift safety from Sanjeev Bhandare, TL Jones’s Sales Manager.

In addition, TL Jones distributed elevator safety CDs to hundreds of schools and colleges throughout the state and contributed to sponsored safety posters.

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Dong Shan Plaza’s lifts protected by 2-in-1 detectors

The safety of lift passengers in the main building of Dong Shan Plaza in Guangzhou, China, has been entrusted to 2-in-1 detector screens from TL Jones.  All of the building’s 12 lifts are now equipped with Microscan 2-in-1 units, which combine a mechanical safety shoe with 94 beams of infrared detection.  The units were specified by Dai Deng You, Deputy Manager of Dong Shan Plaza’s Mechanical and Electrical Department.

Dong Shan Plaza

“Given the high frequency with which our lift doors need to open and their light curtains are triggered, it was important that we selected a very reliable and sensitive product,” said Mr Dai.  “Aside from being safe and practical, TL Jones’s 2-in1 devices are renowned for their low failure rate and long operating life.”

Dong Shan Plaza houses the Zhong Hai Property Management Company, which had requested that the old lift-door safety system – mechanical edges used in conjunction with photo cells – be modernised.  The improvement in performance offered by the new devices has led to positive comments from many of Zhong Hai’s regular customers.

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