Ultra Compact External Sounder From Texecom

Texecom’s Odyssey 5 Compact is designed for installations requiring the best in discreet advanced alarm sounding technology. Measuring just 18.9cmx18.6cmx6cm, the ultra-compact housing optimises lens contrast to maximise the visual impact of the 270 degree strobe when activated.  The sounder is appropriate for installation either indoors or outdoors, and is made to complement contemporary architectural styles.

Texecom’s new Odyssey 5 Compact external sounder

The discreet design conceals all the features that the Odyssey series is well known for, such as the patented engineer hold-off mode, all packed into a small and stylish unit. The product is EN 50131 Grade 3 compliant, and contains an advanced microprocessor, IP65 sealed electronics and twin Piezo sounders producing115dB. 

An alternative version, the Odyssey 5E Compact, is also available.  This version uses a single Piezo sounder producing 109dB and has an IP44 sealed electronics module. With the same ultra-compact casing and aesthetics as its fully-featured counterpart, the 5E Compact is designed for residential installations.

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