Telegan Sprint V Flue Gas Analyser Range for Heating Engineers

Five instruments in one small handheld unit

Designed to assist heating engineers in the safe installation, commissioning and servicing of boilers and combustion systems, Telegan’s Sprint V range provides five instruments in one small, convenient handheld unit: a flue gas analyser, a differential thermometer, a differential manometer, a gas escape detector and a carbon monoxide room safety monitor. The Sprint V is manufactured and distributed by Telegan Gas Monitoring, a division of Crowcon Detection Instruments, and is distributed in the UK through Telegan’s exclusive industry partner, Anton Industrial Services.

Sprint V Flue Gas Analyser Range for Heating Engineers

Sprint V Flue Gas Analyser Range for Heating Engineers

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Significant successes for the Sprint V have included the delivery of over 7,000 units to British Gas; the product was also recently named ‘Gas Safety Product of the Year’ at the UK’s annual gas industry awards ceremony.

The range includes the basic Sprint V2 unit with the features mentioned above; the Sprint V3, which has all the functions of the V2 but is also Bluetooth™-enabled for rapid data transfer; the Sprint V4, which is like the V2 but has additional Nitric Oxides (NO and NOx) capability; and finally the Sprint V5, which has all the functions of the V4 and is also Bluetooth™-enabled.

An important feature of the entire Sprint V range is ‘Smart Purge’ technology which clears potentially acidic gases from the unit. This helps save battery, pump and filter life, enables intelligent purging for switch-on and switch-off, and allows the purging of gas while other tests are being carried out.

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  1. Jose Tabora says:

    Good day
    We are an oil company
    have an analyzer Sprint V2 that has the following problem
    The oxygen sensor is set to zero by putting it in the fireplace From Boiler by removing it if it detects the oxygen
    What recommend

  2. damian says:

    If the system is operating efficiently then all the oxygen will be consumed in combustion and therefore you would expect the oxygen reading to be zero.

    If you have any further questions then please contact and we will be happy to discuss things further.

  3. deepak katyal says:

    dear sir
    we have taken one flue gas analyzer in last 2-3 month before from the starting time it is not working we have sent this instrument in your centre in mmbai but they are saying this is ok.but in our site we have to used this instrument in boiler and found there is no parameters ar ecoming except temperature we have alredy folow up with your service centre mumbai but they are not giving any responce so please look this matter because it can put bad effect on your company

  4. Tim Wilkes says:

    I am sorry to hear that you have been experiencing problems. We have a large installed base and are proud of our record for supporting customers around the world – indeed our Managing Director is visiting India this week.

    Following your post I have, in my role as manager of our HQ Support Team, asked our Support Specialist for the FGA analysers to make contact with both our local team in Mumbai and yourself to help resolve the issue.

    Best regards, Tim Wilkes.

    (Information for other readers – please note that in general requests for support can be directed to either our local agents / distributors or, in which case we will support and work with our local agent / distributor to deliver the most effective route of problem resolution.)

  5. Martin Bindon says:

    Sprint V Flue gas analyser, Can I obtain reoplacement paper rolls for the printer.

  6. Martin Bindon says:

    Hi Martin,

    Yes you can obtain replacement paper rolls (Part number PAP26001) for the Sprinter from us. Please ring 01235 557700 and select sales to speak to our dedicated sales team.

    If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on



  7. G Ramsey says:

    Pressure (mBar) ?
    XS air (%) ?

    I am new to Oil Servicing and would really appreciate your help

    Thanks Gareth

  8. damian says:

    Dear Gareth

    Sprint V is capable of measuring:

    1. Draft pressure
    This measurement is carried out to ensure that the combustion gases are being properly exhausted. Draft can be measured
    using a separate manometer or electronic pressure transducer such as the one utilised in Sprint V.

    2. Differential Pressure Test
    Shut off gas supply and measure difference in pressure across the meter/shut off point. This is also known as the ‘let by test’

    3. Static pressure test
    This test confirms that there are no leaks from the meter to the appliance. The test is conducted by pressurising the system
    and then measuring the pressure drop, over time, between shut off and appliance. If there are no leaks, there will be no variation in pressure. This test is also known as the ‘gas tightness test’

    The pressure is measured in mbar (millibar pressure, mBar)

    XS Air:
    Various combustion parameters are used to evaluate the operating performance of the boiler. One typical combustion parameter is excess air (XS air).
    Insufficient combustion air causes a reduction in fuel efficiency, and generates highly toxic carbon monoxide gas and produces soot. To ensure there is enough oxygen to completely react with the fuel, extra combustion air is usually supplied. This extra air, called “Excess Air,” is expressed as the percent air above the amount theoretically needed for complete combustion.

    I hope the above information is of help to you. However as you have stated that you are relatively new to oil servicing, I would highly recommend some training with the supplier of your Sprint V.

  9. Mário says:


    have an analyzer Sprint V2 that has the following error message:

    O2 auto zero failure, restart in clean air.
    I already start it in clean air and it continues to appear the error message.

    Someone can help me

  10. damian says:

    Hi Mario

    Please can you contact Telegan/Crowcon’s technical support line directly on telephone +44 (0)1235 557711 or send an e-mail to . You can also cobtact the company’s European office on telephone +31 10 421 12 32 or e-mail .

    Best regards
    Damian Corbet

  11. Richard Halifax says:

    Hi, I have a sprint V2 that needs calibrating, I have only used it about 10 times in last 2 yrs but when I tried to use it last week I got the message saying ‘O2 auto zero failure, restart in clean air’. I restarted it a few times but the same message appeared. Can you tell me how much cost is for recalibration etc?.
    Many thanks
    Richard Halifax. (07956 644733)

  12. damian says:

    Dear Jose

    Thanks for your query. I have forwarded it to our technical team and soemone will get back to you ASAP.

  13. Mr Matthew says:

    Hi, i’ve also got the following error:

    ‘O2 auto zero failure, restart in clean air’

    I am not aware of how to fix this. Calibration in due in Sept 2011, and I’ve been using this fine for the past 10 months, and i just got this error today. Please can you help me, thanks.

  14. Chrus says:

    Hi Mr Matthew’s,

    Sorry for the delay in replying however, what has happened either is the sensor has come to the end of its working life, or has possibly failed prematurely, either way it will need to come in for service. There is a third possibility it may have some water on the sensor which can be dried out if you leave it in the airing cupboard over night but if it still gives you a Autozero fault then it will need replacing.


  15. barry murphy says:

    hi.1 have just bought from plumb center a second hand sprint 2000 but it has come without instructions so i am at a loss on how to use it i wondered if i can down load some from some where many thanks
    Barry F Murphy
    17 Albert st
    Hadfield Glossop
    SK13 1da
    Mobile 07815790996
    Home 01457 866330

  16. damian says:

    Dear Barry

    The ‘Manuals’ section of our support website ( has all of our product manuals, including some of the obsolete products.

    Sprint 2000 is very old and unfortunately we no longer have the manual for this, but the manual for Sprint 2000XT is available – here is the direct URL:

    I hope this helps.

  17. Gino Troubat says:

    Sprint V3 indicate 02 auto zero failure , restart in clean air .
    return instrument for calibration.—-cal due 20 Dec 2011.

    please advise accordingly

  18. damian says:

    Hi John

    It seems that the oxygen sensor has probably reached the end of its life & the instrument needs service & calibration. Please contact and we’ll help you out.

  19. morris says:

    I have an old sprint 2000, but i moved to Canada a few years ago, is there anyone over here that can calibrate and service this analyser. Thanks, Mo

  20. admin says:

    Hi Mo,

    Thank you for your enquiry, we will be in touch directly.

  21. Steve Watson says:

    hi hope you can help I have a sprint v2 when using it in flue gas mode I am only getting a low ppm reading and very low co2 % ratio is around 0.0008 last calibrated on

  22. admin says:

    Hello Steve,

    The most common reason for incorrect readings on a Sprint V2 is that excess air is getting into the sample. This can occur in a number of ways.

    1) The end of the probe tubing has dirt/contamination on the inner surface and does not seal fully when connected to the instrument – Resolve by cleaning or replacing the tube.

    2) The Water Trap Filter is either cracked or its O-ring is dirty/missing which leads to excess air being drawn into the sample. (this could also have the same issue with dirty tubing, as in “1” above) – Resolve by cleaning or replacing the Water Trap Filter Bowl.

    3) The internal pump’s valves have dirt or moisture on them, preventing the valves from sealing & allowing excess air into the sample – Resolve by sending the instrument to a service centre for repair.

    There is another possible reason for incorrect readings – moisture has been drawn into the instrument and the water has damaged the sensors, such that the sensor response is incorrect – Resolve by sending the instrument to a service centre for repair. Also, ensure that the filter element in the Water Trap is replaced regularly & not allowed to become saturated, and that water is not left to accumulate in the Water Trap Filter Bowl (empty it after each job).

  23. Varun says:

    This is for the request for software for Telegan V2 sprint flue gas analyser
    which was purchesed from you.We have lost the software cd.
    Can you send the software file so that it will be helpful.

  24. admin says:

    Hi Varun,

    Thank you for your request, a member of our Customer Support team will be in touch with you shortly.

  25. Varun says:

    We tryto calibrate the unit sprint v2 but the due date not change.
    We have the software cd and usb adapter.Still it is not possible.
    Can you assist as it was very urgent.

  26. Daniel says:

    This is a request for the availeable versión to service sprint V with Firmware Std UK 3i08.
    Can you provide the Sprint ServiceCenter compatible Versión file, i have the but have problems to perform the calibration and can not chage the cylinders info.

  27. admin says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for your request, a member of our Customer Support team will be in touch with you shortly.

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