Telegan Flue Gas Analyser Sets New Standards

Telegan’s new Sprint V2 multi-function flue gas analyser has many new features to simplify the work of heating engineers, who have an ever-increasing number of responsibilities.

Standard features include a flue gas analyser, differential thermometer, differential manometer including bespoke let-by and tightness test with print facility, carbon monoxide room safety reports and gas escape detector, all in one small and convenient handheld unit.

The simple, intuitive menu structure has an automatic backlit display and allows easy selection of extended sets of pressure units, fuel options, efficiency settings and other preferences.

The carbon monoxide room safety test has an appliance selection option, helping the engineer conform to BS7967, and a full-timed test with a facility to log and print all readings. In addition, the gas escape detector now has a gooseneck probe and an ultra-bright white LED searchlight, allowing the user to see the leak source in dark conditions and detect escaping gas.

The manometer is equipped with a combined let-by/tightness test to IGE/11/UP/1B as well as selection for single or differential pressure readings. The combined test allows the engineer to pass or fail each stage of the test based on accurate and stable pressure readings, which may also be quickly logged and printed.

Another feature of the Sprint V2 is ‘Smart Purge’ technology, which saves battery, pump and filter life, enables intelligent purging for switch-on and switch-off, and allows the purging of gas while other tests are being carried out.

Differential temperature readings can be carried out with single or twin probes and temperature readings are also available while testing pressure. An ergonomic pistol grip flue probe makes the Sprint V2 easy to handle, while a rubber boot with integral magnets – allowing the engineer to attach it to a boiler – enables hands free operation of the unit while providing extra protection

Reports can be instantly printed, logged and recalled on-screen as well as output to Sprint PC software, which also allows customer details to be input and stored. The user can also personalise the configuration according to their own preferences.

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