Smith Flow Control Easi-Drive Provides Emergency Portable Valve Operation

Wastewater treatment plant can operate valves in event of power outage

Erlanger, KY (November 24, 2009) – To provide emergency operation of valves in the event of a power failure, the Brush Creek wastewater treatment plant (Cranberry Township, Pa.) has installed a custom-designed Easi-Drive valve operator from Smith Flow Control (SFC).

SFC Easi-Drive Portable Valve Operator

SFC Easi-Drive Portable Valve Operator

Plant manager, Mike Sedon, had concerns over how to close electric actuated valves during a power outage to protect against overflows.  To address this problem, SFC provided an Easi-Drive portable valve actuator with custom-designed brackets to fit the plant’s host valve.  In the event of an outage, one worker can use the Easi-Drive, powered by an electric generator, to make required valve movements until power is restored. 

Easi-Drive is a fully portable, lightweight and adaptable tool available in electric, pneumatic and battery powered modes.  The tool’s reaction device protects the operator from the “kick” normally associated with a torque wrench.  Easi-Drive also features a variable output torque adjustment, available in various sizes of maximum output from 350 to 8,500 foot pounds.  Unlike an impact wrench, which could damage a valve, the Easi-Drive is a continuous drive system.

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