FlexiDrive Offers Safety, Ease to Power Plants

Smith Flow Control now offers a cost-effective safety tool for companies in the power industry to remotely control valve operations. The FlexiDrive remote valve operator securely operates valves in power plants that are hard to reach or in hazardous areas. The FlexiDrive operator station is positioned at grade, in a safe area, or in a better, ergonomical position. This eliminates the operator having to operate the valve in a hard-to-reach location.


FlexiDrive allows a user to locate a point of operation in a safe and convenient place in the power plant. It is adaptable to most valves with no modifications needed. A patented flexible linear drive cable effectively delivers rotary torque for distances up to 30 meters depending on the output torque required. The system can be passed through and around walls, bulkheads and floors, and is completely sealed and permanently lubricated for maintenance-free, continuous loop operation.

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