Smith Flow Control enters nuclear industry with FlexiDrive remote valve operator

To improve the safety of workers in nuclear facilities, Smith Flow Control now offers the FlexiDrive remote valve operator. The system can easily be adapted to suit any handwheel- or lever-operated valve in nuclear power plants, making them continuously accessible and safe to operate wherever they are located.

The system can easily be adapted to suit any handwheel- or lever-operated valve in nuclear power plants

The FlexiDrive includes a new fully-integrated counter mechanism which displays the valve position (open/closed), providing the operator with a clear indication of the valve position from a safe vantage point. The system is capable of operating valves as far as 30 metres away and accommodating 540 degrees of bends in the cable run.

This remote operation capability improves the safety and functionality of valve operations in nuclear facilities by reducing the exposure of operating personnel to hazardous materials. According to the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999, Part II, Section 8, “every radiation employer shall, in relation to any work with ionising radiation that he undertakes, take all necessary steps to restrict so far as is reasonably practicable the extent to which his employees and other persons are exposed to ionising radiation.”

FlexiDrive consists of two stations joined by a unique patented linear drive cable, which can be passed around and through walls, bulkheads, floors and any other obstacles to reach the host valve. A unique device for remote valve operation, FlexiDrive eliminates issues associated with valve access in potentially hazardous areas.

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Mike Fynes resigns from the board at Smith Flow Control

It is with great regret that, due to ongoing health issues, Smith Flow Control announces the resignation of Mike Fynes from the company board of directors.

Mike Fynes has resigned from the board of directors at Smith Flow Control

Mike started his career in Halma working for Castell and Fortress in both the UK and US. After leaving to manage an IT firm, he joined Smith Flow Control as sales and marketing manager in 2002, and later became a member of the board as sales and marketing director.

“Mike’s exceptional expertise and knowledge of our customers, products and markets made him a true asset to SFC,” said Tracey Goldsmith, managing director at Smith Flow Control. “We thank Mike for his commitment and contribution to the business and his key role in helping to position SFC as the market leader it is today. We will all miss him on both a personal and professional level, and hope that he will enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.”

In a message to his colleagues, Mike said: “I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all, for the support, guidance and, of course, friends made along the way.”

Mike will remain a Smith Flow Control employee through to expected normal retirement

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Valve control specialist debuts at World Nuclear Exhibition

Smith Flow Control will highlight FlexiDrive remote manual valve operator

Smith Flow Control will make its debut at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris, France, on 28-30 June.

Smith Flow Control will make its debut at the World Nuclear Exhibition 2016

The valve control and management specialist’s main exhibit will be the FlexiDrive remote valve operator. FlexiDrive can easily be adapted to suit any handwheel- or lever-operated valve in nuclear power plants, making them continuously accessible and safe to operate wherever they are located.

FlexiDrive meets the strict safety guidelines and regulatory body requirements outlined by the nuclear industry. With the option of wall, floor or bulkhead penetration, the system prevents operators from being exposed to radioactive substances. FlexiDrive includes a new fully-integrated counter mechanism which displays the valve position (open / closed), providing the operator with a clear indication of the position from a safe vantage point. The system is capable of operating valves as far as 30 metres away and accommodating up to 540 degrees of bend in the cable run.

Smith Flow Control will also be showing its range of valve interlocks. Trapped key interlocks are simple, mechanical devices that can be customised to implement a safe sequence of operation in any process activity. They protect investment in plant and equipment, improve employee safety and reduce the risk of damage to the environment.

The exhibition takes place at the Parc des Expositions, Le Bourget, where Smith Flow Control will be found on Stand 2B-D47. The event is free to attend using the code Z813842 on the WNE website:

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FlexiDrive Remote Valve Operator from Smith Flow Control Eases Wastewater Operations

Erlanger, Ky. (March 24, 2016) – The FlexiDrive from Smith Flow Control helps workers in the water and wastewater industry remotely operate valves in hard-to-reach or hazardous locations. The FlexiDrive’s linear drive cable transfers torque from a handwheel to any conventional wheel-operated valve up to 100 feet away, accommodating 360 degree bends in the cable run.

FlexiDrive helps workers in the water and wastewater industry remotely operate valves in hard-to-reach or hazardous locations

FlexiDrive is suitable for use in the most extreme climates, making it ideal for water and wastewater applications. Valves in underground pits that create a risk for falling, or in areas with odors from chemicals or waste, can be operated from a safe location. A submersible version of FlexiDrive is available that operates valves in up to 50 feet of water. FlexiDrive is completely maintenance free, and available in two sizes to accommodate large and small valves.

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Smith Flow Control Appoints New Distributor, Hughes Machinery

Erlanger, Ky. (January 27, 2016) – Smith Flow Control has further increased its availability to customers across the U.S. Midwest by naming Hughes Machinery (Lenexa, Kan.) as its new distributor. Hughes Machinery will provide sales, service and support for the Smith Flow Control line of valve interlocks and valve management systems to customers in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa.

Smith Flow Control valve interlocks protect workers and equipment in any process industry by ensuring valves are always operated in a safe sequence. The company’s valve management systems add additional levels of safety and efficiency when operating valves in hazardous or hard-to-reach locations.

Hughes Machinery has over 90 years of experience providing project engineering, installation and training for customers in a number of industries including petrochemical, power generation, manufacturing, and pulp and paper. The company is headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas with additional offices in Wichita, Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska.

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Smith Flow Control Custom Builds Operating Panel to Enhance Valve Safety and Efficiency

Oil & gas company Eni Norge approached valve safety expert Smith Flow Control to help simplify its valve processes on the Goliat Field oilfield.  Smith Flow Control provided a solution by developing a custom-built operating panel that enhances safety and increases efficiency. It does this by moving the control and operation of Eni Norge’s large number of valves to a single, safe location.

The electronic operating panel works as a communication and verification system and enables an operator to control a sequence of actuated valves directly from the panel.  Two operating panels were installed on a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessel built-for-use on the Goliat Field, the first oilfield to be developed in the Barents Sea. Although the operating panel can be used in a wide variety of applications, in this case the panel was specifically designed for use with a pigging procedure. Each panel controlled four valves and incorporated two mechanical interlock key units to ensure a specific sequence of operation.


For example, an operator can select to close valves from the panel.  An LED lights up to confirm the valve has reached its fully closed status. The incorporation of mechanical interlocks allows the operator to safely continue the sequence of the pigging process; after the panel has been isolated and all the valves closed and locked, the final key is released to manually unlock the pig trap door to load or unload a pig.

Used in this way the operating panel enhances safety but also serves to streamline complex processes and boost efficiency by providing a one-stop control and verification system.

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Smith Flow Control Names New President, Tracey Goldsmith

Erlanger, Ky. (November 17, 2015) – Safety interlock and valve management systems expert Smith Flow Control has appointed Tracey Goldsmith as its new president. In her new role, Goldsmith is responsible for the company’s strategic development and the performance of its global operations. The appointment follows the move of longtime Smith Flow Control president Mike D’Anzieri to take the role of president at sister Halma company Rohrback Cosasco Systems.

SFC TraceyGoldsmith2 BLOG

Goldsmith has over 25 years of experience in accounting, finance and management roles. She joined Smith Flow Control in 2012 as Finance Director from manufacturer Elma Electronic U.K. Ltd. (Bedford, U.K.). Goldsmith is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

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Smith Flow Control to Exhibit its Valve Safety Products at ADIPEC

SFC products increase efficiency and deliver significant cost savings

Recognising the importance of reducing downtime and associated costs while safeguarding workers, Smith Flow Control’s valve safety products streamline valve processes in the Oil & Gas industry while ensuring operator safety.

Smith Flow Control (SFC) will showcase its range of mechanical interlocks and cost-effective valve management systems at ADIPEC 2015 in Abu Dhabi from 9-12 November, 2015. This offers the chance for visitors to meet and discuss their valve operating problems with SFC experts at stand 8530A, covering all aspects of process safety, valve interlocking and valve management.


SFC’s products greatly enhance safety and efficiency and are specified by the world’s biggest oil, gas and petrochemical companies. Its comprehensive range of process safety products reduce the scope for operator error and ensure safe continuous plant operation. Its range of key operated interlocks can also be customised to implement a safe sequence of events in any process activity.

Smith Flow Control will demonstrate its principal drive system that reduces work crew tasks to one man operations, the equivalent manpower of 5 men. EasiDrive is a cost effective, portable valve actuator; its continuous drive system allows an operator to easily open and close valves that require a high number of turns or are otherwise difficult to operate. EasiDrive prevents injury and saves time and manpower, keeping plant processes running smoothly and delivering significant cost savings.

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Smith Flow Control Appoints Business Area Manager

Valve safety company Smith Flow Control (SFC) has appointed Peter Wall as its new Business Area Manager. Peter is based at SFC’s office in the Netherlands which is responsible for the sales and technical support of Smith Flow Control’s safety products in Europe.


Peter has previous experience working with safety interlocks, having worked for two years as Sales & Marketing Support Engineer with CEF Safety Systems.

Peter commented: “After working for CEF Safety Systems in the late nineties, I’m very happy to get this great opportunity to be involved in the industry again. I think SFC has very unique and world class products in an ever changing market with huge possibilities and potential. I’m looking forward to being part of the team and making a difference.”

Mike D’Anzieri, Managing Director at Smith Flow Control, said: “We welcome Peter to SFC. He has had the opportunity to work in different industries and he can bring real insight and a fresh perspective to Smith Flow Control. We’re really looking forward to working with him.”  

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Smith Flow Control Appoints International Business Development Manager

Safety engineering company Smith Flow Control (SFC) has promoted Sander van den Bos to the position of International Business Development Manager.


Sander joined SFC in 2010 as Country Manager at the Dutch satellite office before being promoted to Business Area Manager. He has extensive experience in international sales, totalling over 18 years.

Sander said: “My new responsibilities involve working on developing market, product and application opportunities for Smith Flow Control worldwide. I am very excited about the opportunity to contribute to SFC’s success in the global marketplace.”

Mike D’Anzieri, Smith Flow Control’s Managing Director commented: “I am delighted that Sander has accepted this pivotal and challenging role of which, I have no doubt, he will make a success.  It is especially pleasing to me that we are able to fill senior positions from the existing talent pool within our organisation.”

In his new role, Sander will continue to oversee the business unit in the Netherlands, which is responsible for sales and technical support in several European countries, in addition to his global responsibility.

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