Smith Flow Control Names New President, Tracey Goldsmith

Erlanger, Ky. (November 17, 2015) – Safety interlock and valve management systems expert Smith Flow Control has appointed Tracey Goldsmith as its new president. In her new role, Goldsmith is responsible for the company’s strategic development and the performance of its global operations. The appointment follows the move of longtime Smith Flow Control president Mike D’Anzieri to take the role of president at sister Halma company Rohrback Cosasco Systems.

SFC TraceyGoldsmith2 BLOG

Goldsmith has over 25 years of experience in accounting, finance and management roles. She joined Smith Flow Control in 2012 as Finance Director from manufacturer Elma Electronic U.K. Ltd. (Bedford, U.K.). Goldsmith is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

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Smith Flow Control to Exhibit its Valve Safety Products at ADIPEC

SFC products increase efficiency and deliver significant cost savings

Recognising the importance of reducing downtime and associated costs while safeguarding workers, Smith Flow Control’s valve safety products streamline valve processes in the Oil & Gas industry while ensuring operator safety.

Smith Flow Control (SFC) will showcase its range of mechanical interlocks and cost-effective valve management systems at ADIPEC 2015 in Abu Dhabi from 9-12 November, 2015. This offers the chance for visitors to meet and discuss their valve operating problems with SFC experts at stand 8530A, covering all aspects of process safety, valve interlocking and valve management.


SFC’s products greatly enhance safety and efficiency and are specified by the world’s biggest oil, gas and petrochemical companies. Its comprehensive range of process safety products reduce the scope for operator error and ensure safe continuous plant operation. Its range of key operated interlocks can also be customised to implement a safe sequence of events in any process activity.

Smith Flow Control will demonstrate its principal drive system that reduces work crew tasks to one man operations, the equivalent manpower of 5 men. EasiDrive is a cost effective, portable valve actuator; its continuous drive system allows an operator to easily open and close valves that require a high number of turns or are otherwise difficult to operate. EasiDrive prevents injury and saves time and manpower, keeping plant processes running smoothly and delivering significant cost savings.

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Smith Flow Control Appoints Business Area Manager

Valve safety company Smith Flow Control (SFC) has appointed Peter Wall as its new Business Area Manager. Peter is based at SFC’s office in the Netherlands which is responsible for the sales and technical support of Smith Flow Control’s safety products in Europe.


Peter has previous experience working with safety interlocks, having worked for two years as Sales & Marketing Support Engineer with CEF Safety Systems.

Peter commented: “After working for CEF Safety Systems in the late nineties, I’m very happy to get this great opportunity to be involved in the industry again. I think SFC has very unique and world class products in an ever changing market with huge possibilities and potential. I’m looking forward to being part of the team and making a difference.”

Mike D’Anzieri, Managing Director at Smith Flow Control, said: “We welcome Peter to SFC. He has had the opportunity to work in different industries and he can bring real insight and a fresh perspective to Smith Flow Control. We’re really looking forward to working with him.”  

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Smith Flow Control Appoints International Business Development Manager

Safety engineering company Smith Flow Control (SFC) has promoted Sander van den Bos to the position of International Business Development Manager.


Sander joined SFC in 2010 as Country Manager at the Dutch satellite office before being promoted to Business Area Manager. He has extensive experience in international sales, totalling over 18 years.

Sander said: “My new responsibilities involve working on developing market, product and application opportunities for Smith Flow Control worldwide. I am very excited about the opportunity to contribute to SFC’s success in the global marketplace.”

Mike D’Anzieri, Smith Flow Control’s Managing Director commented: “I am delighted that Sander has accepted this pivotal and challenging role of which, I have no doubt, he will make a success.  It is especially pleasing to me that we are able to fill senior positions from the existing talent pool within our organisation.”

In his new role, Sander will continue to oversee the business unit in the Netherlands, which is responsible for sales and technical support in several European countries, in addition to his global responsibility.

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Smith Flow Control Exhibiting at SPE Offshore Europe with Triton Engineering

Smith Flow Control (SFC), global leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical interlocks and valve management systems, is exhibiting at SPE Offshore Europe Conference and Exhibition in Aberdeen from 8-11 September, 2015. SFC will exhibit with its distributor Triton Engineering.


SFC’s products greatly enhance safety and efficiency and are specified by the world’s biggest oil, gas and petrochemical companies. Its comprehensive range of process safety products reduce the scope for operator error and ensure safe continuous plant operation. Its range of key operated interlocks can also be customised to implement a safe sequence of events in any process activity.

SPE Offshore Europe offers the perfect framework for visitors to meet and discuss their valve operating problems; SFC is offering valuable one-to-one discussions with its experts on all aspects of process safety, valve interlocking and valve management.

Visitors can find SFC at Stand 3D210, which will be managed by Project Sales Manager, Simon Read.   SFC will also be joined by representatives from its Aberdeen distribution network, Triton Engineering.  Triton is a specialist provider of engineering consultancy services to the upstream oil and gas industry, with its core business being pipelines and risers. The company’s expertise ranges from Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies, including risk-based decision making, through to delivery management, integrity management and ongoing operational support and related site services.

Visitors to the stand can see SFC’s latest innovations:

  • SmartTrap+, a product which incorporates signals from sensors into the interlocking sequence
  • EasiDrive, portable valve actuator, providing easy operation of multiple high-torque or high-turn valves
  • TorkDrive, the ultimate valve protector, which safeguards a valve from excessive torque

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Bajolock® Couplers from Smith Flow Control Protect Workers Operating Systems under Pressure

To prevent accidents when opening couplings under pressure, Smith Flow Control has introduced Bajolock® patented couplers to its product portfolio.

Bajolock® couplers are ideal for use in a wide range of industries where it is common for pipes and systems to be under pressure when couplings are opened. It is often hard to determine the residual pressure in the system, and using conventional couplings can be dangerous. With Bajolock, pressure is caught and automatically equalised; any potential harmful residue material is discharged away from the operator. Bajolock can then be uncoupled easily and safely with a simple twist. It is interchangeable with existing, similar couplers, enabling seamless integration in plant processes.


Smith Flow Control’s Bajolock coupler is designed for use in transfer systems for pressures up to 10 bar (145 psi). It is ideal for a wide range of applications including oil & gas, petrochemical, shipping, pipe, bulk, medical and the food and beverage industry, in addition to road transportation applications.

The Bajolock coupler is manufactured according to the Pressure Equipment Directive and bears the CE mark. It is constructed from high quality 316L stainless steel and incorporates market-leading gaskets.

For more information about Smith Flow Control’s Bajolock® coupler, please email

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New Torque-Limiting Valve Protector from Smith Flow Control at Valve World Expo

Erlanger, Ky. (May 27, 2015) – Smith Flow Control will demonstrate its new TorkDrive valve protector at the Valve World Expo, booth 556. The show takes place from July 15-16 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

SFC ValveWorld3 BLOG

TorkDrive is custom engineered to suit a host valve. Mounted to the valve input handwheel or directly to the input shaft, the device uses a series of clutch plates with calibrated compression springs to limit the amount of torque an operator can apply to a valve. During valve operation, if the predetermined maximum torque limit is reached, the TorkDrive will slip, protecting the valve from damage.

Both low and high torque range configurations are available for applications requiring between 80Nm-280Nm, or 250Nm-420Nm. Each unit is factory set before installation and includes a calibrated setting scale within the device, which allows users to adjust torque requirements for their specific application.

Visitors to the company’s booth 556 can also see Smith Flow Control’s full range of mechanical interlocks and drive management technologies, including the EasiDrive portable valve actuator and the FlexiDrive remote valve operator.

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Smith Flow Control Celebrates New Agency Agreement in the Middle East

Smith Flow Control (SFC), the global market leader in valve interlocking, is delighted to confirm the signing of a new distributor agreement with Econosto BV to provide technical and commercial support locally in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Egypt.

The Econosto Team

The Econosto Team

Mike Fynes, SFC’s Sales and Marketing Director, comments, “Following our recent sales tour to the Gulf Region we are thrilled to partner with Econosto.  The company has vital in-depth knowledge of markets across the Gulf and a vast number of established relationships with EPCs, contractors and end users, which will only help to enhance and support our plans for 2014.”

Econosto has grown from strength to strength in the Middle East since its first pioneering efforts in 1983.  The company’s headquarters are in Dubai, which is pivotal to SFC’s growth plans in the UAE, but will also benefit from the exposure of Econosto’s regional offices and partners across most of the Gulf countries.

Econosto's UAE HQ

Econosto’s UAE HQ

Plans are already in place for SFC to undertake regular sales tours in the Middle East, in conjunction with Econosto, showcasing the full range of interlocks and valve management systems, most notably the EasiDrive portable valve actuator, a cost effective alternative to permanent dedicated valve actuators.

Mike adds, “The proposed sales tours will only help to strengthen and further enhance the relationship with Econosto and we are looking forward to seeing the relationship evolve.”

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SFC Launches FlexiDrive II Remote Valve Operator with New Counter Mechanism

Smith Flow Control confirms the launch of FlexiDrive II, a dependable, versatile and cost effective remote valve operator.

The FlexiDrive II includes a new fully integrated counter mechanism, failsafe even in the most aggressive of environments. The counter mechanism displays valve position (open/closed), providing the operator with a clear indication of valve status.

Smith Flow Control’s FlexiDrive II valve operator can be applied to any handwheel operated valve, including lever operated valves (quarter turns) in oil, gas or petrochemical processing plants to make them constantly accessible and safe, regardless of location.


The FlexiDrive II system allows the user to operate a valve in a place of safety/convenience.  It is adaptable to any conventional valve with no modification requirements.  A patented, flexible, linear drive cable effectively delivers rotary torque for distances up to 30 metres. The system can be passed through and around walls, bulkheads and floors, and is completely sealed and lubricated for maintenance-free, continuous loop operation.

FlexiDrive II is constructed from corrosion-resistant, 316 Stainless Steel and can be submerged into flooded pits. It is designed to withstand temperatures from -30 to 175 degrees Celsius and is delivered as a complete sealed unit.

FlexiDrive II is a unique solution to remote valve operation and removes issues associated with valve access in potentially hazardous areas.

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Smith Flow Control Introduces TorkDrive to Prevent Plant Shut-Down and Protect Plant Assets

Smith Flow Control launches TorkDrive, a device that can be mounted to either the valve input handwheel or directly to the valve input shaft to safeguard the valve from excessive torque.

TorkDrive has two distinct benefits. It prevents valve damage, thus reducing the need for expensive plant shutdown and valve replacement (through over-torque) and provides vital information regarding site maintenance requirements.

TorkDrive Gate Valve with Spring Sets

TorkDrive Gate Valve with Spring Sets

TorkDrive can increase valve life as it prevents the operator from applying excessive force when closing the valve, protecting the valve seat.  TorkDrive controls the torque applied when operating a valve, ensuring that the same force is used regardless of the strength of the operator.

TorkDrive can be incorporated seamlessly into plant maintenance systems and schedules.  TorkDrive is set to a predetermined maximum torque and, if during the operation cycle of the valve, the operating torque increases above the maximum limit, the TorkDrive will slip, indicating an irregular valve condition. This will alert the operator to report the valve status to Site Maintenance, rather than continue to apply force to the valve.

TorkDrive boasts a compact design, weighing less than 4kg, despite an all-mechanical construction.  It is a completely maintenance free device, made from 316 Stainless Steel and is suitable for oil refineries, power plants, paper mills, water plants and chemical processing facilities.  TorkDrive withstands temperatures from -56°C to +100°C, with a torque setting range from 80Nm – 500Nm.  TorkDrive can be installed directly to manually operated valves, requiring torque monitoring over 80Nm (Ball, Gear, Gate & Globe etc).  TorkDrive also benefits from IP65 protection, safeguarding the device in the most aggressive of environments.

TorkDrive features unique clutch plates that are controlled by a series of calibrated compression springs. Two spring set configurations are available, a low range TorkDrive unit offering a maximum torque output range between 80Nm – 280Nm and a high range unit offering 250Nm-500Nm. Each unit is factory set before installation and the unit can be adjusted to suit the host equipment’s torque requirements using a calibrated setting scale within the body of the device. Each spring set has a unique colour code, thus ensuring that the correct torque range is always used.

TorkDrive comes complete with a tool for making fine adjustments.

The TorkDrive is supplied with bespoke adaptation to the host valve and its own operating handwheel/lever.

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