New SeaChanger™ Prodigy Provides Color Mixing for White LED Fixtures

Extended color palette, high-resolution consistency

Largo, Florida (October 15, 2015) – The new Prodigy color engine from SeaChanger™ is specifically engineered to provide color mixing for fixtures using a white LED light source. Prodigy gives users the same high color rendering and extensive palette achieved with traditional tungsten fixtures, while incorporating the energy efficiency of compatible LED technology. The new Prodigy also features a slimmer housing design and silent, fan-free operation with color changes in less than 0.3 seconds.

Prodigy BLOG

The SeaChanger Prodigy derives color from dichroic color wheels, not the light source. These CYMxG wheels are patterned to produce millions of colors and their non-absorbent filters reflect heat, making them inert to temperature damage and resistant to fading. Using the white LED and SeaChanger combination, the white LEDs are designed to be replaceable like a common theatrical lamp, thus making Prodigy a more sustainable solution as there is no need to replace the entire LED fixture.

SeaChanger Prodigy works in concert with customers’ white LED sources by featuring 2 DMX modes: 4-channel “Legacy” CYMxG mode and a new 5-channel “Prodigy” CYMxG+Dim mode, which activates dimming on the LED power outlet to customers’ white LED sources while simultaneously adjusting the color temperature to provide tungsten-like dimming.

SeaChanger is launching the Prodigy color engine at the LDI exhibition, October 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Las Vegas, Nev.), booth 1267.

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SeaChanger’s Light Emitting Plasma Technology Featured in Historic Paris Museum

Vibrant colored lighting minimizes energy consumption, heat load on fragile artifacts

Largo, Florida (October 16, 2012) – France’s natural history museum has renovated its lighting system to include SeaChanger’s Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) Color Engines, citing the product’s incredible color palette and high-energy efficiency.

SeaChanger illuminates the caravan of animals at a Paris museum

SeaChanger illuminates the caravan of animals at a Paris museum

The Grande Galerie de l’Evolution of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris has origins dating back more than 375 years. Its previous lighting system had extremely high maintenance and daily use costs, said Pierre de Cazenove, the museum’s head of operations and planning for exhibits. The move to SeaChanger LEP is part of the museum’s effort to conserve energy and use long-lasting light sources that won’t harm delicate museum pieces.

SeaChanger’s color engine, designed to be utilized with ETC Source Four optical components, provides professional lighting for theaters, museums and architectural installations around the world. The LEP can crisply illuminate the museum’s artifacts from throw distances of 35 meters, a range not reachable by LED products without significant loss of illumination. The SeaChanger Plasma’s light source puts out low ultraviolet and infrared light that does not damage the displays, and its energy-efficient plasma source reduces energy consumption and heat load, a necessity when displaying artifacts dating back to the late 1600s.

“Light Emitting Plasma is a real alternative to conventional light sources: halogen, LED or discharge lamps,” said Jean Louis Pernette, managing director of AVAB, a SeaChanger and ETC distributor. “The compromise between light output, power used and lamp life is unique and perfectly meets the museum’s specifications.”

The museum illuminates some of its biggest attractions with SeaChanger LEP such as its large caravan of African animals; desert, marine and polar spaces; and a whale skeleton. The museum is continuing to convert its lighting to SeaChanger units. When complete, savings will total more than $38,000 per year because of infrequent re-lamping and reduction of electricity consumption.

SeaChanger’s Light Emitting Plasma 320-watt lamp produces 10,000 lumens of light performing at more than 31 lumens per watt with a lamp lifespan of 15,000 hours. It is convection-cooled and silent, with smooth, swipe-free color transitions and a color rendering index of 92. The dichroic filters provide better color re-creation than colored LEDs that will color degrade over time, and their resistance to temperature and humidity assures color consistency for the life of the fixture.

SeaChanger will present its products in Booth #1113 at the LDI 2012 show in Las Vegas from Oct. 19 to Oct. 21.

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SeaChanger HMI Luminaire Range Debuts at LDI 2011

Largo, Florida (October 19, 2011) – SeaChanger is expanding its product line with three new luminaires all using a highly efficient 575W HMI lamp. The new 24,000 lumen SeaChanger HMI will be on display in SeaChanger’s booth (#108) at LDI 2011 in Orlando, Florida October 28-30. The SeaChanger HMI fixtures join the current SeaChanger range that employs tungsten and plasma light sources. Designers now have more lamp choices for the revolutionary color changing SeaChanger Color Engine. The SeaChanger HMI is available in Profile, Wash, and Exterior-rated models.

The new SeaChanger HMI Profile model.

The new SeaChanger HMI Profile model.

The SeaChanger HMI is a true lighting innovation in DMX color changing technology. With its 575W lamp, this highly efficient HMI fixture produces an impressive 24,000 lumens at 34 lumens per watt. The SeaChanger HMI uses the patented SeaChanger Color Engine, a dynamic CYM dichroic color mixing system along with a smooth mechanical dimmer. Matching SeaChanger’s patented CYM color process with an HMI lamp allows designers to create a virtually endless palette of stable, reproducible colors that do not shift or fade with time or temperature along with a high lumen output light source.

Like other SeaChanger units, the SeaChanger HMI luminaire utilizes ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal components, making it compatible with all the standard accessories such as ETC Source Four lens tubes, gobo holders and gobos, top hats and iris kits.

Also debuting at LDI is SeaChanger’s new, faster color transition technology. This feature will be incorporated in all SeaChanger products, allowing color changes in only 0.5 seconds. Now designers can flash through color changes with unprecedented speed.

The SeaChanger range of luminaires are ideal tools for designers looking for a controllable color-changing unit that offers reliable, consistent performance as well as the broadest palette of color options. The entire SeaChanger line, including the new SeaChanger HMI, provides unsurpassed flexibility for a wide range of applications.

SeaChanger understands how valuable attendees’ time is at LDI; convenient demonstration times may be pre-scheduled by e-mailing Karin Evanson at Attendees are also welcome to stop by the SeaChanger booth anytime throughout LDI for a hands-on demonstration of this powerful color-changing luminaire range.

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Bhushan Dhakras Appointed Business Development Manager of SeaChanger Line of Specialty Lighting Fixtures for India

Largo, Florida (December 1, 2010) – Halma India has appointed Bhushan Dhakras to head its business development for SeaChanger Architectural and Theatrical Lighting fixtures and accessories in India. Dhakras will provide a regional approach to the sales and service of the company’s product line in the rapidly expanding Indian market.

Bhushan Dhakras

Bhushan Dhakras

In this role, Dhakras will work with the SeaChanger team of Lighting Design, Marketing and Distribution Team to support the company’s customers in the region and drive expansion of new installations.

“Adding a resource in India will bring us closer to existing customers and help drive SeaChanger’s strategic objectives in this important market,” said Randel Mercer, Vice President of Business Development for SeaChanger.

Originally from Mumbai India, Dhakras holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Mumbai University. He has a strong background in the manufacturing and technical sales of products used in the optics, electrical and automotive industries and will be a valued member of the SeaChanger team and an important support resource for the company’s Indian customers.

SeaChanger is a subsidiary of Halma p.l.c, an international market leader in safety, health and sensor technology. Dhakras will operate from Halma India’s Mumbai office and can be reached at Tel: 022 6708 0400; Email:

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Upgrades Improve SeaChanger Tungsten Profile Range

Increased brightness and faster color changes
Largo, Florida (August 9, 2010) – SeaChanger has improved upon its flagship product, the SeaChanger Tungsten Profile. Through advanced optical engineering, the SeaChanger Tungsten Profile now has a flatter field, allows 10% more light out of the fixture, and comes standard with the new “bump” firmware, enabling faster color transitions.

SeaChanger Tungsten Upgrade

SeaChanger Tungsten Upgrade

The SeaChanger firmware upgrade greatly improves the “snap” transition time, with a full-speed, dual rotation that allows users to choose the shortest path to the color of choice. Quicker translations are achieved without sacrificing the smooth, transition-free fades and silent operation that are hallmarks of the SeaChanger family.

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SeaChanger Announces Nemo and Nautilus Two-Year Warranty

Largo, Florida (June 15, 2010) – SeaChanger has instituted a Two-Year Warranty for its Nemo and Nautilus lighting fixtures, affirming the company’s confidence in the products’ reliability.

Beginning June 1, 2010, SeaChanger Nemo and Nautilus profile and wash fixtures purchased from SeaChanger and its authorized distributors are now covered for a full two years against manufacturing defects.  The Nautilus Warranty applies to both the lighting fixture and power supply.

The warranty covers parts and labor needed to repair manufacturing defects that occur during the coverage period.

Using patented dichroic filters combined with the Luxim Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) technology, Nemo creates millions of rich and reproducible colors with white-to-full saturation color transitions in less than one second. The filters provide higher transmission efficiency than gels and other materials, and are resistant to temperature and humidity.  The LEP source delivers 10,000 lumens out of the fixture while using only 320 watts of power. Luxim’s LEP source leads a new class of solid-state plasma light sources that combine the best features of solid-state electronics and full spectrum plasma emitters.  The results are long-life, energy efficiency and complete color spectrum for general and specialty lighting applications. Versions are available to suit any application in theatrical, architectural and landscape lighting.  The Nautilus packages Nemo capabilities in a waterproof shell for outdoor use.

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SeaChanger Begins Production of the Nemo

The Green Choice for Color
Largo, Florida (August 13, 2009) – The Nemo is the latest in the SeaChanger line of dichroic color changers designed to deliver a new, energy-efficient class of high intensity lighting. Nemo is the first color engine with a LIFI® plasma source that delivers 10,000 lumens out of the fixture while using only 285 watts of power. The LIFI source leads a new class of solid-state plasma light sources that combine the best features of solid-state electronics and full spectrum plasma emitters. The results are long-life, energy efficiency and complete color spectrum for general and specialty lighting applications.


With a lamp life of 15,000 hours, Nemo is the perfect solution for hard-to-reach installations, domes, atria and theme parks. The Nemo has a CRI of 90+, making it an ideal fixture for museum and gallery lighting. It bridges the gap between incandescent and LED lighting at a price that’s within reach.

Using patented dichroic filter technology, Nemo creates millions of rich and reproducible colors with white-to-full saturation color transitions in less than one second. The filters provide higher transmission efficiency than gels and other materials, and are resistant to temperature and humidity. Versions are available to suit any application in theatrical, architectural and landscape lighting.

In May 2009, the SeaChanger Nemo fixture was awarded the Lightfair (LFI) Innovation Award for the Theatrical and Specialty Luminaire category. A panel of lighting industry professionals, recognizing excellence in individual product categories, juries the LFI Innovation Awards.

Nemo is a product of SeaChanger, a milestone in the evolution of theatrical lighting — SeaChanger is the CYMxG color changer for ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals. Through unique, patented processes, the ESTA and NAB Mario Award winning SeaChanger yields the most robust and highest transmission dichroics available. Color, intensity and saturation of theatrical and studio lighting are controlled with unprecedented levels of precision and ease.

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Makers of SeaChanger Color Engine Release ColorBug Wireless Color and Luminance Testing Device

Pocket-sized instrument for lighting design and more
Largo, FL (December 15, 2008) – Ocean Thin Films (, a division of Ocean Optics, has introduced the ColorBug handheld wireless device for lighting designers, technicians, videographers and digital photographers.


ColorBug measures CIE color values and luminance in theatrical, studio and architectural applications. Its software allows technicians to wirelessly share data with their iPhone or iPod touch, making color analysis simple and convenient.

The ColorBug can be mounted on walls and other fixtures to assist in taking measurements remotely or hands-free.

Smaller than a typical mobile phone, ColorBug is completely portable and features a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, mini USB connectivity and a sleek, rugged design.

To learn more about ColorBug, visit or contact Ocean Thin Films at +1 727-545-0741 for additional information.

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SeaChanger Nemo Delivers Energy Efficient Solid State Lighting

High output, low wattage long bulb life with color engine for stage and architectural lighting design
Largo, FL (November 17, 2008) – Lighting design efficiency has taken a giant step forward with the Nemo, now available from SeaChanger by Ocean Optics.  This new class of high-intensity lighting reduces energy costs with a solid state, energy efficient LIFI® plasma source to reduce consumption and heat load.  Available with all SeaChanger novel color engines, the Nemo uses all existing ETC Source Four front-end barrels and an assortment of ETC FOV optics. 

nemo logo

The Nemo’s LIFI® plasma source delivers 15,000 lumens on a modest 180 watts of power–over 6 times the efficiency of comparable color engines.  This translates to 83 Lumens per Watt out of the Nemo, as compared to 12 Lumens per Watt out of conventional incandescent fixtures.  With over 15,000 hours of lamp life, the Nemo is ideal for installations like domes, worship ceilings and atriums where lighting position makes regular maintenance a challenge.

The SeaChanger Nemo is convection cooled and totally silent–no noisy cooling fans, with smooth, swipe-free color transitions.  The dichroic filters provide higher transmission efficiency than gels and other filter materials; their resistance to temperature and humidity assures color consistency for the life of the fixture.  The Nemo is now available in an indoor profile fixture.  An outdoor profile fixture for landscape and open-air venue lighting will be available in April 2009.

For more information about the SeaChanger Nemo, call 727.545.0741, send an e-mail to, or visit the SeaChanger website at

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Ocean Optics Expands SeaChanger Sales Team

Tom Stanziano to develop presence in worship markets for dichroic color changers
Dunedin, FL (October 7, 2008) – Ocean Optics, a global leader in optical sensing solutions, has appointed Tom Stanziano to the position of Sales Specialist for its Thin Films Divisions’ SeaChanger products.

Tom Stanziano 

A veteran lighting designer and consultant, Stanziano will guide customers in choosing SeaChanger lighting products suited to their production needs.  The CYMG color changer attaches to the reflector housing of any Source Four Ellipsoidal to create dramatic lighting effects.  The robust dichroic filter enhances standard lighting everywhere-from theater and church productions to Broadway musicals, clubs and corporate events.  Profile, wash and studio versions are available.  Stanziano will provide sales and service support for the entire line of SeaChanger products, and be responsible for expanding the company’s presence in the worship market.

Prior to joining Ocean Optics, Stanziano owned Lumen-Essence, LLC-Lighting Design and Consultation, designing lighting systems for churches across the country.  He has also served as Lighting Director for Joel Osteen Ministries at the Lakewood Church in Houston, TX., managing lighting for broadcast, ministry touring, and the main 16,000 seat venue.  Before that, he gained experience in lighting for the entertainment market during two years with Opryland USA, and four years with Celebrity Cruises and Disney Cruise Line.

“Tom’s experience as both a lighting director and consultant will be invaluable in working with our SeaChanger customers,” said Phil Buchsbaum, Vice President of the Thin Films division of Ocean Optics. “Not only does he understand the product from a technical standpoint, he’s experienced in working with architects, contractors and end users to meet specification, installation and budgeting needs.”

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