ri-cardio 24-hour Blood Pressure Monitor Sets the Standard for Blood Pressure Measurement

Rudolf Riester GmbH has been developing and manufacturing devices for blood pressure monitoring for over 60 years and its new ri-cardio 24-hour blood pressure monitor is the latest addition to its extensive range.
ri-cardio offers 24 hours of blood pressure monitoring, considered by clinicians worldwide to be the gold standard in blood pressure determination. 24-hour monitoring delivers valuable diagnostic data that cannot be acquired by means of conventional sphygmomanometers in the hospital and at home as it incorporates temporal blood pressure fluctuations, nocturnal blood pressure and the nightly fall and morning increase in blood pressure levels.

ri-cardio uses clinically validated technology that is recognised by all three international standards: the British Hypertension Society, the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.
It is designed to be light and compact for patient comfort. It uses motion tolerant technology to ensure measurement accuracy and its quiet pump action pumps to 30 mm hg above the last systole to reduce measurement duration for the patient. A patented, elastic cuff ensures correct positioning without the typical, unwieldy closure and its curved design is suitable for the larger arm.

A flash memory chip in ri-cardio prevents possible data loss. The blood pressure monitor can connect to a computer via USB and user-friendly software allows configuration, analysis and interpretation of collected blood pressure results that can show hidden clinical issues such as latrogenic hypertension, masked or therapy-resistant hypertension and hypotension with anti-hypertensive therapy. PDF reports are compatible with patient data systems and can be configured to summarise relevant statistical data.

Riester’s ri-cardio package includes a 24 hour blood pressure monitor, software, 2 cuffs, a carry case with patient belt, a USB interface cable, 4 AA alkaline batteries, instructions and a 2 year guarantee

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