New e-mega® Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Delivers Lifelong Precision

Riester has introduced its new aneroid palm-style sphygmomanometer, e-mega®.

e-mega® has been designed to deliver lifelong precision thanks to long-lasting parts and a specially tempered copper-beryllium diaphragm that allows pressure loading up to 600mm Hg.

A new ergonomic spoon design allows fast inflation of the cuff to minimise patient discomfort. e-mega® is available as a 1 or 2 tube version attached to Riester’s washable, latex-free, one-piece cuff. The bladderless nylon Velcro cuff is reusable over 10 000 times and washable up to 60°C. Cleaning and disinfection for the one-piece-cuff is much easier than the standard cuff as it can be immersed completely into an alcohol disinfection solution after use, helping prevent contamination.

The large manometer scale delivers accurate and easy to read measurements, with a maximum error tolerance of +/- 3 mm Hg. The highly-polished manometer is easy to disinfect, while a micro filter protects the air release valve and measuring system.

Delivery of e-mega® includes the Riester one-piece cuff and vinyl zipper bag.

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