Bladderless Sphygmomanometer Cuff is Easily Disinfected

Riester now offers a one-piece-cuff for all Riester sphygmomanometers as standard.

One Piece Cuff from Riester

One Piece Cuff from Riester

The new bladderless nylon Velcro cuff is reusable over 10 000 times and washable up to 60°C. Cleaning and disinfection for the one-piece-cuff is much easier than the standard cuff as it can be immersed completely into an alcohol disinfection solution after use. Made of latex-free material, it is especially practical for use in hospitals as it saves time and prevents contamination.

The one-piece-cuff is made of soft material for a comfortable feeling on the skin and comes with a 50cm length of tubing. It is available as a 1-tube or 2-tube version, with sizes to fit children, adults and obese patients. It has been tested according to ISO E01 Standards.

The Riester reusable one-piece-cuff makes checking blood pressure a safer and more efficient process, providing patient comfort and easy disinfection.

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