Riester Improves its Laryngoscope Range

Riester now offers new products in its Laryngoscope range. ri-dispo disposable laryngoscope blades and new LED and plug-in handles make Riester Laryngoscopes much more efficient and user friendly.



New disposable Macintosh and Miller laryngoscope blades for single use are made from robust Makrolon® plastic. Blades are sold in bundles of 20pcs, and each blade is individually packed in a plastic zipper bag which is perforated for quick and easy opening. Single-use blades help prevent cross-contamination and are appropriate for emergency situations.


In addition, Riester is now introducing both standard LED handles and plug-in powered LED handles, for use both with reusable and disposable laryngoscope blades. High performance LEDs are available in 2.5V and 3.5V versions, which allow the operator to choose between using alkaline or rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries as a power supply. LEDs offer a whiter, more intense light, and can operate for more than 20 000 hours. Plug-in Laryngoscope handles are available as 230V or 120V, and customers can choose between 3.5V Xenon or 3.5V LED versions.

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