Riester Introduces New Infrared Thermometer

ri- thermo® N is Riester’s new ergonomic, infrared thermometer for professional use. It can be used in medical practices, hospitals and in the home. Clinically validated, its innovative infrared technology not only allows ri- thermo® N to measure body temperature of children and adults in a matter of seconds, but also the temperature of surfaces, rooms and bathwater between the range of 0-100°C.

ri- thermo® N

Using acoustic signals, ri- thermo® N will indicate when it is ready to measure, when it has completed a reading, detected a fever or has encountered a fault.

Results are shown on a large, backlit LCD display and ri- thermo® N stores the last 12 readings in its memory so values can be compared and temperature curves plotted to monitor patients’ progress over time.

As an energy saving feature, ri- thermo® N will automatically power off after 1 minute after the last reading. A long life battery is supplied along with a hygienic storage container and probe covers. The use of probe covers is essential to receive accurate readings.

Riester also offers a wall mounted version of ri-thermo® N with the added benefits of neat storage and easier attachment of probe covers.

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