Riester Introduces Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Riester introduces its new digital blood pressure monitor, ri-champion® N.

ri-champion® N

ri-champion® N features irregular heartbeat recognition, is fully automatic and delivers fast and precise measurements of blood pressure and pulse rate to ensure accurate diagnosis. It has been designed for both professional use and for use in the patient’s home and is clinically validated to meet high BHS*-standard A/A with its advanced technology.

Readings are shown on a large LCD display with the date and time, and pulse rate measurements are accompanied by an acoustic signal. ri-champion® N automatically stores the last measurement in its system and can hold up to 99 values in its memory.

Easy to use and developed to achieve a high level of accuracy, blood pressure is measured to within ±3mm Hg and pulse to ± 5% of the reading.

Portable at just over 16cm high, it has a modern, ergonomic design that allows the cuff to be stored neatly behind the monitor and operates on 4 included AA batteries, although a mains adapter is optional.

*BHS = British Hypertension Society A/A Standard

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