Cosasco® M-200 Microcor Data Logger Monitors Corrosion Remotely

Intrinsically safe unit ideal for all process media and remote applications

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (November 1, 2016) – The Cosasco® M-200 Bluetooth Microcor Electrical Resistance (ER) data logger provides corrosion and erosion monitoring for oil and gas, chemical, water or any other process media application where direct online operation is not possible. Built-in Bluetooth® technology wirelessly transfers stored corrosion rate data to a handheld transfer unit from up to 32 feet (10 meters) away.

The M200 Microcorr Bluetooth Data Logger from Cosasco.

The M200 Microcorr Bluetooth Data Logger from Cosasco.

Data readings from the transfer unit are easily accessed with a PC running Cosasco Data Offline corrosion management software. Users can then view graphical displays of corrosion data for immediate identification of corrosion upsets. Data from multiple probes and additional corrosion related parameters can be reviewed simultaneously.

The M-200 works with all Cosasco Microcor corrosion and erosion probes. It is intrinsically safe (IECEx/ ATEX/ CCSAUS) and certified for use in Class I, Zone 1 applications.

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