Cosasco Names New Canadian Representative, Corrosion Service

Exclusive agreement expands geographic footprint

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (February 9, 2017) – Cosasco has partnered with Corrosion Service (Toronto, Canada) in an effort to provide wider geographical support for both products and services throughout Canada. The combination of Corrosion Service’s strong regional presence and corrosion expertise made them the natural choice.

The partnership reinforces Cosasco’s commitment to providing global support at a regional level to ensure the highest level of customer service, sales, and technical support. With over 65 years in the industry, Corrosion Service has a long standing reputation of providing top level corrosion engineering systems, products, and services.

The key objectives of the two companies in this exclusive partnership are as follows:
•    To expand Cosasco range of products and services over a wider geographical area
•    Provide support at a local level to ensure client specific needs are met
•    Have a presence in the major oil and gas regions of Canada

Corrosion Service has offices located throughout Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Sarnia, Halifax, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Regina

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Cosasco® M-200 Microcor Data Logger Monitors Corrosion Remotely

Intrinsically safe unit ideal for all process media and remote applications

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (November 1, 2016) – The Cosasco® M-200 Bluetooth Microcor Electrical Resistance (ER) data logger provides corrosion and erosion monitoring for oil and gas, chemical, water or any other process media application where direct online operation is not possible. Built-in Bluetooth® technology wirelessly transfers stored corrosion rate data to a handheld transfer unit from up to 32 feet (10 meters) away.

The M200 Microcorr Bluetooth Data Logger from Cosasco.

The M200 Microcorr Bluetooth Data Logger from Cosasco.

Data readings from the transfer unit are easily accessed with a PC running Cosasco Data Offline corrosion management software. Users can then view graphical displays of corrosion data for immediate identification of corrosion upsets. Data from multiple probes and additional corrosion related parameters can be reviewed simultaneously.

The M-200 works with all Cosasco Microcor corrosion and erosion probes. It is intrinsically safe (IECEx/ ATEX/ CCSAUS) and certified for use in Class I, Zone 1 applications.

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Cosasco® Coupon Monitoring System Maintains Flexible Risers for Oil Exploration

Coupons inserted in process flow help estimate remaining service life of risers

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (October 19, 2016) – The Polymer Coupon Monitoring System from Cosasco® helps maintain the integrity of increasingly common flexible risers used in deep water oil and gas exploration applications.

Cosasco's coupon monitoring system helps maintain flexible risers.

Cosasco’s coupon monitoring system helps maintain flexible risers.

Flexible risers transport process fluid between floating production systems and subsea wells and pipelines, and are subject to adverse conditions. High pressures and temperature variances within the risers can cause erosion to the internal polymer sheath, which forms the riser’s pressure barrier and contains the process fluid. Monitoring the sheath for chemical and mechanical degradation is critical to avoiding system failure.

The Cosasco Polymer Coupon Monitoring System determines the potential breakdown or aging of the polymer material under operating conditions. The system installs in a standard two-inch access fitting downstream of the riser end connection. Coupons may be inserted into the process flow and retrieved under pressure. Once removed, the coupons can be analyzed to evaluate the condition of the polymer pressure sheath, estimate remaining service life and determine any changes to the molecular structure or chemical properties that may affect the overall strength and structural integrity of the sheath.

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New Cosasco® Care Service Plans and Warranty Program Protects People and Assets

Essential, Plus and Premium plans let customers choose the level of service they need
Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (September 8, 2016) – The new Cosasco® Care program ensures customers receive enhanced maintenance, training and support, and data management necessary to streamline operational efficiency while protecting against injury and damage to equipment.

Cosasco® Care program

Cosasco® Care program ensures customers receive enhanced maintenance, training and support

Cosasco Care is available in Essential, Plus and Premium plans, which offer varying levels of service and support for customers’ specific requirements. All plans include access to the Cosasco SAFR (Surveyed Access Fitting Register) maintenance program; offline installation, retrieval and maintenance of coupons and probes; coupon analysis and reporting; technical support; Cosasco Data Offline software support; data management and reporting; and safety awareness training.

The Plus plan also includes microbiological data collection, as well as online installation, retrieval and maintenance of coupons and probes. The Premium plan adds Cosasco Data Online support, as well as commissioning and system health check support of IIU/ICMS3 servers and online equipment to the list of available services.

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New Cosasco® Bluetooth® Dataloggers for Remote Corrosion Monitoring

M-200, ER-200, and LPR-200 configure and collect corrosion and erosion data wirelessly

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (July 12, 2016) –Cosasco has released three new Bluetooth® dataloggers for monitoring of corrosion and erosion rates. The M-200, ER-200, and LPR-200 are ideal for use in remote locations where direct online operation is not possible.

Cosasco, BluetoothDataloggers

M-200, ER-200, and LPR-200 collect data wirelessly

The ER-200 electrical resistance (ER) datalogger reads all ER standard and ER temperature probes. The M-200 Microcor® ER datalogger reads all Microcor corrosion and erosion probes. The LPR-200 linear polarization resistance datalogger measures corrosion rate, pitting tendency and temperature in water systems.

All three dataloggers feature Bluetooth technology that allows users to download stored corrosion rate information collected from the dataloggers from up to 60 feet away with a handheld transfer unit (TU-500). Readings from the TU-500 are easily downloaded to a PC running Cosasco Data Offline corrosion management software, which then provides graphical displays of data for immediate identification of corrosion upsets. Multiple probes and additional corrosion related parameters can be simultaneously reviewed.

The dataloggers are certified intrinsically safe (IECEx/ ATEX/ CCSAUS) for operation in hazardous areas, and feature NEMA 4X IP66 rated enclosures for reliable operation.

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New Cosasco® Data Offline Software for Corrosion Data Management

New program replaces all previous versions of Cosasco offline software

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (June 2, 2016) – New Cosasco® Data Offline software provides corrosion management personnel with enhanced analytics and reporting that enable new levels of insight to controlling corrosion. The software is compatible with all offline Microcor®, ER, LPR and Ultracorr® ultrasonic corrosion monitoring field instruments.

The new Data Offline software from Cosasco.

The new Data Offline software from Cosasco.

Cosasco Data Offline gives users a comprehensive look at a total system or plant, while illustrating the factors that affect corrosion rates. Imported data from corrosion monitoring points and other process parameters including laboratory analysis, inspections and chemical injection rates can be analyzed, correlated and compared. The software easily produces time-related graphical displays of corrosion data, allowing direct correlation with other factors such as temperature and pressure for optimal corrosion control.

Cosasco Data Offline replaces all previous versions of Cosasco’s offline software including Corrdata Plus, Corrdata II and Microcor Tools. All databases from legacy software packages can be easily transferred to Cosasco Data Offline for continuation of historical data.

To request a link to download the new Cosasco Data Offline software, visit



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New Cosasco® ER Wireless Transmitter for Tank Corrosion Monitoring

Transmitter allows affordable upgrade of aging tank monitoring systems

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (May 3, 2016) – The new Cosasco® ER 300 Series Wireless Transmitter allows easy, affordable upgrade of oil, fuel or chemical storage tank corrosion monitors to fully automated data collection systems.


Corrosion in oil, fuel and chemical storage tanks occurs both internally, from corrosive water gathering in the bottom of the tank, and externally, from water seeping under the tank floor. Typically located in tank farms near suburban or environmentally sensitive areas, leakage of a tank’s contents caused by corrosion could have a disastrous impact on local ecosystems. To ensure the effectiveness of anti-corrosion treatment systems, storage tanks require both internal and external corrosion monitoring. Older tank farms often have inadequate monitoring systems with no integrated data management, limiting data quality and access.

The ER 300 transmitter uses WirelessHART7 and ISA 100 Wireless communication to allow easy integration with existing protocols, with no cabling costs. When installed, the transmitter can collect data from multiple monitors across a tank farm to create a comprehensive monitoring system that ensures the integrity of storage tanks. Wireless communication removes the need to visit the site to record data, saving travel time and providing the most up-to-date corrosion data.

A new application note on wireless corrosion monitoring for tank farms is available for download at

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New Cosasco® Bluetooth® Suite Provides Wireless Corrosion Monitoring

Product series includes Bluetooth converter for retrofit of legacy Cosasco products

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (February 25, 2016) – The new Cosasco® Bluetooth® Suite of corrosion monitoring products allows users to configure and collect pipeline corrosion and erosion data wirelessly.
RCS BluetoothSuite EMAIL
The Bluetooth-enabled products install in industrial pipes and vessels to monitor internal corrosion rates. A Transfer Unit is used to wirelessly configure and collect data from the units, allowing users to determine the rate of metal loss and monitor the efficiency of chemical treatment programs.

The Cosasco Bluetooth Converter adapts legacy Cosasco instruments to communicate wirelessly with the Transfer Unit. Only one Transfer Unit is needed to configure and collect data from any Cosasco Bluetooth-enabled monitoring technology, including Microcor® ER, Electrical Resistance (ER), Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) and Ultracorr® (Ultrasonic).

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Rohrback Cosasco Systems Becomes Cosasco

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (December 2, 2015) – Global corrosion monitoring expert Rohrback Cosasco Systems has shortened its name to Cosasco. The new brand identity reflects the company’s evolving business direction to unite its varied product lines and global offices under a single, strong name.
RCS Rebrand BLOG
“The Cosasco brand is known worldwide to represent high quality, long lasting products and a legacy of more than 65 years of operating excellence,” said Cosasco CEO, Mike D’Anzieri. “Our move to emphasize the Cosasco name conforms with the quality expectations of our worldwide customer base.”

Cosasco specializes in a complete range of corrosion management and monitoring solutions, as well as chemical injection systems. Cosasco equipment is used for a range of monitoring applications, including internal, atmospheric, remote and downhole corrosion; erosion; and scale in water.

Additional corrosion services include asset preservation consultancy, remote monitoring and data collection, field services inspection, maintenance and training.

These corrosion control products and services are commonly used in oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, pulp and paper, and pharmaceutical industries. The company is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Cosasco is headquartered in the U.S., with offices to serve customers around the world in North America, U.K., Middle East, China, Singapore and Australia.

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Cosasco Announces New President, Michael D’Anzieri

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (November 17, 2015) – Pipeline corrosion monitoring expert Rohrback Cosasco Systems has announced its new president, Michael D’Anzieri. Former Cosasco president Brent Ford has taken a position on the company board as Vice Chairman, and will continue to support the company’s progress.

RCS MikeDAnzieri BLOG

In his new role, D’Anzieri will be responsible for leading Cosasco and its subsidiaries by providing strategic and tactical direction. He will drive sustained growth through continued development of the company’s range of transmitters, data loggers, probes and sensors used to monitor internal pipeline corrosion rates.

D’Anzieri has 30 years of experience in the pipeline industry. He joins Cosasco from sister Halma company Smith Flow Control, where he was one of the original founders and current president. He has a degree in economics from the University of Portsmouth (Portsmouth, UK). Besides English, D’Anzieri speaks fluent French and Italian.

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