Monitor energy consumption and reduce costs

Wireless energy management system makes it easy to spot spikes in usage

Wireless telemetry specialist Radio-Tech has developed an energy management system to enable organisations to monitor and ultimately reduce their energy consumption.

Energy management

The company’s wireless data capture technology allows for 24/7 monitoring of remote assets and consumption of water, electricity and gas; regular reports on consumption allow usage to be cut, reducing both bills and environmental impact.

The Carbon Trust, the independent body set up by the government to combat the threat of climate change, highlights the importance of automatic meter reading in its document How to monitor your energy use: “Automatic meter reading systems provide accurate and timely data with the minimum of effort. These systems make it easy to take readings in real time and therefore identify savings opportunities quickly. They often pay for themselves in under a year.”

Radio-Tech provides a range of radio telemetry products ideal for sub-metering applications (where organisations wish to measure energy consumption within particular areas of their sites). Low-power radio transmitters and data concentrators allow simple collection of metering data. Whether data is being collected from individual occupiers of commercial sites or different areas of a business, consumption and usage can be monitored remotely, accurately and securely.

Radio-Tech’s market-leading technology not only includes meter reading but also network sensors that relay operationally beneficial data, such as humidity and temperature, to the central database. Core to the wide area product portfolio are the retrofittable pulse transmitters that have a range of 2km, or 12km if used with a repeater. They can be used in the UK on Radio-Tech’s exclusively licensed 153.100MHz band, or an alternative product range is available for use in Europe on the 169MHz ERMES band. A range of receivers is also available to interface transmitters with existing building management systems.

The hardware will output to Radio-Tech’s own or third-party software, and benefits from a 10-year battery life.

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