Ocean Thin Films Introduces Optical Transmittance Spectrometer

Simple, elegant system measures ophthalmic lenses, glass and optical filters
Dunedin, Florida (April 5, 2009) – For accurate, repeatable real-time transmittance measurement of optical lenses and other optical components, Ocean Thin Films has introduced the Optical Transmittance Spectrometer (OTiS).  The compact system measures tint color, photopic transmittance and UV cutoff of ophthalmic lenses, optical coatings, windows and filters, as well as characterizing photochromic, electrochromic and sun lens materials.


The OTiS is built on a high-resolution miniature linear CCD-array spectrometer configured for the 380-780 nm wavelength range. The system accepts samples from 10-76 mm diameter and 15 mm thickness for use in lab applications where transmittance accuracy (to +/- 1.0%) and precision (+/- 0.1%) are critical.

A high-power, 20-watt tungsten halogen light source provides stable, continuous output. High resolution optics provide beam collimation. The sample fixture (z-stage) holds the sample in place and excludes ambient light.

Windows-based software calculates %T, color, and other critical optical measurements to meet CE, UL, RoHS, WEEE requirements. Ocean Thin Films Applications Engineers are available to customize the software with the modules required for application needs.

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Thin Films Division of Ocean Optics Forms New Company

Spin-off becomes part of the Health Optics & Photonics Division of Halma p.l.c.
Dunedin, FL (March 30, 2009) –Ocean Optics, the industry leader in miniature photonics, announces that its Thin Films Division has now become a separate company. Ocean Thin Films (www.oceanthinfilms.com), as the new entity will be known, designs and manufactures patented dichroic filters and precision optics for scientific, biomedical and defense applications, metrology and entertainment technology. 


Established in 1999 as a division within Ocean Optics, Ocean Thin Films designs and produces high-volume dichroic optical filters, which are used to selectively transmit light according to its wavelength. These precision filters and other optical components can be integrated into applications such as color-changing light for architectural and entertainment installations, CCD camera and spectral imaging for scientific instrumentation, and targeting for defense applications. In November 2008, Ocean Thin Films acquired the Golden, Colo., operation of Oerlikon Optics USA, which bolstered the company’s offering in optical components and subassemblies for instrumentation used in the life sciences, medical applications and additional scientific applications.

“We are excited by the challenges and opportunities of operating as our own company,” said Phil Buchsbaum, President of Ocean Thin Films. “With the additional expertise and capacity the Oerlikon acquisition affords us, plus recent expansion of our Florida facility, we are ready to hit the ground running with a new generation of quality, innovative optical and thin film products for a diverse range of industries.”

Ocean Thin Films has 110 employees, with locations in Golden, Colo., and a recently expanded 30,000-square-foot facility in Largo, Fla. The group utilizes advanced lithography equipment and vacuum deposition systems to provide optimal patterned solutions for both production and prototype optical systems.

Ocean Thin Films is part of Halma p.l.c.’s group of photonics companies, joining Ocean Optics, Labsphere, Inc., Fiberguide Industries and Palintest Ltd.  For more information, contact 727.545.0741 or Info@oceanthinfilms.com or visit www.oceanthinfilms.com.

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