New SpectroCam™ SWIR 640 Multispectral Wheel Camera from PIXELTEQ

Live processed images of 6 spectral bands, full frame resolution, 25 frames per second, new SWIR filters

Largo, Fla. (July 21, 2016) – Multispectral imaging and sensing manufacturer, PIXELTEQ, introduces the SpectroCam™ VIS-SWIR 640 multispectral imaging camera. The new SpectoCam is ideal for SWIR imaging in tissue and biologic material analysis for medical and forensics, pigment and object analysis for cultural heritage applications, and quality analysis of produce for agriculture applications.


The SpectroCam VIS-SWIR 640 features an InGaAs sensor for increased sensitivity, full frame 640 x 512 pixel resolution, a 15µm pixel pitch, and can produce live processed images of six spectral bands at a rate of 25 frames per second. The lightweight, portable camera is powered by easy-to-use software, allowing users to complete initial setup in minutes.

In addition to the new SpectroCam, PIXELTEQ has expanded its selection of SWIR filters. The new filters are available in mounted versions for the SpectroCam filter wheel, and in custom round or rectangular formats for customers’ specific application needs. The PIXELTEQ team of application engineers is available to discuss design requirements for custom jobs, or customers can browse a selection of stock filters at the PIXELTEQ Optical Filter Shop website


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PIXELTEQ Micro-Patterned Optical Filters for Multispectral Imaging

Unique industry focus on micro-patterning capabilities

Largo, Fla. (February 2, 2016) – PIXELTEQ micro-patterned optical coatings combine patented microlithography expertise with state-of-the-art coating technology. The company’s micro-patterned filters help create compact and cost-effective optical devices for use in biomedical, security and defense, aerospace, precision agriculture and machine vision applications.

Micro-patterned filters from PIXELTEQ.

Micro-patterned filters from PIXELTEQ.

PIXELTEQ’s technology enables patterning of multiple dielectric, metal and color gel filter array coatings on a single substrate. Standardized processes are in place for patterning on glass and semiconductor wafers, which optimize PIXELTEQ’s processes to customer requirements and reduce time-to-market. The company’s capabilities can meet requirements from high accuracy, low volume devices to high volume consumer-type products.

“Our proprietary thin film coating processes were perfected over decades of experience,” said PIXELTEQ VP Marketing and Sales, Marco Snikkers. “To the best of our knowledge, we are the only photonics company that focuses solely on micro-patterning technology.”

Since completing a multi-million dollar expansion and upgrade to its manufacturing facilities last year, PIXELTEQ has doubled its output of micro-patterned optical filters.

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New Developer Board Simplifies Multispectral Sensor Design

Designer toolkit to prototype PixelSensor-based optical sensors
Largo, Fla. (January 24, 2014) – PIXELTEQ has introduced a multispectral sensor Developer Board that helps OEMs design and prototype optical sensors based on its PixelSensor™ wavelength-selective photodiode arrays. PixelSensor’s exclusive wafer-level optical filters simplify optical designs and enable OEMs to implement precision multispectral measurement in smaller devices. Designers can choose board and accessory options that help them get started with spectral sensing in minutes for a wide range of biomedical, industrial and scientific applications.

PixelSensor Developer Board

Developer Board allows designers to rapidly prototype PixelSensor-based optical sensors.

The PixelSensor Developer Board includes the essential hardware and a cross-platform GUI interface to configure measurement settings of each spectral band individually, trigger external functions, communicate with other devices, and display and log data. In addition to comprehensive sensor evaluation, designers can program application-specific functions using the Arduino integrated development environment.

“It’s exciting to see the breakthrough multispectral applications our clients are developing – biometric monitors, chemical sensing, and precision colorimetry in remarkably small packages,” stated Randel Mercer, Vice President of Business Development. “Our goal is to help developers simplify the optical design and shrink the overall device footprint. The PixelSensor Developer Board helps them deliver rapid prototypes and get to revenue faster.”

PixelSensor Developer Boards and additional accessories are now available online at

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PIXELTEQ Introduces PixelSensor™ Multispectral Photodiode Array

New miniature 8-band color sensor enables handheld OEM devices

Largo, Fla. (November 4, 2013) – PIXELTEQ has released its PixelSensor™ 8-band multispectral photodiode array, packing eight wavelength-selective photodiodes into a compact 9mm square sensor. PixelSensor enables multispectral sensing at a smaller scale by integrating spectral filters at the sensor level, simplifying optical designs and reducing device integration costs.


The PixelSensor photodiode splits the visible spectrum into eight discrete color bands. Its standard 20-pin LCC package can be surface or socket mounted. Common cathode operation provides low noise and fast response time. Customized OEM versions of PixelSensor are also available with user-defined spectral bands. Using PIXELTEQ’s exclusive micro-patterned optical filter technology, narrowband filters deliver improved sensitivity and contrast for multispectral applications from portable color monitors to industrial and scientific instruments.

“Continuous 8-band sensing from a device that fits on your fingertip is a powerful tool for designers,” said Randel Mercer, VP Business Development of PIXELTEQ. “It’s exciting to see how our clients are implementing application-specific sensors that improve health, productivity, quality and safety across a wide range of devices.”

PIXELTEQ provides micro-patterned spectral filters, sensors, and cameras – helping users shrink multi-wavelength devices into a single package, enable new optical features and deliver application-specific sensors and cameras.

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PIXELTEQ Takes Spectral Sensing and Imaging Mainstream

New source for OEM multispectral device development and manufacture

Golden, Colorado (January 15, 2013) – Ocean Thin Films announces its new PIXELTEQ™ spectral sensing and imaging solutions focused on creating innovative multispectral devices for aerospace, biomedical, industrial, laboratory and security applications.


The patented technology behind PIXELTEQ is an exclusive micro-patterned optical coating coupled with electro-optical integration expertise to deliver high-performance OEM multispectral cameras, sensors and optical coatings. The PIXELTEQ portfolio includes PixelCam™ and SpectroCam™ cameras, PixelSensor™ narrow-band photodiodes, and patterned optical filters purpose-built for OEM applications. The company has unveiled a new website,, featuring the full portfolio of PIXELTEQ products – from thin film coatings to integrated electro-optical devices.

“PIXELTEQ is a natural extension of our unique patterned-coating capability into the multispectral space,” explains Phil Buchsbaum, president of Ocean Thin Films. “At the heart of each multispectral device is an array of micro-patterned optical filters engineered to meet our clients’ exacting requirements.” The recently launched PixelCam, for example, is an application-specific multispectral camera built around precise spectral bands and ready for integration into instrumentation, handheld, mobile and aerial devices.

“What the digital camera has done for conventional photography, PixelCam can do for mainstream application-specific imaging,” said Randel Mercer, VP of Business Development at Ocean Thin Films. “Our clients are combining spectroscopy and imaging by using targeted spectral bands from the UV through SWIR ranges to create live, data-rich images. From microscopy to aerial imaging, some of the impacts can be life-changing: detecting cancer earlier, improving agricultural yields, keeping food and water safe or solving crimes and providing better security,” Mercer added. “It’s exciting to be a part of the solutions that our customers are creating.”

To learn more about PIXELTEQ, visit, email or call +1 303.273.9700.

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New PixelCam Cameras Capture Real-Time SWIR Multispectral Images

Shortwave infrared “snapshot” imager offers new options for biomedical imaging and security

Golden, Colorado (December 5, 2012) – Ocean Thin Films has introduced PixelCam™, the first commercially available “snapshot” multispectral cameras for shortwave infrared (SWIR) analysis from 700-1700 nm. The cameras harness SWIR’s powerful imaging by simultaneously acquiring four or more standard and custom spectral bands with a single camera, enabling extraction of spectral information not noticeable with panchromatic SWIR devices. This feature makes the PixelCam especially useful for applications in biomedical imaging, process control and high-contrast security and surveillance environments.

Shortwave infrared “snapshot” imager opens new options for biomedical imaging and security

Shortwave infrared “snapshot” imager opens new options for biomedical imaging and security

The breakthrough to provide these compact multispectral camera platforms is combining PixelTec’s precision micro-patterned optical coating technology with robust SWIR area sensor cameras manufactured by Sensors Unlimited of UTC Aerospace Systems. High-transmission dichroic filter arrays are aligned directly over corresponding pixels in the imaging array for optimal spectral and spatial resolution. Standard PixelCam cameras come preconfigured with three and four bands, and custom cameras are available with additional application-specific bands – providing greater versatility and contrast than traditional multi-sensor devices.

“PixelCam makes this sophisticated multispectral SWIR technology – which used to be limited to highly specialized projects – now much more accessible, portable and practical for all kinds of research and production applications,” said Randel Mercer, Vice President of Business Development for Ocean Thin Films. “Its unique pixel-level filters make PixelCam the first commercial ‘snapshot’ camera that can be customized and scaled for your specific multispectral application.”

At the heart of each PixelCam multispectral camera is a custom filter array integrated into a solid-state InGaAs imager with a full resolution of 640×512. Its sturdy platform provides simultaneous 12-bit Camera Link® digital and RS170 analog outputs and an external trigger. The form factor, frame rates, operating temperature and power requirements are unchanged by the passive spectral filters – enabling easy integration into handheld, mobile, and aerial devices.

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PixelTec Patterned Optics Now Available with High-Precision Bandpass Filters

Sharper multispectral data for application-specific sensing and imaging

Golden, Colorado (October 1, 2012) – Ocean Thin Films now provides its patented PixelTec™ patterned optical coating process for high-precision bandpass filters, opening up new possibilities for application-specific cameras. The extended capability enables optical devices to be micro-patterned with multiple narrow-band filters, creating even greater contrast and resolution for multispectral applications from cellular microscopy to factory vision systems.

Spectral Scan of PixelTec Micropatterned Optical Filters For Precision Applications

Spectral Scan of PixelTec Micropatterned Optical Filters For Precision Applications

By combining state-of-the art sputtered coating expertise with exclusive microlithography technology, PixelTec delivers highly accurate geometric and spectral performance across the ultraviolet (UV), visible and near – short wave infrared ranges (NIR – SWIR). The pioneer in lithographic patterning of optical coatings, Ocean Thin Films continues to advance this technology – with more than 2 million precision patterned optics delivered. PixelTec optical coatings are increasingly used for purpose-fit performance in a multitude of medical, defense and industrial applications, enabling more compact, robust and cost-effective devices. The company’s high-volume production capabilities help OEM’s deliver products to the market faster.

“With the rapid growth of multispectral analysis and imaging, our clients are leveraging the benefits of PixelTec to create custom cameras for everything from non-invasive cancer detection to enhanced surveillance to art restoration,” explains Randel Mercer, Vice President of Business Development. “By differentiating among spectral signatures, many of our clients find that imaging 4-8 targeted spectral bands shows a stunning contrast improvement. An imaging device using PixelTec can reveal what both human and color-camera vision have been missing.”

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Ocean Thin Films Releases Ultraviolet Multispectral Imaging Camera – SpectroCam-UV

Golden, Colorado (August 13, 2012) – An ultraviolet (UV) multispectral imaging (MSI) system is now available from Ocean Thin Films. The SpectroCam™-UV multispectral imaging camera provides sensitive detection from the UV across the visible spectrum and into the near-IR. The SpectroCam-UV is a powerful tool for high level research.

Ocean Thin Films' Ultraviolet Multispectral Imaging Camera – SpectroCam-UV

Ocean Thin Films' Ultraviolet Multispectral Imaging Camera – SpectroCam-UV

SpectroCam is the world’s first fully configurable, video-speed MSI camera. With eight interchangeable, customer defined filters, users can test many filter options, in combination with the powerful image processing software, to greatly reduce development times and speed products to market. SpectroCam makes multispectral imaging accessible to everybody from university researchers to high volume OEM equipment makers.

To accommodate an even wider scope of applications, the new SpectroCam-UV’s sensor range has been extended into the UV and can be paired with filters available throughout the UVA, UVB and UVC wavelengths. In addition to the camera, Ocean Thin Films offers turnkey UV imaging packages that include UV-compatible optics and light sources.

With a full range of standard filter wavelengths, and the ability to create custom optical filters to meet application needs, Ocean Thin Films provides the right instrument to support a wide array of applications. The SpectroCam family of cameras offers the most flexible and powerful imaging tools for biomedical, forensic, agricultural, industrial and surveillance applications.

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Powerful Analysis Software allows Real-Time Multispectral Image Collection and Processing

SpectroCam from Ocean Thin Film is first fully configurable MSI camera
Largo, Florida (February 27, 2012) – The SpectroCam™ Multispectral Imaging (MSI) Camera from Ocean Thin Films (OTF) is now available with powerful analysis software that allows the user to perform dozens of image processing functions and view the results on a live action image output. Applications include water quality measurements, product screening, machine vision, medical imaging, surveillance and authentication.


SpectroCam is the world’s first fully configurable MSI camera. Its wideband imaging sensor is responsive from the visible through near infrared spectrum. Precision filters and imaging optics can be customized for a variety of applications with image speeds of up to 30 fps at full resolution. Images from the eight different filters can be acquired and saved at a rate of three full image stacks per second. The optical filters are easily changed in the field and can be constructed to end users’ desired specifications including narrow bandpasses, wide bandpasses and edge filters. By selecting discrete filters in and around spectral areas with the most significant differences, SpectroCam creates images that show vivid contrast not detectable with the human eye.

The new SpectroCam analysis software has a simple, intuitive, graphical interface that allows users to quickly perform a host of image processing and analysis functions. Results can be viewed as live image output or saved to a variety of image file formats. The software processing is a powerful tool for fully extracting MSI information and can even create colorized NIR images. In addition, the analysis portion of the software provides live, quantitative information regarding image intensity as a function of spectral wavelength for a user defined image area or image cross section.

The standard F-Mount lens configuration accommodates a range of lens choices, focal lengths and fields of view. The SpectroCam can also be easily mounted to a variety of imaging equipment including microscopes and endoscopes. The new image processing software allows users to perform dozens of calculations, manipulations and measurements of live images to further enhance the MSI results.

SpectroCam makes multispectral imaging accessible to everybody from university researchers to high volume OEM equipment makers. The interchangeable optical filters and continuously rotating filter wheel overcome many of the shortcomings that prismatic and tuneable filter MSI systems face. With interchangeable filters, users can try many filter options to narrow in on the best contrast, greatly reducing development time and allowing users to bring products to market faster.

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Ocean Thin Films PixelTec Delivers High Performance Patterned ITO Coatings

Fewer process steps and less substrate damage than traditional etch methods
Golden, Colorado – (August 30, 2011) Ocean Thin Films now offers its patented PixelTec™ patterned optical coating technology applied to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) thin films. This pioneering lithographic patterning of optical coatings produces sharp features while maintaining the high quality performance of sputtered ITO coatings, ideal for precision electro-optic devices requiring optically transparent films that are electrically conductive.

OTF’s PixelTec can pattern ITO thin films with sharp, micron-scale features.

OTF’s PixelTec can pattern ITO thin films with sharp, micron-scale features.

PixelTec microlithography enables micron-scale patterning of ITO and Index Matched ITO (IMITO) without the downsides of traditional etching or ablation processes. The ITO can be patterned with no damage to the substrate and other coatings. The process works well with small structures to ensure electrical integrity on the smallest of line widths.

Benefits include:

  • Electrically conductive and optically transparent thin films
  • Environmentally durable
  • Clean / sharp micron level patterning
  • No etching or ablation damage
  • ITO pattern accuracy with precision alignment to existing features
  • Multiple ITO patterns can be applied to the same substrate
  • ITO patterns can be applied in conjunction with other optical filters
  • Solderable busbars can be patterned with the ITO for convenient electrical connections

Ocean Thin Films ITO yields superior optical transmission versus electrical resistance and provides optimum performance in a variety of applications including EMI/RFI shielded windows, touch panels, and activation electrodes.

To find out more about PixelTec capabilities and ITO/IMITO patterned optical coatings, please visit, or email

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