Ocean Thin Films PixelTec Delivers High Performance Patterned ITO Coatings

Fewer process steps and less substrate damage than traditional etch methods
Golden, Colorado – (August 30, 2011) Ocean Thin Films now offers its patented PixelTec™ patterned optical coating technology applied to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) thin films. This pioneering lithographic patterning of optical coatings produces sharp features while maintaining the high quality performance of sputtered ITO coatings, ideal for precision electro-optic devices requiring optically transparent films that are electrically conductive.

OTF’s PixelTec can pattern ITO thin films with sharp, micron-scale features.

OTF’s PixelTec can pattern ITO thin films with sharp, micron-scale features.

PixelTec microlithography enables micron-scale patterning of ITO and Index Matched ITO (IMITO) without the downsides of traditional etching or ablation processes. The ITO can be patterned with no damage to the substrate and other coatings. The process works well with small structures to ensure electrical integrity on the smallest of line widths.

Benefits include:

  • Electrically conductive and optically transparent thin films
  • Environmentally durable
  • Clean / sharp micron level patterning
  • No etching or ablation damage
  • ITO pattern accuracy with precision alignment to existing features
  • Multiple ITO patterns can be applied to the same substrate
  • ITO patterns can be applied in conjunction with other optical filters
  • Solderable busbars can be patterned with the ITO for convenient electrical connections

Ocean Thin Films ITO yields superior optical transmission versus electrical resistance and provides optimum performance in a variety of applications including EMI/RFI shielded windows, touch panels, and activation electrodes.

To find out more about PixelTec capabilities and ITO/IMITO patterned optical coatings, please visit http://oceanthinfilms.com/products/Patterned_ITO.html, or email info@ocenanthinfilms.com.

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