Perma Pure Launches New Website

Applications focus makes it easy for customers to find the right products
Toms River, NJ (November 7, 2013) – Perma Pure’s website at ( has been re-designed, making it easier for customers to find the right product for their application. As the company supplies gas sample conditioning products for a broad array of industries and requirements, the new website highlights its three major business segments: OEM Medical Devices and Equipment; OEM Gas Analyzers and Analytical Devices; and Gas Sample Conditioning Systems for Emissions and Process Monitoring.

Perma Pure’s website has a new applications focus.

Perma Pure is an FDA registered Medical Device Manufacturer with ISO 13485 certification. The new website allows customers to size Medical Breath Dryers for critical applications such as breath analysis and patient monitoring. It also highlights the company’s specialization in high volume Medical Sample Lines.

Many companies use Perma Pure Gas Sample Dryers as components in a wide range of gas analyzers and scientific analysis equipment and the new website offers more selection tools. Special sections are also included for its Gas Humidifiers, used as Fuel Cell Humidifiers, as well as in incubators and test chambers for environmental control.

New industrial end user applications pages focus on how Perma Pure’s patented Nafion®-based Gas Sample Conditioning Systems solve many problems measuring SOx and NOx emissions for the CEMS and Process Monitoring markets. The sections on Baldwin Sample Gas Coolers, Gas Sample Probes and Sample Gas Conditioning Systems provide many more product details.

“We spent a lot of time learning how our customers are using our products. This better understanding of their needs helped us create better tools for them to select the right products,” explained Matt Powers, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Perma Pure. “We think customers will be better able to see the unique benefits of our products and technology and apply them to their technical challenges, and we look forward to helping them continue to grow their businesses.”

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Perma Pure Earns ISO 13485 Certification

Adding medical device standards strengthens quality system for all product lines
Toms River, NJ (January 24, 2013) –  Leading gas conditioning products manufacturer Perma Pure has recently expanded its ISO certification status, achieving ISO 13485:2003 certification pertaining to the manufacture of medical devices, in addition to its current ISO 9001:2008 status.

Perma Pure has achievedISO 13485:2003 certification pertaining to the manufacture of its medical devices.

Perma Pure has achievedISO 13485:2003 certification pertaining to the manufacture of its medical devices.

The company’s quality management system was recently audited by its registrar, BSI and found to be in compliance with the provisions of the ISO 13485:2003 standards. ISO 13485:2003 certification ensures that a company supplying medical devices has met a specific set of standards demonstrating its ability to provide medical devices that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements. Perma Pure’s ME Series products are used to dry breath streams prior to analysis and also to humidify medical gases, increasing patient comfort.

“The methodology and mindset necessary to achieve and maintain the ISO 13485 certification has a positive influence on the design, manufacture, and sale of all of our products,” explains Perma Pure President Richard Curran. “We are a better company for having achieved this certification and customers of all of our products will benefit from our improved ability to respond to their requirements.”

Perma Pure’s ME Series dryers remove only water vapor from the patient’s breath stream without affecting the levels of CO2 or anesthetic agent in the sample. This enables rapid and precise analysis, which in turn allows the medical staff to better monitor the patient’s condition. Perma Pure is the only ISO 13485 registered company that offers Nafion-based breath dryers to the medical device market. It has been an ISO 9001 registered company since 2005 and is registered with the US FDA as a Class 2 Medical Device manufacturer.

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In-Country Sales Manager Strengthens Perma Pure Service in India

Toms River, NJ (December 6, 2010) – Leading gas conditioning products manufacturer Perma Pure has solidified its commitment to the Indian market with the appointment of Mahadev Hatti as dedicated Sales Manager for India.

Mahadev Hatti, Perma Pure Sales Manager, India

Mahadev Hatti, Perma Pure Sales Manager, India

Based in Mumbai, Hatti will support customers of Perma Pure’s emissions monitoring products with direct sales and service, as well as explore new opportunities for Perma Pure’s medical, scientific and fuel cell products. Additionally, he will continue to develop the company’s Indian distributor networks, training new and existing distributors.

Hatti has extensive experience in the sales and marketing of products and systems for both the medical and emissions monitoring industries.  He joins Perma Pure from Clinix Medical Systems and Solutions where he served as area sales manager.  Prior to that, he worked in a marketing management role for Yokogawa India Limited.  Hatti holds a post graduate degree of Msc Electronics from Gulbarga University (Gulbarga, India).

Hatti can be contacted via e-mail at or by telephone at +91-9930029944.

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Expo 2010 Vehicles Equipped with Fuel Cell Humidifiers from Perma Pure

FC-Series used in 100 vehicles shuttling international visitors at World Expo
Toms River, NJ (August 24, 2010) – In keeping with Expo 2010 Shanghai China’s theme, “Better City-Better Life,” green fuel cell technology was chosen to power the visitor shuttles at this year’s world’s fair.  Increased productivity, zero emissions and reduced costs are just a few of the reasons small vehicle manufacturers choose fuel cells as an alternative to industrial lead acid batteries.  FC-Series humidifiers from Perma Pure provide the efficient water vapor management critical to the operation of these fuel cells. 

Fuel cell powered vehicles, equipped with Perma Pure FC-Series humidifiers, transport visitors between pavilions at Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

Fuel cell powered vehicles, equipped with Perma Pure FC-Series humidifiers, transport visitors between pavilions at Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

Expo 2010 Shanghai China runs from May 1 through October 31.  As the largest world’s fair site ever at over 5 square kilometers, visitor transportation was a critical issue.  More than 42 million people to date have visited the site, using the 100 open-air fuel cell powered mini-buses to move between exhibit pavilions.

In fuel cells, where incoming gas must be humid, Perma Pure’s FC-Series humidifiers provide durable, self-contained humidification.  The humidifiers used in the expo vehicles recover water from the fuel cell exhaust and transfer it into the incoming gases by permeation through the walls of Nafion® tubing, a proprietary technology available only from Perma Pure under license from the polymer manufacturer, DuPont. 

With no moving parts, there is no parasitic power load on the stack.  The humidifiers provide over 10,000 continuous hours of operation in Class 1 and Class 3 trucks.  The compact, lightweight units are available in a range of sizes suitable to virtually any transportation application, from wheelchairs and motorbikes to forklifts and buses.

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Halma Announces Record Earnings and Strategy for Continued Expansion

$150m earmarked for acquisitions
Cincinnati, OH (June 22, 2010) – Halma p.l.c., the leading global safety, health and sensor technology group, has announced record results with profits up 9% to $125m and revenue rising by 1% to $665m. The UK-based group, which includes fluid technology companies Diba Industries, BioChem Fluidics, Perma Pure, and Aquionics, has posted strong financials to raise shareholder dividends by 7%, the thirty-first consecutive year of increases.  Halma’s 11 US subsidiaries generate about 30% of its revenue.  The company plans to augment its organic growth efforts through acquisition of complementary technology companies, as it has done for many years.

Halma’s subsidiaries operate in three main market sectors: Health and Analysis (which includes fluid technology), Infrastructure Sensors, and Industrial Safety, creating shareholder value with consistent organic growth and sound acquisitions. Halma companies operate as independent entities under the day-to-day direction of their local management, while reaping the capital and network benefits of a larger multi-national parent.

The company is seeking successful and profitable companies that are closely allied to any of its current market sectors although fluid technology is a particular focus.  It has $150m earmarked for acquisitions.

Halma’s fluid technology companies make critical components such as pumps, valves, probes, connectors and tubing used by scientific and medical diagnostic instrument manufacturers for demanding fluid handling applications.  Its companies also manufacture dryers, humidifiers, and sample conditioning components and equipment used in medical, environmental and scientific analytical equipment. Its UV water treatment equipment is used all over the world in a wide variety of applications for progressive, non-chemical disinfection and microbiological control. 

“There continues to be strong demand for our fluid technology products, both on the component and the water treatment side,” explains Chuck Dubois, Divisional Chief Executive of Halma’s Fluid Technology Division.  “Scientific and medical diagnostic fields are expanding with new equipment and technology.  Water resources and access to safe, clean water are global concerns.  We are looking for companies with products and technologies that can meet these demands.  The capital, marketing and technical resources Halma can offer, to the right company, can enable these technologies to reach their full market potential.”

To present potential acquisitions opportunities, please contact Chuck Dubois (, Divisional Chief Executive; 4 Precision Road, Danbury, CT 06810; Tel: 203.731.0200.

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Perma Pure Creates Two Axis Swivel Head MD Dryers for OEM Use

New design easier to incorporate into analyzer cabinets
Toms River, NJ (March 10, 2010) – Perma Pure’s MD™-Series Dryers remove excess water vapor to keep analyzers in environmental, laboratory, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, water, and industrial applications free from damage and inaccurate results.  A patent pending product upgrade incorporates two swivel head connectors so that OEMs may install the dryer quickly, regardless of the orientation of the analyzer’s connection fittings.

Perma Pure’s MD™-Series Dryer with dual swivel head connectors.

Perma Pure’s MD™-Series Dryer with dual swivel head connectors.

Using patented Nafion® membrane technology, MD-Series dryers selectively remove only water vapor from gas samples, leaving the concentration of other gas stream constituents intact for measurement.  With this one step drying solution there is no need for a drip leg, peltier cooler, or desiccant canister.  Without moving parts, the dryers are highly reliable and require no routine maintenance.

The new dual swivel head connectors speed manufacturing time and eliminate the need for adjustments to the OEM’s equipment.  The upgraded dryers install even more quickly with less chance of damage.

The two swivel head connecter upgrade is available on polypropylene and fluorocarbon MD-Series dryers, available in a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of applications with flow rates of up to 4 LPM.  The compact design is easily incorporated into analyzer cabinets.

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Perma Pure’s GASS™-2040 Sample Conditioning System Earns CE Mark

Wet, hot, dirty gases transformed into dry, cool, clean samples
Toms River, NJ (June 24, 2009) – Leading gas conditioning products manufacturer Perma Pure has obtained CE certification for its GASS™-2040 sample conditioning system for continuous emissions monitoring, verifying that it meets EU health, safety, and environmental requirements. 


The GASS-2040 system was tested and certified through an independent audit by TÜV SÜD America Inc. as compliant with EN 61010 – 1 : 2001 (2nd Edition) safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use.

The system prepares demanding gas samples for analysis by removing acid mists, coalescable liquids, water and particulates without altering the concentrations of analyte gases. The GASS-2040 processes samples containing as much as 50% water at rates of up to 25 liters per minute, removing particulates and reducing water content to dew points as low as -25°C.

Water-soluble analyte gases such as CO, CO2, HCl, NOX, O2 and SO2 are protected from loss through dissolution in condensate, and a much lower dew point is achieved than with chiller/condenser technologies. In particular, the GASS-2040 has been successful measuring low level SO2 (under 50ppm) when cooler have failed to preserve the analyte. The durable, all stainless, NEMA 4X rated enclosure resists corrosion, for mounting directly on the stack–eliminating costly, heated sample lines. 

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Perma Pure Showcases Conditioning Solutions for Continuous Emissions Monitoring at EPRI

Toms River, NJ (March 25, 2009) – Leading gas conditioning products manufacturer Perma Pure will display products for environmental monitoring at the EPRI CEM User Group Conference and Exhibit 2009, May 13-15 at the America’s Center (St, Louis, Mo.). The company will display its sample preparation technology for environmental analyzers and continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), including the Baldwin™ Model 45 Dilution Probe. The dilution method is the dominant sample conditioning technology for CEMS in the coal-fired power industry. 


Perma Pure’s heated filter probes, Nafion® permeation dryers, filters, ammonia scrubbers, Baldwin brand chillers and complete sampling systems remove particulates, water and other harmful compounds from sample gas streams, protecting expensive analytical equipment.  The company’s Baldwin Model 45 Dilution Extraction Probe eliminates the need for conditioning systems and high-cost heated lines by reducing water vapor content in sample gas.  The out-of-stack system dilutes the sample gas with dry air by a ratio of between 25:1 and 250:1. 

The Model 45 features a unique hard metal critical orifice, instead of the glass capillary used in competitive products, for improved durability, repeatability, and cleaning during blowback.  The probe is housed in a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure for external mounting.

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Perma Pure’s Ammonia Scrubbers Earn CE Mark

Protect analyzers from ammonium salt formation
Toms River, NJ (January 16, 2009) – Leading gas conditioning products manufacturer Perma Pure has obtained CE certification for its AS™-Series ammonia scrubbers, certifying that they meet EU health, safety, and environmental requirements. 

CE Ammonia 

The AS-Series ammonia scrubbers selectively remove ammonia from sample gas streams under analysis.  By preventing the formation of ammonium salts, downstream analyzers and components are protected from damage and clogs.  The ammonia scrubber can operate as a stand-alone product or as an accessory to a CEMS system.  For sample streams with higher dew points, a heated ammonia scrubber is available to inhibit condensation.

The scrubbers were tested and certified through an independent audit by TÜV SÜD America Inc. as compliant with IEC 61010 – 1 : 2001 (2nd Edition); EN 61010 – 1 : 2001 (2nd Edition).  These standards relate to safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use.

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Perma Pure Introduces New Service Department

Fully dedicated department to provide quick turnaround for all Perma Pure products

Toms River, NJ (July 17, 2008) – Leading gas conditioning products manufacturer Perma Pure now offers in-house and onsite warranty repair, rework and troubleshooting through its new service department.  The service is offered for all products manufactured by Perma Pure, including the Baldwin cooler line and GASS product family.

The new department consists of qualified, factory trained technical staff who work independently of the production team, ensuring quick turnaround on customers’ jobs.  All repairs are performed using high quality OEM parts, not generic substitutes, and returned with a written inspection report summarizing the work completed.  Service can be done in-house or onsite service at customers’ premises. A call center for troubleshooting is also offered as part of the service.

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