Palintest Compact Chlorometer Certifies Safety of Taylor Fresh Foods Produce

Product verifies cleanliness of wash water for raw produce

Erlanger, KY (March 29, 2012) – Leading water analysis specialist Palintest USA helps ensure the quality and safety of ready-to-eat (RTE) produce for consumers with the Compact Chlorometer water testing device. SmartWash Solutions, a division of Taylor Fresh Foods, relies on the instrument to guarantee the cleanliness of water used to wash its produce.

The Palintest Compact Chlorometer helps Taylor Fresh Foods ensure the safety of its produce.

The Palintest Compact Chlorometer helps Taylor Fresh Foods ensure the safety of its produce.

SmartWash Solutions uses a multi-stage reverse flow wash system to clean raw produce and eliminate bacterial cross contamination. The Compact Chlorometer verifies that the water used contains the appropriate chlorine levels required to destroy microorganisms.

Palintest’s Compact Chlorometer is a handheld instrument that uses photometric technology to analyze water samples for chlorine concentrations. Used in conjunction with the proven DPD testing method from Dr. Palin, it can conduct tests ranging from 0.01-5.0mg/l for Free and Total chlorine levels. The Compact Chlorometer produces quick, accurate results independent of user experience, while the instrument also provides an on-board memory of previous results.

After a comparison of similar products, SmartWash found the Chlorometer to be the most cost-effective and precise testing solution. “Palintest’s products have significantly helped SmartWash Solutions raise the bar on food safety in the fresh RTE food segment,” said SmartWash Solutions Business Development Analyst Sara Mohsin.

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Palintest Grows with Acquisition of Wagtech Water Technology Division

Leading water analysis technology company Palintest Ltd. has now expanded its global reach and operations with the acquisition of the Water Technology Division of Wagtech International Ltd., as of 1st March 2011.

Water analysis technology company Palintest Ltd. has now acquired the Wagtech Water Technology Division

Water analysis technology company Palintest Ltd. has now acquired the Wagtech Water Technology Division

The Wagtech Water Technology Division will operate as a newly-formed stand-alone business unit within the Palintest organisation. It will continue to focus on the manufacture and supply of a wide range of portable water testing kits and products for field use. Full details of the product range can be found at The new Wagtech WTD business unit will be headed up by Neil Wrigglesworth, who together with Tom Aylward has transferred across from Wagtech International. Their knowledge and expertise of the product ranges and markets will ensure a smooth transition of the business, ensuring customers will continue to receive the high levels of service provision they have come to expect.

Palintest Ltd. is known throughout the world as the leading manufacturer of a wide range of formulated reagents and advanced instruments for water and environmental analysis. Full details of the Palintest Ltd. range can be found at

This acquisition brings together the technical strength of the Palintest product range with the extensive knowledge that Wagtech WTD has of bespoke field testing kits, especially for the developing areas of the world. Through the new, combined distribution network it will considerably strengthen Palintest’s reach into global markets, especially in Africa and Asia, providing those regions with greater access to the company’s large and growing range of analytical equipment.

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New High Range Manganese Test from Palintest Ltd.

Leading water and chemical analysis company Palintest Ltd. has developed a new high range test for Manganese in drinking water. The new Manganese HR test now offers a market-leading measurement range of 0.02 to 5 mg/l, without the need for pre-test sample dilution.

New High Range Manganese Test for Drinking Water from Water and Chemical Analysis Company Palintest Ltd.

New High Range Manganese Test for Drinking Water from Water and Chemical Analysis Company Palintest Ltd.

The test uses the approved standard Formaldoxime method (ISO 6333), and is supplied in packs containing two sets of tablets. One set of tablets is used to prepare the sample, correcting pH level, and the second tablet reacts with the Manganese. The resultant solution develops an orange/brown colour which indicates the concentration. This test is designed to be used with Palintest’s 7100, 7500 and 8000 model Photometers for precise photometric measurement.

In 2004 the World Health Organisation (WHO) reviewed the health risks posed by Manganese in drinking water, and adopted a new Guideline value of 0.4 mg/l. Concentration levels down to 0.05 mg/l may still cause discolouration of water, leading to consumer dissatisfaction. Similarly, the US EPA recommends a limit of 0.05mg/l because of the staining caused, with some industrial applications requiring levels down to 0.02 mg/l. The new Manganese HR test from Palintest therefore allows a full range of concentration testing from trace to toxic, without extra cost or complexity.

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Halma announces record earnings and strategy for continued expansion

– £100m earmarked for acquisitions –

Halma p.l.c. (, the leading global safety, health and sensor technology group and parent company of Palintest, has announced record results with profits up 9% to £86m and revenue rising by 1% to £459m. The UK-based group has posted strong financials to raise shareholder dividends by 7%, the thirty-first consecutive year of increases greater than 5%. The company plans to augment its organic growth efforts through acquisition of complementary technology companies, as it has done for many years.

Halma’s subsidiaries operate in three main market sectors: Health and Analysis, Infrastructure Sensors, and Industrial Safety, creating shareholder value with consistent organic growth and sound acquisitions. Halma companies operate as independent entities under the day-to-day direction of their local management, while reaping the capital and network benefits of a larger multi-national parent.

The company is seeking successful and profitable companies that are closely allied to any of its current market sectors, although Photonics, Water, Fluid Technology and Health Optics are a particular focus. It has £100m earmarked for acquisitions.

“In recent months we have increased our acquisition search activity,” said Allan Stamper, Chief Executive of the Water & Asset Monitoring Division. “Our experience has been that vendors of good quality businesses are now keener to talk but that many remain cautious about whether to sell now or to wait, in the hope that markets will recover in the medium term. Our task is to convince them that they will achieve even greater success by being part of Halma and to structure deals accordingly. We continue to search for businesses in all of our existing market sectors and in all geographic regions.”

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Halma is a holding company of approximately 35 worldwide subsidiaries that develop and manufacture products that protect lives and improve quality of life for people worldwide. The company’s business groups focus on industrial safety, health and analysis and infrastructure sensors.

To present potential acquisition opportunities, please contact:

Allan Stamper – Chief Executive, Water & Asset Monitoring Division
Tel:  +44 (0)1494 721111
Fax:  +44 (0)1494 728032

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Success for Palintest Ltd. at the nebusiness Awards

World-leading supplier of water analysis equipment Palintest Ltd. has been announced as the winner of the nebusiness award 2009 for the Export achievement category for the whole of North East England. The award recognises the Gateshead-based enterprise’s excellent export growth and success over the last year.

Palintest Ltd win Export category at nebusiness Awards 2010

Palintest Ltd win Export category at nebusiness Awards 2010

Martin Cook of UKTI presents the award to Lesley Henderson, Sales and Marketing Director for Palintest Ltd.

This success follows on the back of their recent recognition as winner of the nebusiness award 2009 for Tyneside and Northumberland in the same category. UK Trade & Investment, the judges for these awards, based their decision on the level of exports relative to the size of the company; products and services sold without the benefit of export credits; the barriers overcome in offering these overseas (language, regulations), and the degree to which they are new and non-traditional in their markets.

Palintest is a world leader in water analysis technology and instrumentation, and its products are bought and used globally across many applications to ensure the supply of clean and safe water. Recent developments include on-site test kits for Arsenic in drinking water, expected to be very successful in regions where this is already a recognised problem such as Southern Asia and South America. The test kits they produce are excellent at determining concentration levels of chemical compounds in water samples, ensuring precise and accurate results with portable instrumentation, ideal for use in the field.

Since 2000, over 2,500 companies have been entered for the awards, which are judged by over 100 senior business figures in the North East of England. Palintest Ltd. would like to thank its staff and excellent worldwide distributor network for helping them to achieve such success.

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Palintest Dives into Shanghai Swimming Pools

The swimming pools at Jiangwan Sports Centre and the International Gymnastics Centre in Shanghai have recently upgraded their water testing equipment to ensure that the highest standards of health and hygiene are maintained for the local communities and competitors. Several Palintest Pooltest 3, 5 and 9 photometers are now being used, in addition to Pooltest test strips, to accurately monitor the legally required chlorine, pH and transparency levels of the pool water. In addition, the handheld analysers are used to measure various other water balance characteristics above and beyond the necessary minimum to make the swimming experience as pleasant and beneficial as possible.

Shanghai International Gymnastics Centre Pool uses Palintest water testing equipment

Shanghai International Gymnastics Centre Pool uses Palintest water testing equipment

Shanghai International Gymnastics Centre Pool

Both pools are prestigious and popular, with the Jiangwan Sports Centre complex a protected municipal heritage site and the Gymnastics Centre having the largest public pool in the province. Both have 50 metre indoor heated pools, each seeing between 700-2000 visitors a day depending on the time of week and year. The Jiangwan Sports Centre is the designated training centre for Shanghai, and both pools have been used as training venues for Olympic competitors. With these considerations of both high usage and high quality, keeping the water in excellent condition is of obvious great importance.

Jiangwan Sports Centre Swimming Pool in Shanghai using Palintest Pooltest water analysis kit

Jiangwan Sports Centre Swimming Pool in Shanghai using Palintest Pooltest water analysis kit

Jiangwan Sports Centre Swimming Pool

Detailed, readily-available knowledge of the water characteristics in a pool allows treatments to be specifically tailored and applied in the correct amounts to keep the pool clean, clear, and friendly – enough disinfectant to be safe, but not so much as to be a potential irritant to swimmers. With quick, easy, on-site testing that doesn’t require extensive training to ensure accurate readings, this optimal balance is much easier to achieve, and the Pooltest range from Palintest is designed with this in mind.

The Pooltest strips, as well as the 3, 5 and 9 photometers, are used to monitor a wide range of parameters: pH, hardness, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, ozone, copper, bromine, and both free and total chlorine levels. The Pooltest units are handheld, waterproof, and use accurate photometric analysis to provide a digital readout on the integrated display.

Exterior of Jiangwan Sports Centre in Shanghai - recently upgraded water testing equipment with Pooltest photometers and test strips

Exterior of Jiangwan Sports Centre in Shanghai - recently upgraded water testing equipment with Pooltest photometers and test strips

Jiangwan Sports Centre Exterior

Pool water monitoring and treatment at both of these sites is carried out by Shanghai Pool Water Treatment Co. Ltd., who switched to using Palintest products as their preferred water testing equipment due to their ease of use, versatility and accuracy. The company also cooperates with the Shanghai Inspection Bureau, which has also ordered several Pooltest units for legal monitoring purposes. Further information about Palintest’s water testing products and expertise can be found on their website at or (Chinese).

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Reagent-free Portable Chlorine Tester Gains EPA Approval

The Chlorosense testing device from Palintest Ltd. makes use of a completely new methodology for water analysis, utilising electrochemical sensors instead of traditional chemical reagents to measure chlorine levels in potable and process water. The portable, battery-powered device has now been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), following an expedited approval process (ref: 74 FR 57908, pub. Nov 10, 2009).

Chlorosense Digital Portable Chlorine Tester from Palintest Ltd Gains EPA Approval

Chlorosense Digital Portable Chlorine Tester from Palintest Ltd Gains EPA Approval

The expedited approval process for drinking water analytical methods exists in order to allow the water industry more timely access to new testing. As the US EPA website ( states: “A comparison of the new alternative method to the approved method(s) must show the new method to be equally effective in determining the concentration of the contaminant.” In achieving the approval, the Chlorosense was found by the agency to be at least as accurate, precise and effective as more traditional, technique-dependent chemical-based methods of chlorine measurement.

The ChloroSense unit measures both free and total chlorine simultaneously, giving results in less than 60 seconds. The free chlorine accuracy is similar to the standard method (DPD) over the normal 0-5 mg/l, however the new technology also works on an extended range of up to 10mg/l free chlorine. Total chlorine test accuracy is similar to chemical based methods, and works on a range of up to 75mg/l.

The major benefit of the ChloroSense compared to chemical reagent-based testing is its ease of use. An operator does not need to have experience in chemical testing to use the device, and only needs the Chlorosense unit, a disposable sensor and the water sample to be tested. No chemical reagents, additional equipment or preparation are required. Total and free chlorine levels are measured simultaneously and displayed in under a minute, along with the temperature of the sample, on the large back-lit LCD screen. All the test information is also stored in the unit’s memory, which can hold up to 500 sets of results. A USB port allows easy connection to a PC for simple, convenient downloading. The unit is compact, robust, and waterproof to an IP67 rating; with a handy carrying case, and weighing just 1kg, it is perfectly suited for testing in the field.

The product is simple to use and comes complete with instructions that enable users of any skill level to test chlorine levels and obtain consistent, repeatable results. Now with US EPA approval, the ChloroSense effectively combines excellent accuracy with previously unobtainable convenience and ease of use.

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Brand New Handheld Chlorine Tester for Potable Water

Palintest Ltd., the leading company in water quality analysis, has launched a new digital Chlorometer for fast, accurate and easy chlorine level measurement. The new product uses the tried and tested DPD standard method in conjunction with a photometric analyser to give near-instant results. This method produces highly accurate results, and is not subject to interpretation errors that can come with a purely human visual colour judgement.

New Chlorometer from Palintest Ltd. for testing chlorine levels in drinking water.

New Chlorometer from Palintest Ltd. for testing chlorine levels in drinking water.

The new Chlorometer is very easy to use, with just 4 intuitive buttons and a menu that uses universal symbols instead of individual languages on its LCD display screen. While its small size (150 x 65 x 40mm) and light weight (200g) make the unit ideal for in-field and on-site testing, its accuracy (± 0.02 @ 1 mg/l) makes it suitable for bench use in both laboratories and treatment plants. Test ranges are 0.01-5.0 mg/l for Free and Total Chlorine levels, and 1-250 mg/l for Chlorine HR concentrations.

With an IP67 rating, the instrument is robust and waterproof, and can be supplied in either a hard or soft carry-case that also holds a store of reagents and test tubes. It uses only 2 AA batteries, giving around 5,000 readings thanks to its low power operation and auto switch-off setting when not in use. The zero reading is held in memory between uses, or can be reset for each test, while the new narrow band wavelength filters provide unparalleled wavelength accuracy for a handheld monitor.


Clean, Streamlined New Website For Palintest Ltd.

Palintest Ltd. has launched its new website, making it easier than ever to access detailed information on its range of market-leading analysis technology. Localised versions for the UK, USA, China, Australia and Asia Pacific regions are now fully live and ready for visitors, with French, Spanish and German language sites online soon.

New website for water and chemical analysis technology specialist Palintest Ltd.

The new, fresh design can be seen at . The new site offers news and instruction manuals, MSDS downloads, as well as technical product, reagent and ordering information that will be continually updated. Customers can now also sign up to a newsletter to be automatically informed of the latest developments at Palintest. The site has been designed to be as friendly and easy-to-use as possible, whilst also quickly providing visitors with the information they are looking for, in as much or little detail as they need.

From the homepage, choosing a different testing situation (e.g. Wastewater, Pool & Spa, Industrial) will take users directly to a list of products applicable for that sector. For users who know exactly what they need already, a quick-find drop-down menu takes them straight there. Each product has its own web page, with a brief description and assorted further information. Product codes for quick ordering are listed, along with related reagents, technical datasheets and even instruction manuals available for download.

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Electrodes To Find Heavy Metal Threats

New Portable Testing Kit from Palintest Ltd.

The SA1100 from specialist testing company Palintest Ltd. uses a unique system to greatly simplify the heavy metal testing process. Years of research have resulted in the development of a disposable electrode which can quickly and accurately detect the presence and concentration of potentially harmful heavy metals such as lead, copper and cadmium in a variety of sample types.

New Prtable Heavy Metals Testing Kit From Palintest Ltd

Left-over or leaked deposits of these substances are known to be toxic, and can be a serious ‘hidden’ hazard; over the years legislation has been progressively introduced to combat the threat. The new technology developed by Palintest means that thorough testing can be carried out on-site and in very little time – less than 60 seconds for most samples, and only 3 minutes even for drinking water. Lead can be tested for in paint, dust, air and soil; both lead and copper in drinking water; and cadmium and lead in ceramic leachates.

The testing process is very simple for the whole range of test parameters, with on-screen prompts and a menu-driven program displayed on the LCD. Once the sample has been prepared with a conditioning tablet, a calibrated, disposable sensor is inserted into the instrument and then immersed in the test sample. The majority of tests are then completed in less than 1 minute, varying with the type of application. As well as instant display of results, up to 500 are stored in the unit’s memory and can be downloaded to a PC via a waterproof USB connection. Normal operation is powered by 4 AA batteries for easy and efficient portability. Further information and technical details about the testing process can be found at or by emailing .

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