Oseco’s Boh Now Based in Singapore

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (January 23, 2007) – Oklahoma Safety Equipment Co., Inc. (Oseco), a leading manufacturer of pressure relief devices, plans to further develop its growing customer base with the appointment of Ben Boh as Regional Manager for Asia.
Ben Boh
Boh is responsible for providing local technical sales support to customers in the Asia Pacific area, bringing Oseco’s precision rupture panels and disks to new applications and markets.  He has returned to the company’s Singapore office after 2 ½ years as Regional Sales Manager for North America at Oseco’s Broken Arrow, Okla. headquarters.  Boh will use this on-site, hands-on experience with the company’s manufacturing processes and product line to better assist customers throughout Asia.

After spending four years in Oseco’s Singapore office, Boh moved to the Regional Sales Manager position at the US office in 2004, marketing Oseco’s products to customers in North America.

Boh is enthusiastic about applying his North American experience to this new position.  “I’m excited to use the knowledge I acquired working in the US to provide better support to our customers in the Asia region,” he says.

Prior to joining Oseco, Boh was employed by Smith Flow Control, another Halma company, where he led sales and marketing initiatives in Southeast Asia for the safety interlock company.  Boh holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

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Lean Manufacturing Proves Effective for Oseco

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (October 31, 2006) – Oklahoma might seem an unlikely place to find Japanese business philosophy at work, but that is precisely what leading pressure relief expert, Oklahoma Safety Equipment Co., Inc. (Oseco) has been busy incorporating into daily operations.  Oseco has streamlined operations by implementing Lean Manufacturing, a management philosophy that focuses on the reduction of waste, improving quality, and the development of strong business relationships.  


The Lean Manufacturing technique has evolved as industry moved from craft production to mass production and finally to lean production practiced in Japan where use originated with car manufacturers such as Toyota.

The process keys in on the reduction of the seven wastes: overproduction, waiting time, transportation, processing, inventory, motion and scrap.  Through Lean Manufacturing, Oseco has been able to eliminate waste, improving quality and reducing costs. 

According to Sharon White, Marketing Manager for the company, the benefits of Lean Manufacturing training are already evident. “We have been able to reduce order entry and manufacturing times and have increased production capacity without increasing headcount,” White said.

Using Lean Manufacturing concepts, Oseco is pull processing, meaning the company produces goods based on consumer demand rather than having more inventory than there is a demand for.  Oseco is also demonstrating flexibility by developing new products and building business relationships in the industry.

To implement Lean Manufacturing at Oseco, employees have participated in off-site training at the Tulsa Technology Center, as well as preliminary training at the Oseco facility.  Improvements to Oseco’s manufacturing of rupture disks, rupture panels, and other pressure relief products mean better quality for customers.

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