Oseco Featuring Explosion Protection at NFPA 2009 Expo

New Gasket Lined Vent designed specifically to meet NFPA 61 and 68 standards 

Broken Arrow, Okla. (April 22, 2009) – Leading rupture detection manufacturer, Oseco, will feature its new Gasket Lined Vent (GLV) explosion vent at the National Fire Protection Association Expo, booth 1438.  The show will take place from June 8-10 at the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago, Ill.

Oseco’s Gasket Lined Vent

Oseco’s GLV is a unique, gasket lined explosion vent designed specifically for use on vertical bucket elevators to comply with NPFA 61 and 68.  It offers intelligent pressure relief for any application involving combustible dust, where there is a risk of explosion.  Utilizing an integral gasket/ sealing membrane, it provides an economical alternative to expensive explosion venting.

The GLV is available in sizes 12” x 18” and larger with an operating pressure of 0.5 to 1.0 psig, per the NFPA standard. 

Hands-on demonstrations of the GLV, as well as Oseco’s full line of explosion vents, will be available for visitors. 

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Opti-Gard™ Rupture Disk for Chemical and Petrochemical Process Industries

Oseco’s Opti-Gard optimizes process management

Broken Arrow, Okla. (December 16, 2008) – Offering significant financial and operational benefits for the chemical and petrochemical process industries, Oseco announces the Opti-Gard™ pressure-management system. The Opti-Gard System comprises a reverse-acting bursting disk, a single-design holder with multi-flange compatibility and an industry-leading non-invasive detector.

Oseco’s Opti-Gard™

With tolerance of only 3% across a wide range of burst pressures and a 95% operating ratio, Opti-Gard offers the highest performance characteristics available for liquid, gas or vapor applications. All Opti-Gard parts that are exposed to media flow are manufactured from either 316 Stainless Steel or corrosion-resistant Hastelloy C as standard. A single design for both disk and holder ensures that user stock levels are kept to a minimum.

Opti-Gard’s disk has a performance tolerance of plus or minus 3% down to 65 psig, a 40% improvement on established industry values. This allows the optimization of process pressures with the added benefit of a reduction in disk inventory up to 60% in some cases.

The Opti-Gard uses the integral Flo-Tel™ non-invasive detection device. Unlike traditional gasketed detectors, Flo-Tel is reusable and only requires a one-time installation. Since it is isolated from downstream pressure fluctuations or aggressive media, it will not cause unnecessary downtime through false “failure” indication.

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Oseco Offers Rupture Panel for Hygienic and Sanitary Operations

Precision rupture panel prevents product buildup and contamination

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (June 5, 2008) – To provide precision pressure relief for applications where hygiene and sanitation are concerns, Oklahoma Safety Equipment Co., Inc. (Oseco), a leader in pressure relief innovation, introduces the MVRB (Metal Vent Reverse Buckling) rupture panel.

Oseco’s MVRB

 The MVRB can avert catastrophic explosions caused by overpressures in dust collectors, conveyor systems, dryers and other equipment requiring precise pressure relief.  Its smooth surface prevents product buildup and contamination, making it well-suited for hygienic and sanitary services.  The non-fragmenting design increases process safety in the event of panel rupture.  The MVRB is compatible with a wide range of environments, performing consistently in high temperature applications up to 700ºF.

The MVRB is designed for high operating ratio applications in the power generation, pharmaceutical, transportation and chemical markets.  It is the only rupture panel available that has a 90% operating ratio – a design feature that is essential in demanding applications in order to avoid premature panel rupture.  With reduced nuisance failures, the panel life of the MVRB is longer than that of typical panels.

The round panels are constructed from stainless steel, nickel inconel or monel, and are available in diameters from 12 to 36 inches.  The MVRB should be installed using a custom designed rolled angle ring configuration. Custom sizes, materials, and panels designed to withstand vacuum are also available upon request.

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24″ FAS Bursting Disk is Problem-Solver

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (February 15, 2007) – One of Oseco’s best-selling pressure relief product ranges is the versatile line of FAS bursting disks.  The company is now manufacturing a 24″ FAS, which is their largest forward-acting scored disk offered.

24″ FAS

In the past, large disk applications had limited options and often needed disks from different product lines, requiring more work for engineers. With the addition of the large 24″ disk customers can cover many of their disk needs with the same product line, for easier specification.

The 24″ FAS is non-fragmenting, keeping disk pieces from entering a piping system in the event of a disk burst.  The disk can withstand full vacuum and will operate at up to 90% of the stamped rating and still provide excellent service life.  In addition, the disk performs well in static and high-cycling services.  The scored portion of the disk is placed away from the process, preventing product buildup and making it ideal for sanitary applications. 

Though proper installation is an important factor in disk performance, the 24″ FAS will activate at or below the rated burst pressure even when damaged or installed incorrectly, making it fail-safe.  The user-friendly, non-torque sensitive design eliminates the need for pre-torqued rupture disk holders.

This latest addition to the FAS line, which is available in a wide range of sizes from 1″ up to the new 24″, allows customers and engineers to choose from an increased range of disks that suit many needs within a single facility.  It is available in Hallestoy, 316 Stainless Steel, Nickel, Inconel and Monel; other materials are available upon request. 

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Oseco’s Specialized Rupture Disks for Pharmaceutical Processes

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (December 21, 2006) – Pharmaceutical processes require precise rupture protection, and Oklahoma Safety Equipment Co., Inc.’s (Oseco) S-PRO-S and PROLP disks are specially suited for these applications.  These disks, along with Oseco’s full line of rupture protection products, will be on display at the Interphex Conference and Exhibition, February 1-2 in Puerto Rico.

Pharma Applications
Oseco’s S-PRO-S combines a bursting disk and sensor into a single assembly, eliminating the need to install a separate sensor.  A burst disk breaks the sensor’s circuit and triggers the activation of an alarm, allowing overpressure situations to be corrected with a minimum of process downtime. The design minimizes product buildup, prevents contamination from rupture disk pieces, and is ideal for use in sanitary services such as pharmaceutical manufacturing. The uni-body system is able to withstand full vacuum (14.7 psi) without a separate vacuum support.

The PROLP rupture disk operates in very low pressure vessels, where equipment operating costs are key considerations. It has a fully opening, perimeter-scored design which utilizes Oseco’s unique computerized load cell technology. The scoring accuracy means this highly specialized disk is well-suited for most gas, vapor or liquid low pressure applications, such as those found in pharmaceutical plants. 

In addition to these disks, Oseco’s full line of precision rupture disks, rupture panels and sensors will be on display at the show. Visitors may register to win a DVD player at the company’s booth, 1336, until the winner is drawn on the last day of the show.

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Oseco Offers BARG Measurements in New Catalog

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (February 20, 2007) – Finding the proper pressure relief devices is easier than ever with the new product catalog, suitable for both European and US audiences, from leading rupture disk manufacturer Oklahoma Safety Equipment Co., Inc. (OSECO). 

Catalog (print)

The company’s new full-color catalog offers information about Oseco’s full line of pressure relief devices.  Comprehensive descriptions and technical specifications are given for Oseco’s rupture disks, rupture disk holders, sanitary products, rupture panels, single- use assemblies, alarms and sensors.  Easy-to-read charts display burst pressure tolerance, panel specification information, and temperature limit data.  New this year is information offered not only in PSI, but also in BARG, the pressure measurement used in Europe.

A  free copy of the product catalog can be requested by e-mailing info@oseco.com or by calling 800-395-3475 (internationally +1-918-258-5626).

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