Oseco Rupture Discs Featured on MythBusters Breaking Bad Episode

Broken Arrow, Okla. (Aug. 23, 2013) Oseco’s rupture discs have again been put to the test on MythBusters, this time as part of a special dedicated to the award-winning Breaking Bad TV show. The pressure-relief manufacturer made its sixth appearance on the hit show as the MythBusters crew tested the explosive capabilities of a chemical composition.

Breaking Bad-themed MythBusters episode

Breaking Bad-themed MythBusters episode

Oseco’s rupture discs have been featured on the Discovery Channel show since 2008 in a variety of ways that showcase the discs’ pressure safety capabilities. MythBusters puts popular myths to the test to see if they are “Confirmed,” “Plausible” or “Busted.”

The Breaking Bad-themed episode tested a scene from the show’s first season, in which chemist and burgeoning criminal Walter White slams 50 grams of a dangerous chemical to the ground while inside a deranged gangster’s hideout. The resulting blast blows out the windows and disorients but does not hurt the gangster and his henchmen.

“For this experiment we’re testing two things – both lethality and injury,” MythBusters co-host Kari Byron says on the episode. “For that, we have Oseco burst discs.” The discs were calibrated to burst at 13psi and 75psi throughout the room to see if Walter White and the other characters in the Breaking Bad episode would be hurt or die from the explosion.

MythBusters tested the scene’s science by placing Oseco burst discs around the test room to gauge if the characters would have survived such a blast. The chemical concoction did not explode when 50 grams were slammed to the ground and the myth was “Busted.” However, when blasting caps were added to the chemical mix a small explosion occurred and Oseco’s discs did their job, bursting to indicate what would have been injuries to actual people.

Previously on MythBusters, the cast used Oseco rupture discs to determine the protection everyday objects offer the human body against an explosion. MythBusters also has turned to Oseco when the show needed help measuring the protection water provides from explosions and whether a person could be exposed to a blast that would “knock your socks off” without experiencing a deadly amount of force.

Oseco rupture discs are used in many types of real-world, high-pressure industrial applications to protect people and equipment from dangerous overpressure events.

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New Online Logistics Tool from Oseco

Webpage helps consumers determine best shipping option

Broken Arrow, Okla. (August 14, 2013) – Oseco’s latest interactive web offering makes it easier for customers to select the best supply chain and logistic combinations for their business.


Reducing the operational cost and difficulty of purchasing complex products is a fast-growing need in industrial markets. With Oseco’s online logistics tool, companies can plan ahead or use emergency expediting to make sure they have replacement products on the shelf that are able to continue production.

The two-step logistics tool allows visitors to select a buying habit that closely matches their own. First, users select how they make their purchases, such as “I buy the same product all the time.” Then, they choose a time frame of when they need the item, ranging from “It’s an emergency” to seven to 10 days. The combination of choices results in a recommendation of the best Oseco logistics option for them.

“By offering a proactive supply-chain solution, businesses will remove the stress and additional cost they experience when their production unit experiences an overpressure and requires use of an Oseco product,” said Darren Doyle, Oseco’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The tool gives customers an informed view when planning their expectation of Oseco in supporting their operation.

“At Oseco, we understand that customers have various purchasing needs,” said Aaron Cunningham, Oseco’s Brand & Digital Channels Manager. “We want to ensure that we are meeting those needs in a manner that is easiest for them, whether that’s through our emergency expedite or by arranging planned and predictable deliveries.”

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Oseco Features MV-RD Explosion Vent at NFPA Expo

Broken Arrow, Okla. (May 30, 2013) – Oseco will present its high-performance MV-RD explosion vent at the upcoming National Fire Protection Association Conference and Expo in Chicago.


MV-RD will be featured at the NFPA show

MV-RD will be featured at the NFPA show

Oseco’s MV-RD is a domed designed explosion vent for high-cycling applications such as industrial dust collectors, bag houses and bulk storage units. It can withstand environments that experience vacuum pressures up to 12 pounds per square inch or 24.4 inches mercury.  The MV-RD’s specifications increases the vent’s life cycle and meets the explosion protection requirements of NFPA 68. Common sizes of the MV-RD are included in Oseco’s Explosion Vent Stocking Program, which features a short two-day lead time, minimizing production downtime.

The MV-RD and other Oseco safety products will be displayed in booth No. 1159 from June 10 to 12 at the McCormick Place Convention Center.

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Safety Plug for Immediate Oilfield Pressure Relief

Oseco’s safety plug comes preset, installs in seconds

Broken Arrow, Okla. (May 20, 2013) – Oseco has released a new safety plug to protect high-pressure lines and fluid ends on fracking sites. The Oseco Safety Plug arrives preset to the user’s specified burst pressure and is installed in seconds, eliminating the downtime that comes with manually adjusting a traditional relief valve.

New oilfield fracking plugs from Oseco.

New oilfield fracking plugs from Oseco.

The safety plug immediately relieves pressure, such as pumping against a closed valve. Unlike transducers whose kick-outs can slow pumps but cannot instantly relieve pressure, Oseco’s technology delivers immediate pressure relief.

The safety plug has a bursting pressure range of 6,000 to 15,500 pounds per square inch gauge and a flow rate up to 1,500 gallons per minute, the highest amount available. The plug lasts up to six months without maintenance and has been compression-loaded disc-tested to 3.5 million cycles with no effect on accuracy.

Each unit comes with certification paperwork documenting the plug’s accuracy.

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Oseco Wins Award for Outstanding Website

Broken Arrow, Okla. (January 22, 2013) – Oseco’s website has been recognized with a top honor from the Web Marketing Association, winning an Outstanding Website award for Oseco.com. On average the site outperformed its peers in the manufacturing industry on all seven judged categories, including design, interactivity and ease of use. Oseco earned an overall score of 65 out of 70, compared to the industry average of 51 out of 70.


“When we redesigned Oseco.com in late 2011, we wanted to create an excellent visitor experience regardless of how familiar visitors are with our product,” said Aaron Cunningham, Oseco’s brand communications manager. “The judged website functions were all things we had to take into account when we made the site.” Oseco also recently added shopping functionality at store.oseco.com.

The WMA judged more than 2,000 entries from 96 industry categories in 42 countries for its 2012 WebAward Competition. Entries were judged on design, copy writing, innovation, content, interactivity, ease of use and technology.

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Oseco Introduces New Web Store

Pressure-relief products now available online to U.S. customers

Broken Arrow, Okla. (December 20, 2012) – Oseco has opened an online store to offer customers in the plastic extrusion and transportation industries a fast and convenient way to order railcar rupture discs and burst plugs for plastic extruders. The shop offers a same-day lead time and quantity discounts on all items available for purchase online.

new Oseco website
The online shop, store.oseco.com, features pressure-relief products for plastic extrusion machines and transportation rupture discs that protect railcars and over-the-road tankers from overpressure. In addition to saving time and money, the online store gives customers easy access to past orders, so reprinting invoices and re-ordering supplies is easier than ever.

Oseco is offering customers free shipping on their first order by using coupon code “freeship1112.” For more information on Oseco’s full line of pressure-relief products, call 800-395-3475 or visit the company’s website at oseco.com.

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Oseco’s New Rupture Disc Has Industry Leading Flow Rate

Non-fragmenting reverse buckling disc ideal for gas or liquid applications

Broken Arrow, Okla. (February 17, 2012) – Oseco’s new PRO+KRGL reverse buckling rupture disc for gas or liquid applications provides a best-in-class Kr value (used to determine the frictional flow loss through a rupture disc and holder) for improved flow, which permits the use of smaller piping. The disc is designed for use in safety relief valve isolation, primary pressure relief or in conjunction with a safety relief valve as secondary pressure relief.

Oseco’s new PRO+KRGL reverse buckling rupture disc.

Oseco’s new PRO+KRGL reverse buckling rupture disc.

The disc has a 95% operating ratio, allowing users to operate their processes near capacity without fear of the disc bursting prematurely, decreasing downtime for maintenance. The PRO+KRGL is non-fragmenting, making it an ideal reverse buckling disc for safety relief valve isolation.

Oseco also offers the industry’s best Kr value with its FAS rupture disc, a forward acting non-fragmenting rupture disc designed for safety relief valve isolation.

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Oseco’s New Website Aids Customer Product Selection

Broken Arrow, Okla. (January 5, 2012) – Oseco’s newly redesigned website helps both new and experienced users of rupture discs and explosion vents select the right products for their needs. The new website, www.oseco.com, is the first designed by a rupture disc manufacturer to allow visitors to find a product based on their industry and application, and request a quote in the same visit.

Oseco’s new website lets visitors choose products by their application.

Oseco’s new website lets visitors choose products by their application.

The new website organizes Oseco’s full range of rupture discs and explosion vents into industry and application groups. Visitors can select their industry or application, and see a list of recommended products. In instances where there are many options, the site will narrow the selection based on additional visitor criteria. The new site also includes a section to highlight Oseco’s custom engineered pressure relief devices.

Visitors can schedule a lunch & learn for on-site rupture disc and explosion vent training, or request a quote with 24 hour response time (or by Monday afternoon for weekend submissions).

The redesign was created with the user in mind, to make the experience as visitor friendly as possible. Since launching the website, Oseco has recorded a 53% increase in the time visitors spend on the site, and a 43% increase in average page view per visitor.


Oseco’s Industry Best Rupture Discs at The Chem Show

Broken Arrow, Okla. (October 5, 2011) – Oseco will feature its highly efficient FAS (Forward Acting Scored) and PRO+ (Precision Reverse Operating) rupture discs at The Chem Show, booth 729. The show takes place November 1-3 at the Javits Center (New York, N.Y.).

Oseco’s FAS and PRO+ discs, on display at The Chem Show booth 729.

Oseco’s FAS and PRO+ discs, on display at The Chem Show booth 729.

The FAS and PRO+ have the industry’s best KR values, a measurement used to determine the frictional flow loss through a rupture disc and holder. The FAS has the lowest available KR of any forward acting rupture disc, and PRO+ offers a best-in-class KR for reverse buckling discs. The low KR values of the two discs guarantee an efficient flow, less pressure drop and faster emergency pressure relief. Both discs are commonly used for safety relief valve isolation and are designed to be non-fragmenting.


Two Day Lead Time on Oseco’s Explosion Vent Stocking Program

Program supplies industry’s best and most commonly used explosion vents

Broken Arrow, Okla. (September 2, 2011) – Oseco’s Express Vent Stocking Program features a 2 day lead time on Oseco’s high performance MV explosion vents. The program is designed to reduce inventory on-hand for users and manufacturers of baghouses, dust collectors and bulk storage units that must maintain NFPA 68 compliance.

Oseco’s Express Vent Stocking Program includes the MV-RD.

Oseco’s Express Vent Stocking Program includes the MV-RD.

Oseco’s MV explosion vents meet the requirements of NFPA 68, which requires that facilities have provisions for venting dust deflagrations within an enclosure, thereby reducing the danger to personnel and equipment caused by an explosion.

The Express Vent Stocking Program provides on-demand, quick delivery of Oseco’s MV explosion vents. The program includes Oseco’s MV-RD explosion vent for dust collectors. The MV-RD’s high performance characteristics result in extended service life and lower maintenance costs. Also included is the MV-RF for applications requiring a flat vent that can withstand the low vacuum conditions of bulk storage units or sanitary applications where product build-up may be a concern.