Ocean Optics Expands 3-Year Warranty

Industry-exclusive warranty now covers more products and accessories
Dunedin, Florida (June 24, 2010) – Ocean Optics, the industry leader in miniature spectroscopy, has expanded its exclusive 3-Year Warranty beyond its spectrometers to include additional products such as light sources and other accessories.

Beginning July 1, 2010, spectrometers, light sources and sampling accessories purchased from Ocean Optics and its authorized distributors are now covered for a full three years against manufacturing defects – regardless of application.  Additionally, items such as optical fibers and probes are now covered for a full 12 months.

Ocean Optics’ warranty covers parts and labor needed to repair manufacturing defects that occur during the coverage period, as well as the costs of shipping warranty-related repairs from U.S. customers to Ocean Optics and from Ocean Optics back to the customers.

To learn more about Ocean Optics’ warranty programs visit the company’s website at www.oceanoptics.com/warranty.asp .

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