Ocean Optics Introduces High-performance Optical Fiber Assemblies for UV Applications

XSR Solarization-resistant Fiber Offers Remarkable Resistance to UV Degradation

Dunedin, Florida (November 10, 2006) –XSR Xtreme Solarization-resistant Optical Fiber Assemblies for spectroscopy are manufactured by Ocean Optics using a proprietary process that provides enhanced UV transmission — signal will transmit to 180 nm — and remarkable resistance to UV degradation.  Ideal for deep-UV (<300 nm) applications, XSR Fiber comes in several core diameter sizes and lengths, and couples to Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories via SMA 905 Connectors. Ocean Optics is the only spectroscopy manufacturer to offer XSR Fiber.


XSR Optical Fiber Assemblies are available in core diameters of 235 microns and 455 microns, in standard lengths of 25 centimeters, 1 meter and 2 meters, with custom lengths also available. A 6-around-1 reflection probe version is available for reflection and fluorescence from solid surfaces, or backscattering and fluorescence in liquids and powders. Shorter-length assemblies are recommended for applications requiring maximum UV throughput.

UV radiation below 300 nm degrades transmission in standard silica fibers, resulting in solarization (increased light absorption in the UV fiber that blocks transmission and can invalidate data). For such applications, Premium-grade XSR Xtreme Optical Fiber Assemblies are a viable alternative to less effective solarization-resistant fibers.
XSR assemblies are robust and durable; each assembly has aluminum coating, stainless-steel BX jacketing, and high-quality SMA 905 Connectors.

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