Netherlocks Closure Door Locks for Pigging Systems

Key operated interlocks remove human error from valve operation sequences

Houston, Texas (February 23, 2012) – Improper operation of pigging system valves can result in equipment damage, injury or death. Netherlocks Safety Systems Closure Locks eliminate the danger to personnel and equipment by ensuring that correct operation procedures are followed every time pigging operations take place.

Netherlocks’ Closure Locks ensure proper operation of pigging systems.

Netherlocks’ Closure Locks ensure proper operation of pigging systems.

Pigging systems are used to insert a pipeline inspection gauge (PIG) into a live system transporting gas or liquid media, in order to perform various maintenance operations. Dealing with such high pressure levels, pigging operations require that a precise sequence of valve operation is followed in order to avoid disastrous consequences. Netherlocks’ Closure Locks protect against improper operation of a pigging system’s most important valve, the closure door.

Common accidents that occur during pigging operations often involve the system’s closure door. These incidents include opening the closure door while pressure still remains inside the vessel, opening the main process valve while the closure door is not fully closed, and opening the closure door while a high concentration level of toxins still remains inside the vessel.

Closure Locks are operated using a series of keys that lock into place, and can’t be removed out of sequence. This guarantees that workers always follow the correct valve operation procedure.

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