Mechanical Valve Interlocks Guarantee Safety in Locking Out Critical Valves

Customized systems available for all type of valves

Houston, Texas (June 7, 2011) – Many industrial processes require valves to be secured in a locked-open or locked-closed position.  Netherlocks’ mechanical valve interlocks eliminate human error to ensure that critical valves are locked in the proper position.

Netherlocks mechanical interlocks safeguard critical industrial processes.

Netherlocks mechanical interlocks safeguard critical industrial processes.

Standard interlocking products use a padlock and key, and provide no information about the current position of the valve.  Netherlocks’ mechanical valve interlocks are operated with two color-coded keys, which through a trapped key mechanism, control the open and closed position of a valve and communicate its current state.  When the green key is released, the valve is locked in the “locked-open” position.  For the red key to be released, the valve must be locked in the “locked-closed” position.  If a valve is left in a midway position between open and closed, both keys are trapped in the device.  Through this system, the current position of the valve is guaranteed.

Netherlocks’ valve interlocks are fully mechanical with no need for electronic wiring.  They are easily incorporated into new construction and are ideal for retrofitting older installations to mitigate potential safety issues.

Netherlocks manufactures a wide range of interlocking devices to fit all types and sizes of valves. All interlocks feature a simple and robust design. For dependable longtime operation all valve interlock components are made from corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel.

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