Partial Stroke Testing (PST) System Ensures Proper Operation of Emergency Valves

FAITH system from Netherlocks features simple design for reliable operation

Houston, Texas (May 4, 2011) – For partial stroke testing of valves without overshoot risk or process interruption, Netherlocks offers the FAITH test system.  FAITH allows online testing of emergency shutdown (ESD) or high integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS) valves, to reduce degradation and ensure that they operate properly should the need arise.

The FAITH partial stroke testing (PST) system from Netherlocks.

The FAITH partial stroke testing (PST) system from Netherlocks.

FAITH’s simple mechanical design delivers reliable operation.  The system integrates into a valve’s static and dynamic couplings, replacing the original coupling and spool piece.  During partial stroke testing, FAITH’s mechanical steel blocking pins ensure that the dynamic coupling can only turn to the preset test angle (ie 20 degrees) to allow flow to continue through the valve during the test without risking overshoot. 

All FAITH systems can be customized to fit directly between the valve and actuator without additional brackets.  Models are available for both linear and rotating actuators.  Electronic switches can also be added to the FAITH system to allow the control room to monitor the test.