Netherlocks NL-H Universal Locking Device for Handwheel and Lever Operated Valves

Corrosion-resistant lock ideal for work in corrosive environments

Houston, Texas (March 18, 2011) – Providing secure lockout for all types and sizes of manual valves, Netherlocks offers the NL-H Hybrid Lock.  The NL-H can secure valves in every position, and its universal compatibility eliminates the need for maintaining an inventory of assorted lockout products for each type of valve on-site. 

The NL-H universal valve locking device from Netherlocks.

The NL-H universal valve locking device from Netherlocks.

The universal NL-H uses a flexible steel cable to immobilize a valve’s handwheel or lever.  The unit secures to the valve with a padlock, to ensure the valve cannot be operated.  The NL-H is made entirely from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel for reliable operation in harsh environments such as in offshore or chemical applications.

Netherlocks’ NL-H saves maintenance personnel’s time, by eliminating the need for scouting trips into the field to determine the correct lockout product for a valve.  By bringing an NL-H to the job site, workers can be assured any valve will be safely locked out so that work can be completed.

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