Netherlocks Takes The Strain

Valve-control specialist Netherlocks has developed a device to facilitate the manual operation of problematic valves, whether they are high-torque, difficult to reach or require many handwheel rotations to activate.  The KMS is a portable pneumatic handheld actuator that enables valves to be operated at least 40 times faster than by conventional means.

Netherlocks Takes The Strain

Opening or closing manual valves can place great strain on an operator’s body, causing unnecessary stress and occasional injury.  It is in an employer’s interest to combat this source of stress, both for the well-being of its workforce and to comply with relevant legislation.

The KMS is suitable for all handwheel-operated valves when used in conjunction with its universal drive plate.  Instead of an expensive actuator, each valve is fitted with a plate, allowing every valve in a plant to be activated by a single KMS.  Since it is air-driven, the KMS is also safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The portable actuator is supplied in lengths of 480mm or 1182mm.  An optional aluminium storage box is available, including a 20m reeled air hose, an integrated air filter / lubricator and an air reduction valve.

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