Universal Lockout Device Fits All Types And Sizes Of Valve

Dutch valve-control specialist Netherlocks has designed a universal valve lockout device, the NL-H.  The unique hybrid lock is suitable for securing all types and sizes of valve in every position, avoiding the need to hold different kinds of lockout product in stock to cater for different types and sizes of valve.

Netherlocks NL-H Universal Valve Lockout

Locking out a valve with the NL-H is quick and easy.  The device is first fixed onto the valve’s handwheel or lever.  A stainless steel cable is then threaded through the NL-H and placed around a fixed point to ensure that the handwheel or lever cannot be operated.  Finally, a padlock is attached to the lock’s operating knob, preventing the NL-H from being removed.

Aside from doing away with large stocks of assorted lockout products, the NL-H removes the need for reconnaissance trips into the field to establish which sort of product will be required to fit a particular valve before work begins.  Operators and maintenance personnel can now simply retain their own lockout device in their toolbox, ready for use as required.

The NL-H is made entirely from AISI 316 stainless steel and is suitable for use in harsh or corrosive environments.

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