Uzbekistan Ambassador visits Netherlocks head office

On March 3rd 2015, the Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Mr. Vladimir Norov, visited the Netherlocks head office in The Netherlands. Accompanied by his Counsellor for Economic and Commercial Affairs Mr. Askar Mirsaidov, the ambassador was received by Netherlocks managing director Daniel Ruiter and the management team.


As a result of the fast economic growth in his country, Mr. Norov is currently informing highly innovative companies in the Dutch oil & gas industry on the market possibilities in Uzbekistan, especially in gas & process industry. With a natural gas reserve of 1.635 Billion Standard Cubic Metres and an annual production of 58.700 Million Standard Cubic Metres of natural gas annually, Uzbekistan plays a significant role in the world market production of natural gas.

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New Indian Branch office for Netherlocks

New regional office will serve as a base for South East Asia

Halma India’s Managing Director, Mr. Prasenjit Datta inaugurated the new Vadodara branch office on n November 6, 2014. The office is located in the commercial area of Vikram Sarabhai Marg, Vadodara and will serve  as a base for Nitul Sanghvi, Netherlocks Area Sales Manager for South East Asia and his team.

Netherlocks Branch office India

Mr. Prasenjit Datta opening the new Netherlocks Branch Office

For more information on Netherlocks, please visit the website at

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FAITH partial stroke test device allows live testing of critical valves

Testing without risk of overshoot

In close cooperation with one of their clients, Netherlocks recently produced a movie in which a live testing procedure of critcal valves is shown on location. It reveals how mechanical partial stroke testing allows live testing without interrupting process flow, while eliminating the risk of valve overshoot at the same time.

FAITH is a customized mounting set, installed between the valve and the actuator. It replaces the original bracket and drive bush. Inside the bracket, blocking pins can be positioned by pulling the test handle. These pins prohibit the drive bush from turning further than the preset test angle. The Netherlocks FAITH facilitates the partial stroke testing of valves without any risk of overshooting the test angle.

An experienced end user explains: “Before using FAITH, tests were difficult to plan and carry out as process flow could under no circumstances be interrupted. Now, valve tests can be carried out any time, while we can guarantee process flow to our clients at all times.”

FAITH partial stroke test device

The Netherlocks FAITH offers a simple and 100% reliable mechanical solution for partial stroke testing.

For more information on the FAITH partial stroke test device and Netherlocks other valve safety products, please visit the website at, or watch the video at

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Valve Safety Company Netherlocks Commits to Middle East & Africa Market with New Local Presence

Netherlocks has appointed Bryan Preem as its new Branch Manager Middle East & Africa and will head up the new Netherlocks Dubai Service Center, which is expected to open later this year. In a move to cement the company’s commitment both to the region and to providing new levels of service excellence, the office will offer a local point of contact and support for customers.

Bryan Preem joins valve safety specialist Netherlocks as Branch Manager Middle East & Africa

Bryan Preem joins valve safety specialist Netherlocks as Branch Manager Middle East & Africa

Bryan has been living and working in Dubai since 2011, leading local sales teams and successfully implementing strategic sales objectives for Daikin McQuay Middle East. He is now keen to further develop the huge growth potential for oil and gas safety products in the Middle East and Africa with Netherlocks.

He was particularly interested in Netherlocks’ recent product innovations, such as Intelligent Interlocking: “This new breed of applications is highly sought for in a market that is rapidly adopting products that combine both mechanical as well as electronic features – and Netherlocks is clearly at the forefront of these developments.” He is also expecting great demand for directly deployable operational products that make lives safer and safe work easier, such as the Power Wrench portable pneumatic actuator.

After defining key markets in the Middle East and Africa and setting up a commercial plan of action, Bryan will focus on intensifying relationships with local Netherlocks agents. He believes that trust, transparency and mutual understanding will lay the foundations for rapid expansion as Netherlocks develops its role as a key supplier of process safety products in the Middle East and Africa.

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New ATEX Certification for Netherlocks FAITH Partial Stroke Testing System

Netherlocks has received new EX certification for the Netherlocks FAITH Partial Stroke Testing (PST) system, recognising the addition of a dedicated grounding means for the system.

FAITH PST from Netherlocks gets new ATEX Certification

FAITH PST from Netherlocks gets new ATEX Certification

The FAITH partial stroke product categorisation with this new certificate is now as follows:


The FAITH PST device uses mechanical pins to limit the degree of valve closure, allowing for easy, safe testing of system-critical components such as ESD (Emergency Shut Down) and HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System) valves without affecting normal online process or operation. There is no risk of test angle overshoot or process interruption, the test can be performed at ‘real’ speed and will always return results.

For most cases, the FAITH is suitable for SIL3 applications, with an FMEDA (Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis) assessment carried out by Exida showing 0 Fail Safe Detected, Fail Safe Undetected and Fail Dangerous Detected conditions recorded from the test.

The new ATEX certification of the Netherlocks explosion-proof FAITH system is a good step forward in raising the level of applicability of mechanical PST in various process industries, bringing the highest levels of safety to as many environments as possible.

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Certified Fire-Proof Multi Rotation Handwheel Interlock

The MRL Multi Rotation Lock from Netherlocks has been thoroughly tested and awarded the Fire Test Certificate according to ANSI/API and ISO standards. This means that customers can be assured that even in the event of a fire it will continue to function safely as intended, and will not cause additional disruption to the normal procedure of operation afterwards.

The MRL Multi Rotation Handwheel Interlocks from Netherlocks has been awarded the Fire Test Certificate

The MRL Multi Rotation Handwheel Interlocks from Netherlocks has been awarded the Fire Test Certificate

The interlock was subjected to temperatures of nearly 1000°C for around 20 minutes, and after cooling back down functioned correctly to safely lock and unlock the handwheel valve according to specification.

The test, performed by Yarmouth Research and Technology, LLC, found the MRL to be compliant with ANSI/API Standard 607 Sixth Edition – 2010 and ISO 10497:2010. During the test the lock was burned with one key in the lock; after cooldown the lock remained securely locked unless both keys were inserted, whereby it unlocked and operated smoothly as intended.

Netherlocks’ MRL is an interlock for multi rotation handwheel -operated valves. Following the interlocking principle, it only allows the handwheel to be turned when two keys are inserted into the lock, ensuring that it can only be operated when it is safe to do so. For example, key 1 might only be released when a relief valve has been opened, thus making it safe to close the main process valve. Once closed, it will release key 2, which can then be used to unlock the next stage of the operation, ensuring compliance with safe procedures.

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SABIC Europe Uses Power Wrench to Save Time and Effort

Portable device easily operates manually operated valves

SABIC, the major plastics, chemicals and innovative plastics producer in Europe, has been using the Netherlocks Power Wrench as an effective and efficient alternative to multiple actuators for operating its hand wheel valves. The two companies have also cooperated to produce a video about how it can be used to save time, effort and cost:

Using pneumatic pressure (4-8 bar) the Atex-certified Power Wrench is a mobile tool for operating any size of handwheel valve, with up to 515 Nm of torque available to the user with a twist of the throttle – making light work of even the heaviest handwheels. “It really allows me to do my job faster and more easily – which is great because I’m not that young any more!” explained G. Knepper (Dayshift Operator, HDPE Polymers – Production) of SABIC Europe B.V.

Weighing only 10.2 kg, Netherlocks has designed the Power Wrench to be easily portable and operable by anyone, and has integrated, enforced ‘2-hands’ operation for added safety.

SABIC Europe uses Netherlocks Power Wrench to easily operate multiple valves

SABIC Europe uses Netherlocks Power Wrench to easily operate multiple valves

J. Habets (Senior Dayshift Operator, HDPE Polymers – Production) of SABIC Europe commented: “SABIC’s relationship with Netherlocks is very good. The people there are very cooperative and always look for a suitable solution to the various valve safety issues we experience. The Power Wrench is a great device for us, because we can open and close our manually operated valves much more quickly and safely.”

For more information on the Power Wrench and Netherlocks other valve safety products, please visit the website at, or watch the video at

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New Netherlocks Website Features Improved Access to Information

Houston, Texas (March 18, 2013) –Netherlocks Safety Systems has launched a new website that continues to improve upon its customers’ access to industry news and product information. Visitors to the site,, can easily navigate to the valve safety products for their specific needs.

Netherlocks has launched a new website.

Netherlocks has launched a new website.

Besides improved navigation and accessibility, the new website is compatible with a variety of platforms and mobile devices. It has also been optimized to better support multimedia presentations such as videos. Visitors can expect frequent updates to case studies and previous customers’ insights that allow them to make more informed decisions on valve safety products.

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Compliance with New BSEE Regulations for Offshore Drilling from Netherlocks

ISI Touch Screen displays required safety and environmental information

Houston, Texas (February 13, 2013) –The Interlock System Information (ISI) Touch Screen from Netherlocks enables offshore oil and gas facilities to comply with new mandatory guidelines from the American Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).

The ISI Touch Screen from Netherlocks.

The ISI Touch Screen from Netherlocks.

The ISI Touch Screen stores all relevant information about interlocks, flow charts, instrument diagrams and other plant specific information in a central place, as required by the mandatory BSEE regulations. It is used in conjunction with Netherlocks key interlocking systems, integrating into the key cabinet or mounting separately. Combined with the Netherlocks key interlocking system, ISI eliminates human error and clearly displays information about each specific key and its corresponding interlock. Information is easily accessible to every operator in every location.

The regulations are part of the Workplace Safety Rule on Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS), which covers all offshore oil and gas operations in federal waters. SEMS also mandates the previously voluntary requirement that facilities develop and maintain a Safety and Environmental Management System as outlined in the American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 75 (RP 75). This includes making safety and environmental information available at every facility, including design data, flow charts of facility processes, and diagrams of mechanical components and instruments.

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Portable Valve Actuator from Netherlocks for Multiple Valves

Power Wrench is ergonomically designed for safe operation and employee comfort

Houston, Texas (December 10, 2012) – The Netherlocks Power Wrench portable valve actuator facilitates operation of manual valves for process industry employees while contributing to safe working conditions. It is capable of opening and closing any size, type or number of manually operated valves, making it a cost effective alternative to multiple actuators.

The Netherlocks Power Wrench portable valve actuator.

The Netherlocks Power Wrench portable valve actuator.

The Power Wrench connects to valves by a bolt-on universal drive plate, allowing a single Power Wrench to operate multiple valves. It is pneumatically powered (4-7 bar) and safe for use in applications where explosive and/ or flammable liquids or gasses are present.

An integrated safety lever and throttle valve enforce two-handed operation of the Power Wrench, eliminating the possibility of injury during usage even at maximum power. Variable speed control allows operation at the user’s comfort level. The device is lightweight at 22 pounds and easily operated from a comfortable standing position, reducing operator fatigue.

To view an instructional video on the Netherlocks’ Power Wrench visit:

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