Memco unveils new corporate identity at Lift Expo Russia

Memco will unveil its new corporate identity at Lift Expo Russia.

Memco has joined forces with two other market-leading brands from the lift industry under a new company name – AVIRE – which will be revealed at Lift Expo.

Sales manager Paul Monger and sales manager for Eastern Europe Jiri Tauchman will be available to explain the customer benefits of this combined product portfolio.

Memco products on display will include the Panachrome and E-Series detectors, as well as the Memcom and G2 emergency telephones and accessories. E-Motive’s ultra-wide Panorama and full-colour S1 and R1 LCD displays will also be shown. Additionally, TL Jones brands highlighted will be K-Class and M-Class light curtains, cost-effective door safety products which are manufactured in China.

Lift Expo will be held at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, Pav 75, Moscow from 6-8 June. Memco can be found on Stand D11.

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Three elevator brands merge to form Avire

E-Motive, TL Jones and Memco reveal new corporate identity

Three of the elevator industry’s market-leading brands have joined forces under a new company name.


Avire (pronounced to rhyme with “fire”) – the new home of E-Motive, TL Jones and Memco – offers an extensive range of safety and communication products. With manufacturing locations in Singapore, China, India and the Czech Republic, and sales offices in 13 locations worldwide, Avire ( is a truly global brand.

Avire’s products include light curtains, electronic displays, emergency telephones and LED lighting. Explaining the new company’s mission, managing director Paul Simmons said: “Avire is dedicated to innovation and excellence and is united in a single goal: to give our customers unrivalled quality and value, in a name they can trust.”

For 20 years E-Motive has been producing premium-quality displays and accessories for elevator cars and landings. The brand recently added touch control panels to its product portfolio. E-Motive displays are used in high-profile modernisation and new build projects.

TL Jones has a 70-year history and has established a strong reputation in the Asian elevator marketplace for passenger detection devices for doors. The brand’s light curtains can be found in some of the most iconic buildings across Asia, Australasia and increasingly in other parts of the world. TL Jones products are predominately manufactured in China and assembled in India.

Memco has been manufacturing innovative, high-quality elevator safety devices, designed and built in Europe, for over 40 years. Memco’s product portfolio includes emergency telephones, passenger detectors for doors and LED lighting systems.

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Memco approaching two millionth set of light curtains

Memco is about to supply its two millionth set of light curtains.


Photo caption: (l—r) Memco’s elevator safety products protect visitors to the British Library (top left) and travellers at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport

To celebrate this key milestone, Memco is running a global competition. Five customers lucky enough to find a gold ticket included with their set of Panachrome, Pana40 Plus or E-Series detectors will be able to claim a special prize.

Memco’s products are installed all over the world, from Europe and the Americas to the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. Buildings and transport facilities protected by the company’s light curtains include the London Underground, the British Library, Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport, the Delhi Metro and Terminal 3 at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The company’s Panachrome range combines a 154-beam light curtain with coloured door indicators, which alert passengers when the doors are opening (green) or closing (red). If the beams are interrupted, the indicators will revert to green as the doors open again. The Panachrome is also available with 3D detection in the landing zone for maximum passenger protection.

Memco’s E-Series reduces installation time for engineers as no setting-up or configuration is required. Designed with flexibility in mind, the range of detectors offers 16-40 diodes with beam patterns ranging from 74-194. E-Series is also available in a number of different profile options to suit most elevator applications.

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Memco to reveal new corporate identity at LIFTEX 2013

Leading provider of lift safety and communication systems Memco will be revealing its new corporate identity at LIFTEX 2013.

Memco has joined forces with two other market-leading brands from the lift industry under a new company name, which will be unveiled at LIFTEX.

Sales and marketing director Andy Harbidge, sales managers Paul Monger and Steve Lowe, and marketing manager Faye Wilson will be on hand to explain the customer benefits of this combined product portfolio.

Products on display will include Panachrome and Pana40 detectors, the Memcom emergency telephone and accessories, LED lighting, the ultra-wide Panorama LCD display, the L1 touch landing call station and the T1 glass touch car operating panel.

LIFTEX takes place at London’s ExCel from 22-23 May. Visitors will find Memco on stand E24.

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Memco supporting people with disabilities through Kanchi100

Lift safety company supplies free induction loop via scheme to make businesses more inclusive

Memco, the leading provider of lift safety and communication systems, is supporting an initiative designed to make Irish businesses more inclusive of people with disabilities.


Photo caption: (l—r) Sheila Kelly and Margaret Hayes (Dublin City Library and Archive) alongside Nikki Hegarty (Kanchi Network manager) and Aidan Sharkey (managing director at Sharkey Lifting) at the Kanchi office, Dublin, on 3 December 2012. The inaugural Kanchi100 organisations marked World Disability Awareness Day by signing their commitments to change on the Commitment Wall.

In partnership with Sharkey Lifting (, Memco has supplied a free induction loop to Dublin City Library & Archive, the first participant of the Kanchi100 ( scheme to approach the two companies. Kanchi100 requires businesses to commit to making one change that will have a positive impact on people with disabilities, whether they are customers or employees.

“The installation of the hearing loop in our public library will be most welcome,” said Sheila Kelly, divisional librarian at Dublin City Library & Archive. “I have learned from Kanchi that every installation or improvement increases universal accessibility.

“The decision to install an audio facility in the staff lift was necessitated by the fact that a staff member with a visual impairment had suffered deterioration in her vision and was finding it difficult to distinguish one floor from another. She was delighted and genuinely felt valued by our commitment.” Work on fitting the induction loop is scheduled to begin in February.

Memco and Sharkey Lifting are also offering 30 per cent off lift induction loops to any customer that mentions Kanchi for the duration of the initiative, until June 2013.

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Emergency lift alarm system now even easier to program

New interface makes process quicker and more intuitive

Memco has redesigned its emergency lift alarm system Memcom to make it even easier to program.


The latest version of Memcom features a new interface in which programming relies on a tick-box system and drop-down menus rather than code-based prefixes and suffixes, making programming the unit a simpler and more intuitive process. This makes Memcom the first emergency telephone on the market that can be programmed without codes or a programming tool.

Memcom features a keypad, backlit LCD display and built-in microphone to enable quick and convenient set-up. Research during product development showed that the most common cause of autodialler returns was incorrect unit programming, rather than actual hardware faults. The backlit LCD display decreases this likelihood as engineers can clearly see what they are programming into the unit, even in a dark lift shaft.

New Memcom features include the ability to place two alarm calls to separate numbers in succession, and an end-of-alarm function built into the integrated keypad. A lift monitoring section also allows the unit to receive fault indications from lift monitoring devices and place calls to flag up these faults.

Installation is straightforward, either on top of the lift car or behind the car operating panel. Unlike other diallers that need separate units for the machine room, pit and cabin, Memcom can be supplied with a single, versatile Multi-Point Station accessory. Memco’s MPS provides local communication between three different lift points via the same unit.

Memcom offers two easy and flexible methods for complying with EN81-28* safety regulations. Using Memcom ETR software (free of charge) and a PC, users can receive EN81-28 data directly from multiple lift installations, and maintain their own database on that PC. Additionally, the software can remotely program the diallers and receive alarm calls through the system.

The second option builds on proven remote data management software, collating and hosting compliance data on a secure web server. Users can log into Memco Globalnet to view and manage their own database online through any internet connection. Test calls are free for the first year using this method, and if a fault is detected or an expected call missed, an email or SMS alert is immediately and automatically sent out. This proactive feature means users do not have to manually enter the system to check that all diallers have logged themselves as working correctly. It is a comprehensive solution to EN81-28 regulations, and provides a clear record of compliance.

*EN81-28 2004 requires that an elevator emergency telephone device is checked every 3 days or less by simulating an emergency call (automatic test), and that any battery supporting the system has a minimum of 1 hour of life.

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Elevator Specialist Memco Appoints General Manager for Sales and Marketing in China

Elevator safety and communication system specialist Memco has appointed Nancy Li as its new general manager for sales and marketing in China. Ms Li will be responsible for all Memco’s sales and marketing activities within China and will be the first point of customer contact for large OEMs. She will also provide support to the company’s sister company TL Jones.

Elevator safety and communication system specialist Memco has appointed Nancy Li as its new general manager for sales and marketing in China.

Elevator safety and communication system specialist Memco has appointed Nancy Li as its new general manager for sales and marketing in China.

Commenting on her new role, Ms Li said: “I am very enthusiastic about working with Memco to increase its presence in China. The company’s elevator safety and communications systems are ideally suited to help Chinese building operators meet ever-increasing regulations and standards.”

“With over 10 years’ experience in sales, with extensive overseas work experience, Ms Li is a welcome addition to Memco’s global family and we believe she will make a positive contribution to the company’s continuing success,” said Memco’s Managing Director Paul Simmons.“

Ms Li joins Memco from Sematic Elevator Products (Suzhou) Co. Ltd., where she worked as a Business Development Manager. Prior to that she was a Sales and Marketing Manager for Nanjing Nemak Aluminium Foundry Co. Ltd.

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Memco Launches Elevator Position System

New sensor allows elevator displays to show floor number and direction

Memco’s Elevator Position System provides information to an elevator’s displays about floor number, direction arrow and the direction of travel; this is then seen by passengers on the car display screen.  A magnet is located on each floor and, as a sensor attached to the elevator car passes a magnet, it increases or decreases the floor number depending on the direction of travel.

Memco Elevator Position System

Memco Elevator Position System

The Elevator Position System works in tandem with an elevator display screen and customers can order from a variety of packages, some of which include screens and accessories, to suit their application and assist in making ordering as efficient as possible.

Xavier Fortin, Memco’s Displays Business Manager, explains: “Memco designed this system to make the installation and upgrading of elevators with the latest display technology as easy as possible.”

For example, the ‘Premium Package’ consists of an Evolution S1 7” ultraslim LCD Display screen, lens, SD card, and stainless steel faceplate in addition to the sensor unit kit which is the basic system. The ‘Standard Package’ option contains the Evolution R1 Display at 4.3”, lens, SD card, and faceplate in addition to the sensor unit kit.

Extremely versatile and low-maintenance, the Elevator Position System works with all elevator applications with speeds of up to 3.6 metres/second and can cover up to 32 floors. Installation is simple requiring the sensor to be mounted on a bracket, and a magnet is glued at each floor level.

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Memco launches E-Series Safety Light Curtains for Elevators

Memco Limited has launched its new Memco E-Series range of safety light curtains for elevators. Developed using 40 years of design and manufacturing experience, this is a reliable and cost effective option for both new and existing installations. It is being introduced to replace the Memco Elite range which has had over 1 million installations worldwide since 1998.

Memco launches E-Series Safety Light Curtains for Elevators

Memco launches E-Series Safety Light Curtains for Elevators

Suitable for either static or dynamic installation, the Memco E-Series range features a diagnostic LED with enhanced timeout as standard, meaning the detectors will continue working in the event of a diode fault. In addition, sunlight immunity of over 100,000 LUX ensures the detectors will operate even when exposed to full sunlight.

16, 18, 32 and 40 diode versions deliver a versatile range, while an extended range of voltages from +11vDC to +42vDC make them ideal for busy service companies.  In conjunction with the absence of a communication wire between the Tx and Rx, this reduces installation time for the engineer as no setting-up or configuration is required.

The range features Memco’s patented ‘sleep mode’ which extends the lifetime of the infra-red emitters. This is also provided as standard, together with Memco’s timeout software. In addition, a diagnostic LED with enhanced timeouts means the detector will continue working in the event of a diode fault. The combination of these features ensures that the elevator will be in service more consistently than those fitted with alternative competitor products.

The flexibility offered by different numbers of diodes ensures a wide range of detection capabilities, with the 32 and 40 diode systems providing a dense infra-red beam pattern that detects even small objects between the doors. For those needing a premium safety option, the 40 diode version supports 194 criss-cross beams to close.

Memco’s R&D Director Karl Westhead explained: “Our extensive customer research has led Memco to develop and produce a worthy successor to the Elite range. The Memco E-series is world class, setting a new benchmark for reliability and safety with its innovative design that uses the latest surface mount technology to deliver a truly versatile, future proof range of detectors.”

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Memco launches new elevator light curtains and LED elevator lighting at Interlift

Memco Limited launched two new products at this year’s Interlift exhibition in Germany: the new E-Series range of safety edges and a new LED elevator lighting system.

Memco’s E-Series safety edges are a reliable and cost effective option for both new and existing installations. Suitable for either static or dynamic installation, they feature a diagnostic LED with enhanced timeout, meaning they will continue working in the event of a diode fault. In addition, sunlight immunity of over 100,000 LUX ensures the detectors will operate even when exposed to full sunlight. 16, 18, 32 and 40 diode versions deliver a wide detector range, while an extended range of voltages from +11vDC to +42vDC provide  greater versatility, making them ideal for busy service companies.

Memco’s new LED elevator lighting is specifically designed for use in both new installations and modernisation projects. Housed in a robust controller box, the system has all cabling pre-wired and connectivity for up to 6 LEDs, allowing quick and easy installation. In the event of a power failure, it provides emergency lighting for 120 minutes due to its battery backup. With a 50,000 hour life, the LED lamps use only 10% of the power of conventional incandescent or fluorescent lighting and, by emitting less heat, they ensure a much reduced energy cost. They have 25 times the lifespan of halogen lamps and produce a bright, clear light for increased safety and visibility, dimmer options are also available.

In addition to these new products Memco will also be exhibiting its extensive existing range of elevator safety products, including its popular Panachrome safety edge range, with patented technology, and its Memcom and G3X emergency telephone systems.

Visitors had the opportunity to see Memco’s Surfguard product, a dual PIR system which deters intruders from accessing the top of the elevator car top.

Interlift, held in the city of Augsburg every two years, is one of the world’s major elevator exhibitions, attracting over 18,000 visitors in 2009.

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