Memcom Emergency Telephone System Launched

Memco Ltd, the world’s leading lift safety edge manufacturer, is launching a new emergency lift alarm device – Memcom. The company has worked closely with customers to build a high quality product that offers a flexible solution to the demands set by compliance regulations, and is easy to install and program.

The Memcom features a keypad, backlit LCD display and built-in microphone for feedback and convenience during setup. Research during product development showed that the most common cause of Autodialler returns was due to incorrect unit programming, rather than actual hardware faults. The LCD display decreases this likelihood as the engineer can clearly see what he is programming into the unit – the LCD is backlit so it is easy to read even in a dark lift shaft.

Fitting is straightforward, either on top of the lift car or behind the car operating panel. Also available is a single, versatile Multi Point Station accessory, as opposed to other diallers that need different units for the Motor Room, pit and under car. The Memco MPS provides local communication between three different lift points with the same unit.

The Memcom provides two easy and flexible methods for complying with EN81-28* safety regulations. Using Memcom ETR software (free of charge) and a PC, the user can receive EN81-28 data directly from multiple lift installations, and maintain their own database on that PC. Additionally the software provides the capability to remotely program the diallers and receive alarm calls through the system.

The second option builds on proven remote data management software, collating and hosting compliance data on a secure web server. Users can log into Memco Globalnet to view and manage their own database online through any internet connection. Test calls are free for the first year using this method, and if a fault is detected or an expected call is missed, an email or SMS alert is immediately and automatically sent out. This pro-active feature means the user does not have to manually enter the system to check that all diallers have logged themselves as working correctly. It is a comprehensive solution to EN81-28 regulations, and provides a clear record of compliance.

Three separate voice messages can be recorded on the Memcom: ‘Location’, ‘Guidance’ and ‘Reassurance’. These custom messages ensure that trapped customers know their alarm call has been heard and help is on its way, and can guide the call operator in order to effect a quick release. The powerful battery of the Memcom can support the whole system, including an optional GSM module, should the mains supply be interrupted.

*EN81-28 2004 requires that a lift emergency telephone device is checked every 3 days or less by simulating an emergency call (automatic test), and that any battery supporting the system has a minimum of 1 hour of life.

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