Memco’s Panachrome 3D Lift Safety System Now Available in Ultraslim Profile

Memco Ltd, the world’s leading lift door safety company, has introduced a new ultra slim 10mm profile to its Panachrome 3D range.  Using Memco’s patented 3D technology, the new product combines a dense 154-beam light curtain with illuminated red/green segments to visually inform passengers when it is safe to enter or leave the lift.  The detectors will illuminate green if the doors are opening, flash red as they start to close and stay red as they move together.  If the closing cycle is interrupted the detectors revert to green as the door re-opens.

Panachrome 3D

Designed specifically for sites where additional safety is required by users, for example in rest homes, hospitals and public access buildings, the Panachrome 10mm 3D comes with IP65 as standard.  Both the new profile and the standard 43mm profile are available with a range of fixing options to enable fast, easy installation.

The Panachrome 3D’s unique combination of premium safety and revolutionary aesthetics provides the optimum finish for any application.

All products in the range comply with EN81-70* as standard.  For more information visit the company’s website at

* ‘Accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with disability.’

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